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  1. slnies

    The Poo discussion

    So, here it is. The other night I was having a talk with a friend over many a beer, and he being very left wing starts to enumerate on the fine properties of whole or organic gardening. This is in relation to hops. He likes POO. I to like the Poo for my hops too, as they seem to grow...
  2. slnies

    Recipe Recommendations

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a beer style recommendation. I have a dilemma. I have two yeast strains both of which I have to build a starter for. Both are quit different and both make great beers. The strains are WLP830 German Lager, and Wyeast 3942 Belgian WT. This is for fun, so...
  3. slnies

    BCS-460 Beta Test

    For those of you who are following, I am in the process of beta testing the BCS-460. This is a unit designed to automate a brew rig or do fermentation control or what ever else you could think of, and provide a user friendly way to interact with it. Latter today I will post pictures of the...
  4. slnies

    Pressure gage, valve question?

    So, her it is. I was tramping around the hardware store the other day and I came across a pressure gage air valve for adjusting air pressure to air tools at the tool. Would this work for a secondary regulator on a keg set up? Be honest. I am just curious. S.
  5. slnies

    Yeast washing Safale 04

    So, just for snots and grogs I did a yeast wash on Safale-04, Fermentis's white bread yeast. I was wondering if anyone else has done so, and if they have, what were the results? I am just curious. I will post PIC's of the yeast done and in storage and when I do the next brew with it...
  6. slnies

    RIMS set up!

    So this is the set up I am going to build. I think I will do both a steam and an electric version of the manifold. How does it look?
  7. slnies

    What does the proper crush for wheat look like?

    What does the proper crush for wheat look like. I am having issues. All of my wheat batches keep coming out grainy smelling. There is a hint of taste but mostly smell. I do recirculate for a long time to get as close to clear as possible. I have been told though that that is part of the...
  8. slnies

    RIMS set ups ?

    Ladies, gentlemen and fellow brewers! This thread is to explore possible RIMS set ups and there successes or failures. I am in the phase of collecting parts for a RIMS set up, and want to hear feed back from the more experienced practitioners of this semi automated medium of brewing. Please...
  9. slnies

    Wheat Beer clarity question?

    So as I had the time last night, I decided to try my hand at a wheat beer. Everything went well, but one question i have is " How clear should my wort get in the recirculation?". Under normal circumstances when I recirc. my wort becomes almost crystal clear or at worst a little haze. I mark...
  10. slnies

    Batch VS Fly What is The Big Diff.

    So her it is. My next batch I will Batch Sparge. However I have never tried it before now. So I did some research on the forum here, and I came up with some pros and cons. They are: Batch: 1. Faster 2. easier to attain eff...
  11. slnies

    PID Function

    So, As it were. I can hook up a PID and even get it to work properly, but can you get them to run on set time intervals for a set temp? I realize that this could equipment dependent. I am looking for some feed back, so let me know if i am asking to much or am I on track and I just need...