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  1. novafire

    Will using only hopshots produce beer that can't get lightstruck?

    I don't know much about how Hopshots or the extract that Miller uses in it's beer are made, but I have always wondered if bittering a beer with only a Hopshot would make it immune to getting lightstruck. Does anyone know?
  2. novafire

    Longevity of Vintner's Harvest Fruit Wine Base

    Does anyone know if these age fast or they are good for a few years? Do they come have a "best by" date stamped on them?
  3. novafire

    Will young toasted grain flavor ever mellow?

    I made the mistake of using about 1 lb of freshly toasted maris otter in a recipe about 4 weeks ago without letting the grain sit for 2 weeks. I tasted the beer over the weekend, and it has a strong astringent, almost sour, flavor to it. The beer is an IPA, so it has a lot of hop character...
  4. novafire

    CO2 regulator stuck at full power

    I have the dual regulator from Midwest Brew Logic Dual Tap Draft System- with Reconditioned CO2 Tank :: Midwest Supplies Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies I have been using it since July, but over the weekend I noticed that the second regulator out from the tank was running at full power...
  5. novafire

    What's best: week at room temp or week in fridge?

    I am having a party in exactly one week and am serving several of my beers. I have a full batch of Superior Strong Ale (brewed in March) in bottles that I would like to serve. It still has a very small hint of that big beer...