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  1. wild

    The Great Arizona Homebrew Competition

    The competition is at the end of this month. Time to pull some of those favorites out of the closet. Cheers
  2. wild

    The 23rd Annual 2011 Great Arizona Homebrew Competition

    The 2011 Great Arizona Homebrew Competition is scheduled for March 26th & 27th. If you have beers that you'd like judged, enter them. All meads, ciders, and perrys will be judged in the 2011 Arizona Mead Cup scheduled at the same venue. Good luck, Wild
  3. wild

    2010 AZ East Valley Pub Crawl

    Everyone in the area is invited to the:
  4. wild

    The 2010 Great Arizona Homebrew Competition

    Come enter your beers in the.....
  5. wild

    Dystopia Dark Lager And
  6. wild

    TMZ hires Zombies

    Woody Harrelson claims he mistook photographer for zombie -
  7. wild

    Stimulus plan revealed

    Two contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the White House. One is from Chicago, and the other is from Texas. The Texas contractor does some measuring and figuring, then says, "I can do this job for $700: $300 for materials, $300 for my crew and $100 profit for me. "The Chicago...
  8. wild

    Great day for Chili & Beer 03/07/09

    For all that'll be around on February 7th. Enjoy homebrew, chili, music, and horseshoes all for a great charity... EDIT March 7th
  9. wild

    The Great Arizona Homebrew Competition

    Hey you all have time to brew something up for this or reach into the back of cellar to enter.
  10. wild

    Ash Octoberfest

  11. wild

    How's this for a Label?

    If you're a fan, it's available on woot shirt.
  12. wild

    Headin' to Denver

    I’m going to Denver in June on the weekend of the 20th and I’ll be staying out by Cherry Creek. After doing a little searching I found the best spots to be: Pints Pub Falling Rock Taphouse Breckenridge Brewery Great Divide Brewing Co All of these happen to sound and look great from their...
  13. wild

    Northern Brewer Rant

    I ordered the Yeast Starter Kit from Northern Brewer along with a stirbar and foam stopper. 2 weeks went by and I called NB and asked where my package was. They said it was sent back by UPS because they attempted to deliver the package and it was refused and they couldn’t get an alternate...
  14. wild

    Sad Day In AZ Brewing History

    Today we are scheduled to lose an AZ brewing landmark: The Bandersnatch was the first micro-brewery in AZ. Tip a brew in memory. Wild
  15. wild

    Imperial Stout Tasting in Phoenix

    AJs at the 101 and 67th Ave is hosting an Imperial Stout Tasting from 1-3 on October 20 (this Saturday). Wild
  16. wild

    Another Brewout in Phoenix

    The Fraternal Order Of Eagles has offered the RV section of their 5.5 acre facility to homebrewers. November 3rd, which just happens to be Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day, homebrewers from the east and west valley are encouraged to come out and brew. The location is 3600 W. Rose Garden Ln...
  17. wild


    Due to extremely Sh1ty circumstances at my residence, I was forced to keg a Pale Ale 2 weeks after brewing. Normally I rack to secondary after 7 days but I was out of town. Instead of secondary I racked to a clean keg with a hop sock. I assume the aroma will not catch up with a normal batch...
  18. wild

    Woohoo! Scored!

    Stopped by a local brewery for a beer and another. Talked with the master Brewer and found that he had several sanke kegs that weren't working for him. Long story short, I was able to pick up 5 sankes for $75. The only problem they have is the steel ball in the spear is damaged. Time to start...
  19. wild

    Sonora Brewhouse 6th Anniversary

    “6 LEGENDARY YEARS!” 6TH Anniversary Party - Sunday, August 19, 2007 11:00 a.m. to close To celebrate our 6th Anniversary we have saved a special treat for the occasion. A cask of dry hopped Barley Wine, which has been aged for 6 months! We will also be tapping a new Seasonal Ale "The...
  20. wild

    BPI in Sacramento

    Beer Points of Interest in Sacramento, I'll be flying into Sacramento in the am then driving out to Grass Valley. Are any of these or other breweries on the way so I can take a tour and sample? Rubicon Brewing Company Brew It Up! Pyramid Sacramento Brewing Company Faultline Brewing Company Hoppy...