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  1. NewBlood

    New Keg Fridge

    Even though I'm not happy with the football season so far...I present to you my new keg fridge.
  2. NewBlood

    Indy Micro Breweries

    Hey guys...Heading to Indy for a concert in March. I need some suggestions on a good micro brewery or brepub to hang out at beforehand.
  3. NewBlood

    Drank way to much beer last night...

    So we went to dinner with another couple and his wife and I drank 2 pitchers of some dark mexican beer she likes. We then went to a little bar and she ordered us a pitcher of Bourbon Cask Ale. I've never had it and to be honest it tasted ok but after the 1st pitcher it didnt taste like anything...
  4. NewBlood

    Small batch...less than 5 gallons

    I'm wanting try my hand at brewing my 1st beer but I'm not sure I want to start off with a full 5 gallons. Is there any problem in taking a recipe or kit and reducing to make a 1/2 batch. I havent decided on a style of beer yet so I dont even have a recipe yet. Any other suggestions would be...
  5. NewBlood

    Clearing ???

    How long after racking for the 1st time should I start to see clearing? I racked at 0.999 and it doesnt look any different than the day I racked.
  6. NewBlood

    Makin Bacon

    Well i just finished up making bacon. This was a sample batch for all my co-workers to try before ordering. I ended up with 100#'s of orders. Waaaay more than I expected. I ate some with a jar of Hard Cider and it was quite yummy. \
  7. NewBlood

    My 1st Mead w/ questions

    So I started my 1st 5 gallon batch this morning. I used 15 lbs honey and just over 4 gallons of water. Just enough to bring to 5 gallon mark. I did take a gravity reading after mixing and it was 1.100. I used a sweet mead yeast starter. What do you guys think?? It also showed a potential...
  8. NewBlood

    My 1st Cider

    After 3 years in the making...I checked after a year and it wasnt ready it tasted like crap. I put it in the corner and cracked it open last week and it smelled and tasted so good. Its slightly tart apple taste with a hint of sweetness and warmness on the throat. I hope it lasts til Christmas...