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  1. Beerrific

    Peach Farmhouse Ale

    I am working on a recipe for a peach saison/farmhouse ale using the wlp670. The basic inspiration for this beer is Lost Abbey Red Barn adding peaches and the brett. Here is my first go at the recipe: Any comments? I will probably mash at 147F and start fermentation around 70F, hold for...
  2. Beerrific

    What point do you decide this is the best thing to do.... Pretty much the funniest turn of events ever.... Do you think she had a tasting panel? I would probably just stop letting the bottle out of my sight, hidden cameras, get a new job, etc. I mean, you...
  3. Beerrific

    Dark beer mash pH

    I brewed a porter this weekend. First time I have ever used a pH meter to measure the mash pH. Thought I would share the results. Original water (ppm): Ca: 4 Mg: 1 Alkalinity as CaCO3: 22 In 5 gallons of mash water I adjusted to: (Added 3g of CaCl2) Ca: 47 Mg: 1 Alkalinity as...
  4. Beerrific

    The Event

    Anyone? Finally got around to watching this last night. Not bad I guess. I will probably keep watching at least for a while.
  5. Beerrific

    Another Perfect Game.....not quite

    Anyone see the end of the Detroit/Cleveland game? Baseball travesty. Fuel for the pro-replay folks. Wow.
  6. Beerrific


    Been thinking about doing this for a while now. It is coming up on the warmer months and having something light around is always nice. I want to try using some potato starch to lighten the flavor and body....thinking light American lager-like. Using potato starch... Pros: little to no...
  7. Beerrific

    17th Annual Peach State Brew Off

    Everyone get you beers ready... The 17th Annual Peach State Brew Off is right around the corner. When: March 27, 2010 Entries Accepted: Now through 3/20 Fee: $7 per entry (2 bottles) Where: 5 Seasons Westside (Atlanta, GA) What: All beers, meads, and ciders Entries and pay...
  8. Beerrific

    How much to tip on a haircut?

    I my hair is kind of weird and (so I have been told) hard to cut. I usually go to one of the el cheapo places and get my haircut. It can be really hit or miss. I have had some OK cuts and some really terrible cuts (probably should have refused to pay). So I am going to suck it up and go to a...
  9. Beerrific

    The Pacific

    I have been following this on and off. I guess it was delayed a bit b/c of the writers strike. Scheduled to start in March. I am really looking forward to it. There is a trailer posted on HBO's website:
  10. Beerrific

    Home coffee roasters, a question...

    I am trying to put together my Christmas list for my MIL and I need some relatively low cost items. I have been wanting to get into coffee roasting for a while and have seen a lot of people have success with the air popcorn poppers. I was hoping to get some advice from those in the know...
  11. Beerrific

    Drunk Woman Almost Hit By Train

    They say public transportation is great to use after drinking. But if you can't stand, you might be better off taking a cab... Being that it was Boston I am surprised that people even noticed. (lol, just kidding, (kind of)).
  12. Beerrific

    DIY Ranco Probe Replacement

    It seems that the probe for my Ranco (ETC-111000) has died. I am pretty sure it got wet. So, I am looking for a DIY solution to replacing it. I know they sell the replacement probes, but I do not really want to spend $20 (+shipping) on it. Has anyone done this? I know Yuri posted a thread...
  13. Beerrific


    When I have been drinking I want to cook/eat bacon. But when I have been drinking, I burn the bacon. What a cruel, cruel world. (1L bottle of barley wine is too much for me.)
  14. Beerrific

    Small Brewers Caucus

    On August 11 AHA members were sent an e-mail concerning the Small Brewers Caucus (US House of Reps.). Here is the letter (I thought someone posted here but I could not find it): I sent my Representative a brief e-mail concerning this. Never expected to get a response. Today: Wow. I am...
  15. Beerrific

    Water profile for English bitter

    I am brewing an English style bitter tomorrow and I am looking for a good water profile to shoot for. I know the Burton profile is historic and all, but I am not going to run the So4 up to 800ppm, not going to happen. Anyone have a profile they have used that has turned out well? I will...
  16. Beerrific

    King of Gods IPA

    I mash at 151F. Ferment to completion at 67F, raising the temperature at the end to encourage full attenuation. Keg and dry hop in the keg for 10-14 days at room temperature. Carbonate to 2.5 volumes. This beer came out quite nice. A showcase of CTZ (in this case Zeus) hops. Very hoppy...
  17. Beerrific

    Favorite Saison Yeast

    I am brewing a Saison this Sunday, and I am going to pick up the yeast at lunch today. What is you favorite Saison yeast? Any preference for one over another? I tend to gravitate (for no real reason) towards the White Labs so I have to choose from.... WLP565 Saison I WLP566 Saison II...
  18. Beerrific

    Sumarillo IPA

    I have heard a lot of people looking for recipes using Summit hops, there aren't a lot out there. I took a shot at this IPA and it really came out great. Wort Volume Before Boil: 30.00 qts Wort Volume After Boil: 26.00 qts Volume Transferred: 22.00 qts Water Added: 0.00 qts Volume At...
  19. Beerrific

    Making Work Pay....FYI

    SWMBO was commenting on how little they were withholding for Federal Taxes from this month's paycheck. It is a result of the implementation of the "Making Work Pay," designed to give singles a $400 reduction in taxes and couples $800. This was done by changing the tax withholding tables and...
  20. Beerrific

    Happy Birthday Beerthoven!

    Congratulations on another trip around the sun. :mug: :mug: