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  1. Orpheus

    She's faking it

    At least I hope and pray she's faking it:
  2. Orpheus

    Michael Phelps

    This is just too true:
  3. Orpheus

    Oh the humanity

    Why can't I get a job that allows me to live out ultimate geek fantasies?
  4. Orpheus

    Have you ever wondered?

    I didn't before I stumbled this sign. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Need brain bleach!
  5. Orpheus

    Challenge your reality, forever

    This is an especially good video to watch after a few beers. If you haven't heard of the double slit experiment before, this could mess with your concept of reality:
  6. Orpheus

    Why apologize in person?

    I'm a little ashamed to be posting this. It's the bud light apology bot. It will apologize via the telephone to SWMBO for a variety of wrongdoings. Enjoy!
  7. Orpheus

    Holy ****! Sesame Street!

    Man, I must not have been paying much attention as a kid!
  8. Orpheus

    Chainsaws, man's other bottle opener

    This is why I have a bottle opener on my key chain:
  9. Orpheus

    Navy vs. Marines

    "Susin" needs to find a better role model. :D
  10. Orpheus

    The coming brewpocalypse

    Fellow brewers, we knew this day would come. We have been preparing for this day for centuries, and soon it will be time to once again save humanity:
  11. Orpheus

    Great tool for anyone at work

    Totally SFW and a useful tool to figure things out:
  12. Orpheus

    Weird Craigslist Perv

    We all have our kinks, but this is... well...
  13. Orpheus

    Women 'suffer' a rare condition?

    I don't know if 'suffer' is the right word for this condition:
  14. Orpheus

    Funny because it's true

    Simple, honest, and guilty as charged!
  15. Orpheus

    Cool Japanese Olympics Tribute

    Very creative:
  16. Orpheus

    Paintball Enthusiasts (and others)

    Remember the sentry guns in the Aliens movie? An engineer built his own for paintballing.
  17. Orpheus

    Batman vs. Hellboy vs. Hulk Mac Parody

    I'm looking forward to seeing Dark Knight this coming weekend. Until then, this is pretty funny!
  18. Orpheus

    I'm no longer ashamed of being a beer geek

    I realize there are much worse things I can be:
  19. Orpheus

    Most seductive music ever

    I guess if you want some mood music for sex, you might as well write it yourself:
  20. Orpheus

    High gas prices = hypermiling?

    As a group we all like to tinker, tweak, find new and better ways of doing things. Does anyone here do hypermiling to improve your car's gas mileage?