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  1. Bigsnake

    Continuing to carb in bottles? v. bottle explosion

    I just was going through my beer stash yesterday and realized I had a couple bottles explode! These are brews that were bottled roughly 4.5 Months ago and have been fine up to now. I found all of them were the same batch (A steam beer). I found the rest of that batch and when I opened them they...
  2. Bigsnake

    My new place, bar, and beer corner.

    Haven't brewed in a bit because of travels, moving, job, and other assorted tasks. But, finally got my new place almost squared away. It's a 100 year old house and thought I'd share my alcohol related areas. This is the beer corner. Think I'm going to have to get some sort of armoire or book...
  3. Bigsnake

    How long will airlocks stay filled?

    Leaving for about a month and have three fermenters going. Was wondering how long the airlocks will stay filled up with something like Vodka before it's all evaporated? And do you think the 3 piece or the S shaped airlock will stay filled the longest? I'm thinking S since there's smaller...
  4. Bigsnake

    European electrical outlet question

    If I'm taking some devices that say, Input: 110 - 240v, then I can use them in Europe, correct? Do I just get something to convert the plugs to the correct ones? I'm asking because all the ones I've seen so far try to convert the voltage back to 110v for me and say they can't be used on...
  5. Bigsnake

    Beer History Question v. Yeast

    Have a question about the discover of yeast. I know the discovery of the microorganism of yeast and what it actually is happened pretty recent in terms of history. I'm mainly wondering, when did brewers learn enough about their beer to know how to get their beer to ferment without having to...
  6. Bigsnake

    Question about Belgian Candi Sugar

    I've made a bunch of it before and always hardened it in the fridge and broke it up into little pieces. Problem comes for me when I want to add it to beer. It never seems to dissolve as quickly as the stuff I buy from the home brew stores. It seems to just turn into a sticky blob on the bottom...
  7. Bigsnake

    15 gallons bottled tonight

    The Belgium Pale Ale, Banana Fosters, and Christmas Ale all went to bottles tonight.
  8. Bigsnake

    Engagement Rings...

    Can anyone educate me on these things :p Anyone ever order one online?
  9. Bigsnake

    May have messed up last batch

    At the very last minute too. I'm using a 6 gallon better bottle and was using one of these blow-out tubes: I pushed it into neck and it popped out.. Again, I pushed it in neck and it stuck so I got the tube setup in the bucket of water and walked away. A minute later it popped out again...
  10. Bigsnake

    Scrub all bottles?

    I was just wondering if it's necessary to scrub the inside of all the bottles, even if they don't have mold? I guess I'm just kind of paranoid but I seem to always soak all my bottles in oxyclean, scrub them with a brush, and put them on a sanitized bottle tree to dry to clean before storing to...
  11. Bigsnake

    Beers that need a long secondary?

    Going on a trip for about a month. Thinking of brewing some beers and keeping them in primary until right before I leave (end of Dec), then putting them in secondary for the duration of my trip. I've got room for more than one too. Looking for All-grain too. What are some good choices for this?
  12. Bigsnake

    Pitching yeast for conditioning?

    Just wondering about this one. I hear of the Trappist beers often having different yeast for the bottle conditioning than fermentations. I've also heard of people having carbing problems when they use some or multiple clarifying techniques since there aren't enough yeast left in suspensions...
  13. Bigsnake

    Stupid mistake, thought I killed my yeast

    Maybe this can serve as a warning to others. Well, I mixed up a big bucket of No Rinse sanitizer using HOT water. Did it right before I finished up the boil so it had cooled down some but it was still very warm. For some reason, I decided to sanitize the outside of my Activator pack. I...
  14. Bigsnake

    Fly Sparge Question

    Is there a lot of temperature drop from the tank valve, through the hose, into the sparge arm, through the air, and into the grain bed? I know there is some but do you heat your sparge water over sparge temp to counter that effect? If so, how much? Just built a sparge arm and plan on giving...
  15. Bigsnake

    New Sparge Arm

    Just built tonight out of CPVC. Drill is charging to get the holes in it. See how it works out tomorrow. Was cheap to build and I have some extra pipe so it might get redesigned.
  16. Bigsnake

    Long weekend of brewing ahead of me.

    Friday is debaniel's Bananas Foster Dunkel brew (extract) Saturday is Dude's Fat Tire Cloner (all-grain) Sunday is AHS Special Holiday Ale (all-grain) if it arrives in time. Otherwise that's early next week. :mug:
  17. Bigsnake

    How's my hallway decoration?

    Oatmeal stout in orange, belgian pale ale in blue.
  18. Bigsnake

    My first better bottle complaint

    I can't complain much about this thing so far other than the massive opening. My blow-out tube doesn't work on it so I had to rig up another setup. Otherwise I love how light the thing is and it makes cleaning it out easy! When moving it around I'm not worried about shaking it and accidentally...
  19. Bigsnake

    Preparing for my first all-grain

    Very excited. Doing a Belgian Pale Ale this evening. Going to start the mash in my TV room and watch the LSU football game. LOL Didn't have time this week to build my HLT and sparge arm so I'll be doing a batch sparge. I'll also be trying out the largest starter I've ever made. Going to see...
  20. Bigsnake

    Starter and Overpitching question

    Been looking around for some information about this but couldn't seem to find it as it seems underpitching is the main concern and cons from overpitching are minimal or not even guaranteed. How much sediment from a starter would you have to pitch to be overpitching? I'm in the process of...