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  1. PAC762

    Ferment the F-Pack?

    As stated in my original post, it was a gift. I did not buy it. I think this is what I'm going to do. Just make the kit without the f-pack and give it away if it turns out too sweet for me.
  2. PAC762

    Ferment the F-Pack?

    Good point. The kit instructions say OG should be 1.155-1.165. This looks to be w/o the f-pack. According to my hydrometer, potential alcohol would be over 20%. It looks like the yeast will not be able to ferment this dry. I'm guessing that this is a long-shot, but.... Is there any chance...
  3. PAC762

    Ferment the F-Pack?

    Sorry. i meant dry wine. Not thinking well this morning. Thanks for the help.
  4. PAC762

    Ferment the F-Pack?

    I was given a Wine Expert Selections Reisling Ice wine kit for x-mas. However, I hate sweet wine. Should I leave the F-pack out entirely or should I mix it into the must at the start and allow it to ferment? Also, which of the following yeast would you recommend to make this into a dry...
  5. PAC762

    pyrex carboy

    I have one. I find it difficult to get a stopper to stick. The one I have has an odd shaped neck that doesn't give much surface area for the stopper to hold. I need to dry the star-san off to get more friction. Otherwise, it works well.
  6. PAC762

    The Minute Maid Apple Cider Mini-Experiment

    Same here. :mug:
  7. PAC762

    Sparkling Cider

    You want to use ~ 1.5 355ml cans. (8.75 gallons x 28 grams sugar per gallon = 245 g sugar. 245 g sugar / 162 g per can = 1.51)
  8. PAC762

    Just found a case of Apfelwein

    Wierd. I just found 2 cases of 8-month old apfelwiein yesterday that I forgot about. I wish I had them for 7/4 weekend, but better late then never. :mug: :ban:
  9. PAC762

    more apple taste?

    Cote de Blanc yeast gives a lot more apple character than other wine and champagne yeasts. I haven't tried beer yeasts, though.
  10. PAC762

    Using Lemon Juice with preservatives

    I've heard that heating the juice can help remove preservatives.
  11. PAC762

    GE mini-fridge door panel

    Thanks. What did you use to cut it? ... Sawzall?
  12. PAC762

    GE mini-fridge door panel

    I have a GE mini-fridge that I am attempting to convert to a kegerator. It will fit a corny keg once the inside door panel/shelves are removed. I pulled back the rubber seal as shown here: My problem is, there...
  13. PAC762

    Can We be done with apfelwein?

    What's apfelwein? Do you have a recipes???? :fro:
  14. PAC762

    Cranberry Cider from juice?

    Straight cranberry will be very tart. I made a batch using 40% cran cocktail and 60% apple juice and it's still pretty tart. I prefer straight apfelwein to my "cranfelwein". YMMV.
  15. PAC762

    Fruit Winemaking books

    I enjoyed "the joy of home wine making", but I agree with what etp777 said.
  16. PAC762

    Stupid Pet cider tricks

    This thread just reeks of potential win!
  17. PAC762

    Is champagne yeast ok for Apfelwein?

    I prefer champagne yeast.
  18. PAC762

    Apfelwein Poll

    About 1/2 a can. Read the nutritional info and do the math. You want ~28 grams of sugar per gallon. It usually works out to 1 "serving" per gallon. Cans usually contain 8 or 12 servings, IIRC.
  19. PAC762

    What do you think if this cider recipe?

    Yes. 1 oz of sugar per gallon. If you want to use concentrate/juice/syrup/fundip/edibleunderwear/etc to prime, you need to read the nutritional info and figure out how many grams of sugar are in a serving size, and do the math. 1 oz = ~28grams Whenever using a natural product (like juice...
  20. PAC762

    Instant fermentation?

    Fixed it for you