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  1. mr_goodwrench

    Meat Slicer

    I am working on my charcouterie skills and have a pound of Instacure #1 on the way to start on some bacon. I have wanted to pick up a meat slicer for quite some time. I like to make smoked or roasted turkey, pork loin, ham etc and slice it for sandwiches and a slicer would make life easier...
  2. mr_goodwrench

    Oak Aged Cider Vinegar

    I mentioned this in Yooper's Vinegar- anybody make it? thread but now that it is done, I figured I would give it it's own thread. I had a small batch of cider from over a year ago that I used to experiment with oak aging. Well, I overdid the oak and it was like chewing on a handful of oak...
  3. mr_goodwrench

    Sparkling cider in keg w/o force carbing.

    So, I have 5 gallons of cider that I fermented recently. I used Kirkland natural apple juice from Costco and some Wyeast 1272 American Ale II yeast that I had washed from a pumpkin ale I brewed in the Fall. Once it fermented down to about 1.009, I racked it into a corny and sealed it up to let...
  4. mr_goodwrench

    Put an offer in on a house

    We moved here to Metro Atlanta last summer to escape the failing economy of Upstate NY. I found a job as a technician at a large Chevy dealer here and after lots of discussion with SWMBO, we took the plunge. We decided to rent for the first year to be sure that we were in the right area as far...
  5. mr_goodwrench

    Going to kegs!

    I have been bottling exclusively since I started brewing and have always planned on moving to kegs. Well, now is the time... I have been cruising craigslist since I moved to the Atlanta area and found a restaurant supply company/scrapyard with a bunch of kegs. Chevy_Tech and I took a drive...
  6. mr_goodwrench

    Oak Aged Cider

    I have a batch of cider that I put in the fermenter a little over 2 weeks ago. It is made with 3 gallons of Whole Foods unfiltered juice, a can of apple juice concentrate, a TBSP pectic enzyme and Cooper's ale yeast. OG was 1.060 and it fermented down to 1.002. I toasted some Jack Daniels oak...
  7. mr_goodwrench

    (Yet Another) Counterflow Chiller Build

    So, I am working on getting my equipment back up to snuff to get back in the game since moving down to the Dirty South... I have been using an immersion chiller with less than stellar results and have been wanting to build a CFC for a long time. No time like the present, eh? I have been...
  8. mr_goodwrench

    Timing is Everything

    So, after plenty of soul-searching and deep thought, we have decided to take the plunge and leave New York State for warmer and less costly stomping grounds. Atlanta has been selected as our new home and a new place of employment has been lined up. The next thing to do is to sell my house. We...
  9. mr_goodwrench

    Relocating with hops mid-season

    I am going to be moving from Upstate NY to the Atlanta area at the end of June. I have one hop plant in the backyard that I would like to bring with me. Normally, I would just leave it and start over next season, but this is kind of a family heirloom. My Great-great Grandfather grew hops on...
  10. mr_goodwrench

    Look before you leap!

    This morning, I headed to the LHBS to pick up grains & yeast for my brewday tomorrow. I also picked up 4lbs of corn sugar and a package of Nottingham yeast to put a cider together as I have been on a big cider kick of late. On the way home, I stopped at ALDI and grabbed 4 gallons of cider at...
  11. mr_goodwrench

    4 Gallon PET Bottles

    So I was grocery shopping the other day and ran across Adirondack spring water in 4 gallon bottles. I always check for the #1 on any bottles I see and they are always #7... Until now! These are 4 gallon PET bottles with no deposit. I plan on using them for Apfelwein and for long...
  12. mr_goodwrench

    Shepherd's Pie

    So, I have been craving me some shepherd's pie for awhile now since I was offended at a local restaurant that made theirs with broccoli! :confused: I found Gordon Ramsay's recipe online and since I am out of red wine,(SWMBO drinks the crap out of the red wine) I decided to use a cup of my...
  13. mr_goodwrench

    Veterans Day

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the veterans here on HBT. Without your sacrifice, America would be a very different place. I think that this quote is appropriate:
  14. mr_goodwrench

    Maple Syrup!

    So, there is a serious shortage of maple syrup around these parts. The grocery store where we normally shop has been out of their store-brand syrup for nearly 3 months. Recently, they got a temporary replacement in to the tune of $23/qt!:eek: My work-SWMBO grew up in northern NY where a large...
  15. mr_goodwrench

    Help a soldier get his bikes back

    Hey guys, I found $10,000 REWARD OFFERED (ROCHESTER, NY) on my local craigslist while doing a search for kegs. I can't think of much lower low-life scum than someone who would steal from a soldier who is deployed! I personally have no information for these people, but maybe someone here does. I...
  16. mr_goodwrench

    Thar she blows!!!!!!

    So, I brewed my APA yesterday afternoon and pitched my yeast around 5PM. Now, this is only the second time I have bothered to make a starter. I use the Wyeast smack packs and have always just waited for it to swell and pitched it(thats what she said...) Anyway, I get up this morning and head...
  17. mr_goodwrench


    SWMBO has been sick for the last week (has a form of Lupus & gets colds, etc easily...) and I went grocery shopping by myself after work today. While I was there, I stopped by the bakery to inquire about plastic pails. They girl there frosting a cake, said they get a couple sizes and that they...
  18. mr_goodwrench

    Free Beer!!!

    So, I work with a fellow beer geek who absolutely loves my brews. He has some occasion to go on delivery runs all over the center of the state and makes stops at package stores. He is a collector of craft brews. The other day, i helped him out with some drivability issue on his truck and in...
  19. mr_goodwrench

    Ready for a change

    After 6 years at my current job (longest tenured tech here), I am pretty much fed up and looking for a change. About a month ago, I had my review and was praised for my good attitude, excellent production, high level of knowledge about my profession, and willingness to go above and beyond...
  20. mr_goodwrench

    New (old) bottles

    So, my work-SWMBO texts me last night to ask if I wanted a case of empty bottles. Well, of course I do... Got to work today and she gives me a case of dusty brown beer bottles ~ minus labels!!:ban: They have been sitting in her garage since she moved in. Apparently, the former owner was a...