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  1. Toilet Rocker

    For Sale Copper Immersion Chiller for Pickup

    Hi. Selling a copper immersion chiller that has got me through countless batches. Works well. Asking for $30 for local pickup in Monmouth County, NJ.
  2. Toilet Rocker

    New Jersey Seldom-Used False Bottom (9")

    I am tidying up the brewery and am parting with this seldom-used 9" false bottom. It works well, but I prefer to use a braid in the tun. I am looking to part with it for $20 plus shipping. Item is available for shipping from (or pick up in) Monmouth County, NJ. Please let me know if you have any...
  3. Toilet Rocker

    Phil Mill Problem

    Hey, I am having a problem with my Phil Mill. Maybe someone out there can help save my brew day. I had changed over from the hand crank to the drill attachment. Unfortunately, over time, it seems my drill is slipping on the attachment (which is perfectly smooth and round, not hexagonal)...
  4. Toilet Rocker

    Used Perlick...Model No.?

    Hey--I bought a used Perlick faucet and I'd like to purchase a growler filler for it but cannot figure out which model number it is. Are there any ways to tell the difference? Thanks
  5. Toilet Rocker

    What Is this Foreign Object in My Beer

    Hey, I poured a commercially brewed imperial stout into a glass and once the head dissipated, the following thing was floating on top. I spooned it out into a small bowl. It has the consistency of an unbroken yolk. It appears to be a clear membrane with lots of tiny bubbles in it. It reminds me...
  6. Toilet Rocker

    Kegerator-buying advice

    I'm finally making the leap toward kegging. Can you guys comment on this offering on CL? It comes complete with regulator, hoses, CO2 tank, full-size keg, American and Euro sankeys, and cleaning kit. Pardon my ignorance, but do American...
  7. Toilet Rocker

    Converting Jamil's Roggenbier recipe to PM

    Hi, I've extracted, PMed, and even AGed batches for just over 5 years. I generally know how to convert from AG to extract, but how about AG to PM when a lot of rye is involved and there are no (?) options to replace with extract? Jamil's recipe is: 6.25 rye malt 3.5 munich 3 pilsner 2 oz...
  8. Toilet Rocker

    Floating fermenter

    Hey, I'm brewing up a batch of sake, but thought it might be wiser to post my question here as it isn't sake-specific. (I am following Mr Taylor's recipe and instruction.) I have less than a quart of fluid (moto: water, rice, and koji) in my fermentation bucket which is resting in a rubbermade...
  9. Toilet Rocker

    The Pogues

    Did anyone here wind up getting to see The Pogues this week? I had tix for Wednesday night, but it was cancelled on account of Shane's "injury." I downloaded their show on Thursday night from and learned that he had injured his leg and performed in a wheelchair. Love to hear from...
  10. Toilet Rocker

    Add more yeast?

    Hey--my last batch (a bourbon oak-aged imperial stout) came out really nicely, with one caveat. It did not carbonate beyond a slight hiss when I open a bottle. I primed appropriately. My only thought is that for a few days, I placed the secondary carboy in cold water to drop the temp, which had...
  11. Toilet Rocker


    This week I had the pleasure of sampling brooklyn's new strong saison, Local One. It was faaaantastic. My question to you guys is: Does anyone know if this is in fact the Brooklyn Cuvee D'achouffe? I've heard that rumor, and while I have sampled both, it's been a while since I had the Brooklyn...
  12. Toilet Rocker

    Shaking my head

    Hit the beer shop last night and spent my usual 45 mins noting every beer worth glancing at...some guy comes in and (reminiscent of the milk maid scene in Clerks) went through the fridge looking for a case of the freshest beer. Apparently he went to the University of Budweiser. As for my...
  13. Toilet Rocker

    Brew Day 1.21

    Ah, this is the life... On the heels of accepting a new job on Friday, I am now outside brewing (yes, in the cold), sipping a drink, smoking a stogie, and both posting and watching 24 on the laptop. Despite the frozen fingers, I'd say this is the life. Specifics: 24 is S3 Stogie is a Romeo and...
  14. Toilet Rocker

    "kosher" brewery closes

    Hey, this really sucks...Since I began brewing, I've kept my close Orthodox Jewish friend in mind and have kept all my equipment separated so as to keep it "kosher." Short of having it blessed, he's confirmed it's kosher and suitable for him. (This has been challenging!) I recently received a...
  15. Toilet Rocker

    BYO Dec 2006 Yeti Imperial Stout Clone

    Hey--I had planned to brew this clone tomorrow, but inadvertantly left the magazine at work and we aren't granted after-hours access. Is it possible that anyone with this issue can post the recipe/instrux or scan of the page for me? I've searched the net, but could not find the recipe anywhere...
  16. Toilet Rocker

    Centennial Hops

    Hey--my HBS is incredibly unhelpful. For the Yeti imp stout I'd like to clone (based on the BYO recipe featured in the brewpastor issue), they use centennial hops. My HBS doesn't have these and a back issue said a likely substitute is Cascade or Columbus. Never saw Columbus. Would you guys reco...
  17. Toilet Rocker

    NHL is back

    Ahhhh. That wind you all felt last night was my exhale, for the NHL is back. It was great to smell the Garden ice once again. I should thank the Red Wings for not offering a competitive contract to Shanny; he lit up the ice last night. Great game, though the Caps looked really weak (despite...
  18. Toilet Rocker

    NYC Beer on the Pier

    Anyone hitting this fest this weekend?
  19. Toilet Rocker

    Jeep Replacement Tops

    Has anyone had to replace their Jeep top? I'm looking at some of Bestop's replacements and am leaning towards the Sailcloth...just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on replacements. I definitely want to keep a rag top on it, and don't want to go too $$$--this one seems like a dependable...
  20. Toilet Rocker

    Roger Waters

    Hey Guys, I wouldn't normally post this here, but I bought two sets of tickets for a show not realizing they're the same date. So, I have an extra set I've posted on ebay at...