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  1. gbarron

    Wyeast 1217-PC West Coast IPA source?

    First, has anyone tried this yeast yet and, if so, can you relate your experience? Second, does anyone have any educated guesses as to the source brewery? I've seen it speculated to be the Green Flash yeast, but not sure if that is a blind guess. I was at GABF last weekend and asked the...
  2. gbarron

    Plastic CO2 distributors

    I searched a bit before posting this; my apologies if this has been asked and answered before. Does anyone have any experience using the plastic CO2 distributors? They are cheaper than aluminum and brass and I'm wondering if there are disadvantages I'm not seeing.
  3. gbarron

    carastan substitute?

    I have a recipe calling for a pound of carastan malt in the grain bill, but it is currently unavailable to me. Can anyone suggest a good substitute? I've heard caravienne or just a light colored crystal from some people.
  4. gbarron

    Dead Guy clone recipe

    I'm trying to formulate a recipe for one of my favorite brews, Rogue's Dead Guy Ale (technically a maibock). Based on other clone recipes I've found and info I found on the Rogue website, I've come up with this. Comments/suggestions would be appreciated. FWIW, the Rogue website states: "Dead...
  5. gbarron

    alternative to Brewtek CL-50?

    Hi folks, I'm new to the board -- posting at least! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading messages on the board the past few months and if I had had anything to add to any discussion, I would have registered sooner. I've been brewing on and off for about 10 years now. Anyhoo, had a quick question...