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  1. VVino

    Moving to All Grain: Cooler vs Kettle Mash Tun

    So after about 20 brews I'm planning my move from extract/mini-mash to All Grain sometime this fall. I'm torn between getting a cooler type mash tun or spending the extra money and going with a kettle/burner mash tun. So far it seems to break down like this: Cooler Pros - holds temp best...
  2. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Took a couple days vacation to spend time with friends visiting from NYC and was inspired to start documenting my attempt to grow hops here in Austin, TX. I've read a few stories about growing hops here in the central to south Texas area. Most have ended in tragedy. The common source of...
  3. VVino

    Over carbonated kegs?

    So... not quite sure how this happened but I seem to have over-carbonated my first two kegs. Here's the setup: - home-made keezer - 10lb CO2 tank - 2-way regulator with tank gage (3 dials total) - 4-way splitter hooked up to 1 of the regulators - two kegs hooked up the the splitter, all...