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  1. Cape Brewing

    Historical Brewing/Beer References (& recipes)

    I have a close beer nerd friend who's been asked to do a cartography lecture at a fancy schmancy college here in Mass. The lecture is about beer/brewing/breweries' influences on maps throughout history. (I know... kind of obscure but don't look at me, I didnt pick the topic). I've been...
  2. Cape Brewing

    What does "good beer" mean?

    As the craft beer industry continues to grow at a pretty amazing pace, it seems like there is an ever-increasing need (for some reason I don't understand) to quantify beer on "best of" lists and a growing list of rating apps and websites. We're obsessed with "this beer is better than that beer"...
  3. Cape Brewing

    People who say a certain beer sucks... suck

    I've been guilty of it in the past but I like to think I'm now a bit more enlightened as I age. It seems like it is a growing problem in craft beer that I think is only going to get more and more prevalent the more and more craft beer spreads. That issue? People simply saying "that beer...
  4. Cape Brewing

    I went "pro" - What it actually takes to do so

    There are always threads floating around by folks who are thinking about the same dream 98% of us have... starting a brewery. I have been responding here and there and figured I would just start a thread. I am super lazy so I lifted (and slightly edited) a response I gave on another...
  5. Cape Brewing

    Chipotle Mayo in your house at all times is cool

    So pissed at myself I only did this recently... Buy a tiny thing of mayo... Buy a thing of chipotles in adobo... Add the adobo to the mayo to taste.... Put it in your fridge. Having it just in the fridge so that you can just add it to any sandwich you're making... I recommend it...
  6. Cape Brewing

    W...T....F... Petraeus!?!?

    DUDE!!! You're the DIRECTOR of the... CIA!!! Seriously?!?! The HEAD of one of the most clandestine organizations on the planet gets busted for boinkin some chic that ain't his wife?!?! Are you effin serious!???!?!? You're tellin' me THIS guy, of ALL guys couldn't come up with some sort...
  7. Cape Brewing

    My finger is super stinky

    I built this apple press that I'm actually pretty proud of (see below). So I'm out there Saturday night, havin' a be'ah and then another... cuttin' up apples and tossin' em through the garbage disposal (TRE-MEN-DOUS idea I stole off the interwebs... works PISSA). ... when sure enough...
  8. Cape Brewing

    Pit Cookin'

    I am roasting a small pig this weekend for a "Harvest Party" we are having. I am probably going to toss a turkey, some chickens, a large chunk of venison (if I can find it in time). It'll all go into a "custom" pit I have had in my yard for years. (I'll post a pic or two soon) In any...
  9. Cape Brewing

    HBT Advertiser Fail

    Meh.. it's just a typo but I thought it was funny. How do you miss that??
  10. Cape Brewing

    No.. More... Hangovers

    I am ready to punch two or three of my beer-nerd friends in the babymakers because these folks are JUST NOW mentioning to me something they've been doing for years... Simply taking a B Complex vitamin before bed with a glass of water. I'm tellin' you... it freakin' works. I was...
  11. Cape Brewing

    I effin hate Connecticut

    EVERY time I drive through this freakin state it is nine effin hours of road construction on 95. They've been effin working on 95 for like 30 years!!!! How is route 95 through this state not pristine and lined with effin diamonds by this point!!?! EVERY time I drive through. The...
  12. Cape Brewing

    Got your brisket brining yet!? (corned beef)

    Picked up a really nice looking 6lb flat that will be going in the brine tonight. Last year I brined for a week and actually had the brine not reach the dead center so I going a few extra days this year
  13. Cape Brewing

    Women in beer

    I just thought it was a cool article.... and from being on this site for the last few years, it is easy to think that brewing is a "male dominated" industry and it isn't. I'm lucky to be in Boston where there are a large number of very influential "beer women" ranging from brewers to...
  14. Cape Brewing

    More... BACON

    I'm looking for suggestions on the cure for some bacon. It's the one thing I've tried to make a bunch of times and have never really been happy with it. The last batch I made was by far the best and that was the simple maple-cured bacon recipe out of Chacuterie. I've made that cure before...
  15. Cape Brewing

    Smokin', Curin' and Brewin' Sunday

    Someone slipped my SWMBO some sort of weird drug cause she comes out with, "You should head down to Armando's Sunday morning, grab stuff for the curing closet and then brew in the afternoon". (Armando's is a great meat market not far from the house that sells great bellies, etc). Uhhhh...
  16. Cape Brewing

    Little help with stupid Mass politicians??? Write early and often if you don't mind. In a nutshell.... Brewing licenses in the state of Massachusetts pretty much fall into two categories... a Farmers-Brewer...
  17. Cape Brewing


    40 gallons of water 28 lbs of salt 8 lbs of honey 10 lbs of sugar 6 bulbs of garlic 100 lbs of ice 275 lb hog All combined and resting nicely in a 100 gallon tank until Friday morning (I openly mock Ravens fan's cute little drum smoker)
  18. Cape Brewing

    Even More Obnoxious US Women's Soccer Trash Talk Thread

    You SUCK, North Korea!!!!! (slow day)
  19. Cape Brewing

    Mr. Bowenz = Fancypants

    Well exxxxxcuse us... Mr. My bar is in the New York Times :mug: