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  1. Djanvk

    Kegged my beer next morning all leaked out.

    Kegged a batch on a corny keg the next morning it was all over the fridge and garage floor. Is this due to a possible bad seal, are they easy to change?
  2. Djanvk

    Critique: My first recipe, it's a ESB

    Ok so I finally made the attempt at my first recipe after researching ingredients for a bit. This is for a ESB and did everything within the BJCP limits for this style. 8lbs 2Row 2lbs Crystal Malt 20L 2lbs Maris Otter 1.5oz Fuggles 60 Min 1oz East Kent Goldings 45 min 1.5oz Fuggles 5...
  3. Djanvk

    Left out 5lbs of grain, can I somehow make up for it?

    Ok so I was brewing last night and unfortunately did not pay close attention to what I received in my order. Something just didn't seem right when I checked my PH after the boil, it was only 1.035 when it should of been in the 1.050 range. So I pitched my yeast and set it to ferment and then...
  4. Djanvk

    Put wrong hops in at 60min?

    I am brewing a Irish Red Ale and I had a oz of Willimette and 1oz of U.S. Goldings, the recipie called for the Willimette to be put in at the 60min boil and the Goldings at the 30min of the boil. Can anyone see a taste or smell issue with them being reversed in when I added them? Goldings...
  5. Djanvk

    Half Batches?

    I'm looking at brewing 2.5gallon batches is there anything really I should do different versus a 5gallon batch besides the obvious of halfing all the ingredients. Is there any issue with Kegging a half batch versus a full batch? Just curious. Thanks
  6. Djanvk

    Couple Questions About boil and Gravity?

    What might cause my original gravity to be .010 points lower than a predicted gravity? Also when you do a boil is there a temp I would aim to hit or am I looking for a actual rolling/bubbling boil? My last brew was .010 points lower than it was supposed to be with the OG and I did my...
  7. Djanvk

    Great Find in Wine Country

    So I was on a Vacation to go to a wedding in Napa Valley California, great wine country and after driving around a couple of days I noticed I had crossed he Russian River. This got me thinking, is this the area where Pliney the Elder is brewed at? Come to find out I was only 40 miles away from...
  8. Djanvk

    Less volume with a cold CO2 tank?

    Just refilled my co2 tank and put it in the fridge with my keg, now it's showing less volume than before, is it just because it's cold and the molecules are not moving as fast, because I know gasses expand when warmer. If not I have a leak. Thanks
  9. Djanvk

    Sanitize keg with bleach?

    Does anyone sanitize their corny keg with a bleach mixture? I read you shouldn't because i can be corrosive on stainless steel. Is this true? Thanks
  10. Djanvk

    Good head, not many bubbles?

    Ok just set up my kegging system I just bought. I have a blonde ale in there and have been force carbing for the last 5 days. When I fill a cup the beer gets a good head which hold nicely and the beer seems to look like a stout with all the little bubbles right after the pour then clears up...
  11. Djanvk

    Propane burner indoors?

    Propane seems to burn pretty cleanly but is there any issues with fumes if I would burn my propane burner indoors like down in my basement? I currently do it in my garage with the garage door cracked a bit but was curious if I could in a closed space like a basement. Natural gas burns clean...
  12. Djanvk

    Old Fridge, won't get cold?

    I have this old fridge in my basement that came with my house, it used to get cold and now it doesn't but it runs. Anyone have any ideas how I can fix this to use as a lagering or kegging cooler? Thanks.
  13. Djanvk

    Hop Bag Question?

    I have always used hop pellets but have never put them in a bag to strain them out, is that necessary or do the pellets just dissolve in the wort and a hop bag would be useless? Just curious. Thanks.
  14. Djanvk

    Watney's Cream Stout AG Clone?

    Anyone seen a AG Clone for this beer? Used to drink it a lot on Colorado but cannot find it anywhere in the midwest. Thanks
  15. Djanvk

    Looking for Parkbrau Perminator clone?

    I used to grab cases of this beer down in Kaiserslautern Germany when my bud and I would so a Administrative run to Frankfurt back in my Military days. Anyone ever seen a clone recipe for this? Pretty sure it was a Bock beer, very potent. Thanks :rockin:
  16. Djanvk

    Straining Hops?

    Is it common practice to strain the wort as it's being poured in to the fermenter? If so what is the advantage of doing this vs. not doing this. I use pellet hops do they dissolve into the wort or are they able to be strained also? I was under the assumption that they dissolve. Thanks
  17. Djanvk

    Fix a Fridge?

    Ok I have a full size fridge but it doesn't get cold, anyway to fix this and what would be some of the possible causes of this? Anyone know? Thanks:fro:
  18. Djanvk

    How to Take apart a corny? With cool find.

    Ok so here is the story. I have a local pizzaria/Italian food joint here and noticed that there was a corny keg and a large co2 take on the side of the buiding. So I asked about it and it turned out to be left over from when they used Coke over a Year ago. I asked the owner if I could buy...