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  1. illin8

    Plumbing Help

    I had parts for it so I made my own 3way. Helps a lot when you don't have to actually remove hoses to switch.
  2. illin8

    Keg Setup for Hunting Camp

    Well it gets below freezing, sometimes a few nights...some years it doesn't get above freezing day or night, LOL. Any recommendations??
  3. illin8

    Keg Setup for Hunting Camp

    Also, I have nothing at this point and need to buy it...if I went with a trash can concept, what uprades should I get going with a 2-tap (picnic) kit setup from kegconnection? I have some gift cards for more beer but not sure it's worth piecing anything from them... This is what I'm looking...
  4. illin8

    Keg Setup for Hunting Camp

    I'm trying to figure out a setup for my annual 9-day hunting trip in November. We have no power and use coolers outside for food/beer storage. Being Maine in November, keeping beer cold is not a problem (usually). I'd love to have something inside but the woodstove keeps the camp between...
  5. illin8 Grand Re-Opening Sale!

    Doh...i'm a dumba$$
  6. illin8

    Are there quick releases for attaching tubing to Counter Flow Chiller?

    I took a microwave cart my wife was throwing out and cut a hole in top, put bucket for Star San in and had the bottom of bucket go into the center of my CFC. I added camlocks to the wort ends and McMaster Carr QDs to the water ends. Also drilled thru the knife holder on the side and piped the...
  7. illin8

    Tannins from mashout??

    I just tried an Oktoberfast and Centennial Blonde that I made. They are both decent but have a slight and similar bitterness. Sort of hoppy but not, and given the two different styles, hop types and amounts, something seems off to me. I read that it could be from extracting tannins... I do a...
  8. illin8

    Sweet Stout Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

    Bottled up a batch of this last night, came in at 1.024, tasted awesome...roasty and smooth. Can't wait til they are carbed up!!
  9. illin8

    Doughing In methods

    I just started underletting (I have a bottom drain keggle for MLT)... Very very pleased, a lot better I'M HOME plus you don't get as much grain dust in the air
  10. illin8

    Double IPA Kern River Citra DIPA

    Brewed this a week ago tonight, OG was 1.074, just took a reading and was 1.014 but was still bubbling every 5-10 seconds. Weird thing was the krausen never dropped...going to start DH in a day or so...
  11. illin8

    Clogged drain line on Mash tun

    If you have a pump just reverse the flow for a bit back up through MLT output
  12. illin8

    Kern's River Citra IPA Help

    Also, I only own two small muslin bags, have some medium size bags arriving tomorrow, (4"x 6") and have a medium and large paint strainer bag avalable. Trying to plan my attack once ayeast are done (OG 1.074)...thanks
  13. illin8

    Kern's River Citra IPA Help

    Brewed the Kern's River IPA clone last night and am looking for a little help. Pitched a 900ml starter (largest I could make) of WLP001, next step is 12 days of dry hopping in 3 day increments. She's in a brew bucket now but am not sure about dry hopping in 5gal carboys. Should I dry hop in...
  14. illin8

    How complicated to switch 3 prong to 4

    The 3 prong dryer outlet has two hots and a ground (no neutral), most likely fed by 10-2 wire (3 wires inside - 2 hots and ground) so there is no neutral available. If you wanted to change it out you'd have to rip the wire out all the way back to the panel (not a big deal if area of house is...
  15. illin8

    Camlock and general fittings question/verification

    Here's my setup...this allows me to drain lines before switching and not making a mess. Also allows for purging/priming and be able to redirect flow (MLT recirc to transfer wort to BK) without switching out hoses.
  16. illin8

    Camlock and general fittings question/verification

    I would put the pump completely below the vessel. Mine are and I still have to play with it sometimes to prime...also consider adding a Tee on the pump output side with a valve on each branch...this way you can purge air/prime with ease. You WILL need it and it saves A LOT of headache.
  17. illin8

    Is electric worth it?

    Being able to brew inside without fumes is huge especially if you have a dedicated space. Never running out of fuel and 2.5° temp increase per minute on 15 gallons ain't bad either (5500 watt element).
  18. illin8

    Vent Concept with a little HBT Flavor

    Another view in action before the HBT tattoo!!
  19. illin8

    Vent Concept with a little HBT Flavor

    After 9-10 years I'm finally getting back into brewing and built an electric herms.Due to cash depleted equipment fund, I didn't want to go crazy or Jerry rig a vent Hood and ended up settled on this. About $50-$60 in air duct reducers from 20" to 16", 16" to 10", 10" to 8", 8" to 6" then a 90°...