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  1. JonM

    pH meter recommendations?

    Good morning! So I’ve been using one of the Thermoworks meters for a few years now. It’s on its second probe and it looks like it’s time for a new one ... or is it time for a whole new unit/upgrade? I looked through threads on the subject and I see that, at least at the time those threads...
  2. JonM


    I had to run an errand that took me right by a great fish market, so I stopped in. They had monkfish for a pretty reasonable price, so I grabbed a 3/4 lb piece. Now I'm not sure what to do with it, so I thought I'd check with the pros. I'd like to grill it. My gut tells me to cut it into...
  3. JonM

    Records you bought twice?

    I've always thought a sign of a good record is one you bought on cassette then bought again on CD, or maybe you had it on vinyl and later got it on cassette or CD or maybe all three. What are yours? Mine are: Guns n Roses - Appetite for Destruction Paul Simon - Graceland U2 - Achtung, Baby...
  4. JonM

    Lawn guy killed the grass?

    So the guys who do the weed treatment came by and within days spots like this were all over the lawn. I called them on it and they sent a guy out yesterday to inspect. No word yet, but have a look - can you think of anything other than misapplication of herbicide that could cause this?
  5. JonM


    I went to our awesome Mexican grocery last night and they had huazontle in the produce section. I have never seen or heard of it before but I got the impression that it's one of those special things that's only available for a short time. Anyway, anyone cook with it? Any recipes or tips?
  6. JonM

    Summery English Ale?

    So I was planning to do a saison over the Memorial Day weekend and I went to make my starter and ... whoops! The yeast I have ready to go is 002 rather than 3711 (long story). So I guess I'm making an English Ale. I've made the Common Room ESB many times and I have made Orfy's Mild, which is...
  7. JonM

    What do they make in your town?

    So people make some pretty cool stuff here in Milwaukee. Harley-Davidson Bucyrus-Erie (which literally dug the Panama Canal), recently acquired by Caterpillar Johnson Controls (so your A419 comes from here) Miller beer And I'll be darned, Perlick faucets are made up on the north side of town...
  8. JonM

    Thermapen sale!

    This came across my FB news feed - the Thermapen is on sale for $59. If you've been waiting for these things to go on sale, here it is.
  9. JonM

    RIP Don Rickles

    I've just been giggling to myself all morning as these tributes pour in and as old interviews are played. They keep repeating the best zingers: "Hey, Frank - make yourself at home. Hit somebody." Or how he had carte blanche to insult the wise guys in Sinatra's entourage. Anyone else would get...
  10. JonM

    In praise of DIY PBW for beerstone!

    So my kettle, stainless hop filter and some other steel stuff had gotten a coating of beer stone and nothing would take it off. I usually fill a bucket with homemade PBW and run it through my plate chiller and SS pump immediately after I finish chilling, so I decided to fill the kettle with...
  11. JonM

    HOW MUCH calcium hydroxide?!?

    So I'm having yet another mash pH puzzle. I'm brewing a dunkelweizen the following: 5.5 gallon batch 5.5 lbs Dark Munich - 9 L 5.5 lbs dark wheat - 7.2 L 0.2 lbs Dehusked Carafa III - 520L I have 1.5 qts/lb (although in a mistake my test mash used closer to 1.75 qts/lb) 6 g of...
  12. JonM

    Mash pH gut check

    Hey everyone! I'm brewing an ESB later on today. My recipe is (5.5 gallons) 11 lbs Maris Otter (4 Lovibond) .84 lbs. English Medium Crystal (60 L) and .28 lbs. extra dark English Crystal (160 L). I'm mashing at 1.33 qts/pound. My water, built from RO, is: Ca 50 Mg 0 Na 19 Cl...
  13. JonM

    Stupidest Song Lyrics EVER!

    There's a song that contains the following cringeworthy mess: "Every inch of your skin is a Holy Grail I've gotta find." What the absolute f*%#? That's up there with: "You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul." Baaarrrfff.
  14. JonM

    Possible infection?

    So I make up little pressure-canned 15 ml vials of 1.020 wort to use as step 1 when I take yeast off a slant. I think this one maybe didn't seal. Whaddya think?
  15. JonM

    Mash pH puzzle

    Nevermind. The process of typing it out laid it all out before my eyes and I recognized the error. Carry on!
  16. JonM

    Inconsistent acid malt

    So I had this very thing happen to me this morning: What's weird is two months ago, I made a Bohemian Pils with a little over 10 lbs of Pilsner and 5 oz of acid malt. pH was something like 5.48 or something. I made a Patersbier this...
  17. JonM

    Gelatin at cellar temps?

    He everyone! I decided to give gelatin fining a a shot in a bohemian pils. My brew closet gets down to 46-48 degrees this time of year, so I have the fully fermented d-rested beer sitting in there. I added the gelatin last night and am just now realizing that might not be cold enough for...
  18. JonM

    Lager - Looooong rest for diacetyl and acetaldehyde?

    Hey all! I'm a couple weeks into my second ever lager fermentation and I just need a sanity check. It's a simple bo pils - all pilsner. I fermented with 2 rehydrated packs of 34/70, I gave it pure O2 at pitching, pitched at 48 and let it free rise to 52 and then carefully temperature...
  19. JonM

    Old hops dilemma.

    I decided to brew the hop-forward Pilsner lager from the Sept/Oct. 2015 Zymurgy. It's a simple pilsner with four late additions of Ultra hops (10, 5, whirlpool, and dry hop). The recipe calls for each Ultra addition to be 2 oz of 3%AA Ultra hops. I ordered 8 oz. of Ultra at a super price...
  20. JonM

    Christmas Music - Out of the ordinary

    So about a month ago, I posted this thread, complaining about Christmas music. Now it's Dec. 20, my heart has grown three sizes, and I'm in the Christmas spirit. So let's post some Christmas songs that are not the versions of the ones...