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  1. Julohan

    Chicago Housing Recommendation for Siebel

    I am going to attend The Siebel International course for 7 weeks in Chicago. Anyone know cheap places to stay? Or even safe places to sleep in my care or somewhere to pitch a tent. Thanks.
  2. Julohan

    Help me spend $1,500 on all equipment

    So I've been out of the game for four years. I had sold all my previous equipment 4 years ago. I'm looking at all the websites that I could remember. There seems to be so much different brands out now. Just trying to find the best deals for getting all new equipment. I need everything. I want a...
  3. Julohan

    5 Gallon complete all grain system-Asheville, NC

    I had sold everything about 4 years ago. Trying to get back into the game. I am Looking for a complete all grain system with corny kegs as well. Hoping to spend under $1000. I am located in Asheville, NC. Thanks, Brian
  4. Julohan

    Complete 10 gallon brewing system, keezer, kegs everything

    I want to sell everything I have to fund a motorcycle trip to South America. When I come back I am going to keep brewing but will downsize. Basically all you need are hops an yeast to complete this package. I want to sell it all as a package. I am located around Akron, Ohio. I am asking...
  5. Julohan

    Akron Ohio Beer bars

    Anyone think Akron needs a better beer bar? There are a couple but nothing great. I made a thread about Grand Rapid being an awesome beer city. Could Akron be like Grand Rapids? Both cities are similiar in size.
  6. Julohan

    Great Lakes Brewing Co. quality concern

    I have been a Great Lakes fan for decent amount of years. It seems in the last year or two, the beers' quality are not as good almost acroos the board. Had the Conaways Irish Ale in a bottle and it was terrible. It had a sugary taste similiar to Magic Hat. The Dortmunder always seems to be...
  7. Julohan

    I hate Grand Rapids!

    I am sure Grand Rapids has much more to offer. I went to Hop Cat and Founder's. What the hell? Both were awesome! Founder's, a nice quasi-beer hall. Hop Cat, what a beautiful bar and atmoshphere. I heard of Hop Cat before. I did not relize they brewed their own beer. Anyways, I...
  8. Julohan

    Beer only bars?

    Are there beer only bars out there? Just wondering if any craft beer bars get away with not selling liquor.
  9. Julohan

    WTB/Trade for sanke kegs NE Ohio

    I am am looking for 5 gallon to 15.5 gallon ss sanke kegs is working condition. I have ball lock cornies to trade or I will buy the sanke kegs. I am located in the Akron Area.
  10. Julohan

    Oops, mixed two different styles together

    So I ordered 2 caribou slobber brown ales and 2 oatmeal stouts from northern brewer. So that is 4, 5 gallon batches. I am making 10 gallons at a time. Well I did not notice until that the two bags with two five gallon bags in each bag were not the same. One bag had an oatmeal stout and a...
  11. Julohan

    Another Centennial IPA recipe critique needed

    How does this look for a Centennial IPA? It seems to be really similar to other Cenntennial Ipa's. Centennial IPA American IPA Type: All Grain Date: 4/20/2011 Batch Size: 10.00 gal Brewer: Boil Size: 13.65 gal Asst Brewer: Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: Blichmann 15...
  12. Julohan

    Two shoots, One dead

    My hop plant is on the third year. There are two shoots. The end of one shoot broke off, which was the strong growing shoot. Now the second one has started to grow faster now, and also looks healthier. Should I just cut the broken shoot, that seems to not be growing anymore?
  13. Julohan

    Sierra Nevada seeks a east coast brewing site

    Saw this on I can not wait until Sierra Nevada has an est coast site. The difference is night and day. I always thought the Pale Ale was drinkable. When I had the pale ale out in California, I thought the beer was...
  14. Julohan

    My experience barrel aging

    Back in August 2010 I brewed 60 gallons of an English Barleywine that I left in the primary for two months (October 2010). The primary was two 32 gallon Rubbermaid Brute trashcans. I then racked to an oak wine barrel. Filling the oak barrel I noticed I was probably 15 gallons short from the...
  15. Julohan

    Synergy on

    Just saw synergy's brew stand set up on!5788025/synergy-home-beer-brewing-system-mr-beers-rich-crazy-uncle
  16. Julohan

    InBev buys Goose Island

    Here is the link: Good for Goose Island. I wonder if quality will be deteriorated. I am a bit sadden over this one. Edit: Looks like the actual brew pubs will not be affected. Good news for the people of Chicago.
  17. Julohan

    Too high gravity before yeast is added, Welch's

    First attempt at wine. I did 5 gallons of Yooper's Welch's recipe. I have the top off water in it. I have not added the yeast. Gravity reading was a bit above 1.150. Should I dump some out and add more water, or split the batch and dilute?
  18. Julohan

    Ohio trade for Pliny the elder

    If someone want to trade, I would prefer at least pliny the elder and then what ever else you may think is good. Beers I can obtain are; Hoppin' Frog Brewing Co. Great Lake Brewing Co some Brew Kettle brewing Co. some Buckeye Brewing company Bell's brewing Co. New Holland Brewing Co, Dogfish...
  19. Julohan

    Rival Vacuum Sealer, sellout.woot

    Just now saw this deal. I don't know if it is good. If it works well, then this is a great deal. *Meant to put deals.woot in the thread title.
  20. Julohan

    Hypothetical specialty grocery store beers

    If you could choose the beer that a grocery store carries, what would you choose from this list?