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  1. Spundit

    Kegging Pressure

    The simple answer is, The same as your lagers should be fine. Maybe a tad higher. Personally, if your fridge is at 37 F than I would set it at 12psi and let it carbonate for a week. ..and then serve at the same pressure. That should result in a carbonation level that is at the higher end...
  2. Spundit

    Bottle Priming

    1.5 tsp (6g) of cane sugar or corn sugar (dextrose) per 1000ml will get you in the acceptable range and should be about 2.3 vol CO2. That is a nice "middle of the road" carbonation level. If you use corn sugar (brewing sugar) it will be just a tad less carbonated (probably not noticeable)...
  3. Spundit

    Is there any way to figure FG after adding conditioning sugar?

    1lb of Dextrose will add 42 gravity points to a gallon. ....So I believe 4oz of dextrose added about 2 gravity points to your 5 gallon batch. If you measured 1.006, it was actually 1.004 before the sugar addition. If you did actually measure 1.060 than it was 1.058 before the sugar...
  4. Spundit

    Ingredients dictating recipe

    Sounds like a tasty brew to me. Maybe? Update us on how it comes out. Some descriptors of abbey malt sound great; malty, nutty, biscuit... others give me pause; honey, sweet.
  5. Spundit

    Want to hypothesize if my beer will be decent?

    I suspect your beer will be fine but it will be quite a bit different than the recipe intended. Stronger, higher ABV, more hop character, and possibly some fruity ester from the warm fermentation start. This strain (chico) is pretty temperture tolerant so it is quite possible it will still be...
  6. Spundit

    Fermenting in corny, dip tube length?

    As you mentioned this depends on the brew and your brewing style. Half gallon will be plenty If you transfer relatively clear beer to the fermenter and don't dry hop loose. I have never had any issue with just yeast itself clogging anything up. As recommended by spikeybits, I (gently) bent...
  7. Spundit

    chest freezer settings

    I would set the PT delay to the maximum. On my inkbird it is 10. If I could set it to 30 I probably would. This setting is just insurance in case something goes haywire. As mentioned above, it should not be cycling on and off that often when everything is running properly. Cycling on and...
  8. Spundit

    carbonation levels in bottle conditioning

    For a standard bottle, I have done 3 vols on several occasions and had no issues. YMMV. I always condition them away from the family and contained in some way. Better safe than sorry. I bottle conditioned a lot of beer my first 5 or 6 years brewing and never had one go boom...
  9. Spundit

    What to do with my Hazy IPA

    It has not been on the yeast too long. IMO, 18 or 19 days is par for the course especially for a beer with such a high OG. I dont like to dry hop for longer than 7 days because I have had some grassy flavors develop in the past. I think this was the cause. You may or may not have that...
  10. Spundit

    How do i improve my system?

    I agree with the above. Fermentation temp control is important. Spending a few dollars here is worthwhile if you don't have this ability now. Its fun to try and maximize your brew house efficiency but its never been a high priority to me. If I have to add a pound more grain to hit my numbers...
  11. Spundit

    Water profile and harsh flavours

    I have some thoughts but I am not sure I have a solution. I have not done the calculation but I would not have added baking soda to this brew. I only use baking soda to adjust mash ph. This grain bill doesn't look like it needs adjusting in that direction. I am not sure if that explains...
  12. Spundit

    Moving Kegs Around

    If I was planning to serve it to a group of beer snobs and was really concerned I allow a week for it to settle and hope for the best. However it is possible you could have "relatively" clear beer much much sooner if there wasn't much sediment to start with and you were careful while moving...
  13. Spundit

    High gravity brew - Grainfather

    You know... I am only just now realizing I stole a products name as my handle. I thought I made that up on my own. ...and I am using a picture of a competitors product as my avatar. Hmmm.....
  14. Spundit

    Do you drink your bad batches?

    Ha. I think I started brewing in 2013...or 2012. I have not brewed a dumper yet but there have defineatly been some batches I thought were dull or missed the style. I also have at least 36 bottles with more than a year of age on them.. it is likely many of those go down the drain. They...
  15. Spundit

    John Guest PTC connector cracked. How tight is tight enough? Opinions solicited.

    Yes, you probably torqued it a bit too much although it is possible it was defective. I use the Duotight fittings (similar design) and crank to just past finger tight. I haven't had one crack or leak yet but that may just be luck.
  16. Spundit

    High gravity brew - Grainfather

    It makes sense to me. A couple things to consider if you haven't already. 1. Diluting with straight ro water will reduce the mineral content of the final beer. If you are expecting any contribution from the minerals make sure you plug that into the calculator as well to ensure your final...
  17. Spundit

    Clogged Keg Dip Tube

    You want to minimize the amount of sediment you transfer to the keg but It is not unusual to transfer a little when racking your beer. Usually it will settle out and your first draft or two will be a little hazy. No worries. Now if some hop material or other chunky trub makes its way into...
  18. Spundit

    M&B vs Brewzilla vs Foundry

    I have brewed 15 batches on the basic Mash and Boil. I have not had any technical or mechanical issues. Originally I planned to just use it when forced to brew inside but I have used it for every batch since I bought it. I do like the convenience and simplicity. As others have mentioned, the...
  19. Spundit

    Thinking About a Keezer - Some Questions

    1. I use intertaps and have no complaints. No leaks or anything. I have not used perlick so I cannot compare. 2. I am not sure I understand the question. You just need a keg, a CO2 tank and a regulator to force carb beer to any CO2 volume that tickles your fancy. If you will want to...
  20. Spundit

    Sanity check on brewing salts by volume

    I think that would put you at about 50 Cl and 375 SO4. Seems like an extreme ratio but might be good in bitter IPA. Ph will probably be in range (low end) but I am guessing at the malt bill.