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  1. OrCoastBrew

    Frozen Cider

    So this being my first time making cider and doing the cold crashing thing I just want to make sure I didn't f it up. After I racked to my secondary I put the cider in my freezer to crash it and forgot about it. By the time I remembered it was pretty much frozen. Is it as simple as letting it...
  2. OrCoastBrew

    Cold Crahing/Bottling Question

    Hi - This is my first batch of Cider and I have scoured most of the stickeys and other threads and I am finding it hard to make a decision as to what to do. Cold crash/keg or prime/bottle/pasteurize. The more I read the more freaked out I get about bottling and pastuerizing. Some background...
  3. OrCoastBrew

    Cider Stank

    So this is my first batch of Apple Cider and it is fermenting away...But the smell is really not very pleasant. I don't know how to explain it other than it smells like an appley dog fart! Is this normal? I am used to the sweet smell of my fermenting beer so it kind of surprised me when I got a...
  4. OrCoastBrew

    Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

    I have a question that probably could be answered by searching the forum but I am feeling lazy today with football on. My questions are: 1. What do people recommend the Beergun or a counter pressure bottle filler? 2. How long will a beer last in the bottle when bottled from a keg with a...
  5. OrCoastBrew

    Hop Drying?

    Tell me how you guys dry your hops and when you know they are ready to bag and freeze.
  6. OrCoastBrew

    Spruce Suggestions Please

    Ok, So I am going to go harvest a bunch of Sitka spruce shoots for my next beer and I have been working hard to come up with a recipe but I am stumped. My thought was that I would brew an all grain amber ale with a light hop addition and try to pick up most of my bittering flavors with the...
  7. OrCoastBrew

    No Action

    So I brewed an all-grain porter yesterday and everything went very well. Cooled my wort down to 70f was perfect on my OG, aerated the wort nicely and pitched my White Lab British Ale yeast. After a couple of hours sitting at a consistent 68f there seemed to be the beginnings good activity but...
  8. OrCoastBrew

    Apple Wood

    I am getting ready to brew a porter and I was thinking of either smoking a small amount of grain with apple wood or putting apple wood into my secondary. Has anyone ever done this or is it just a crazy mix of flavors?
  9. OrCoastBrew

    Beer Smith Water Tool

    I have a couple of questions about water and the beersmith water tool. I am starting a new all grain porter and I want to try and mimic London water. My tap water is very soft. I have read several books on water and I am still somewhat confused and I don't want to mess a brew up. 1. Is it...
  10. OrCoastBrew

    Equipment Suggestions

    Ok, fellas I think I am ready to attempt my first all-grain batch. I have built all of my equipment, read the complete joy of homebrewing 3 times, and had many conversations with friends that are much more advanced brewers that I. Could you guys take a look at my homemade wort chiller and mash...
  11. OrCoastBrew

    Yeast Question

    So I moved up to my first partial grain brew and I am very pleased thus far. My only thing is that I let the beer shop talk me into using Whites lab yeast instead of my usual Wyeast and I am not getting any action after about 18 hours. No airlock activity and no visual in the carboy. My temps...
  12. OrCoastBrew

    Couple Questions ASAP

    I am starting an oatmeal stout. When do I add the oatmeal to the boil? Also using Irish moss do I put it into a steeping bag for just direct into the wort. Thanks
  13. OrCoastBrew

    Primary Time

    I am going to be starting my second batch soon and my question is after I get it into the primary is 4 to 5 weeks too long to keep it in there? I have to leave after I get it into the primary for a month or so and if I can't leave it in there that long I will just wait until I get back to start...
  14. OrCoastBrew

    first beer

    Well I tried a glass of my first brew. It is a pilsner and it has been in the bottle for a week. I put 1 bottle in the fridge for a couple of days and cracked it open. I was very pleased. It was not carbed all the way yet, obviously. It had a good color, very clear, a little more hoppy than...
  15. OrCoastBrew

    Pelican Brew

    Does anybody have the recipe for McPelican Scottish Ale? I would like to try that one for my second brew.
  16. OrCoastBrew

    Stupid Question

    Should I sanitize bottle caps before bottling and If I am going to bottle and then be away from home for 5 or 6 weeks is it ok to let the bottles age in a 45F fridge or am I better off just putting them somewhere dark in the house at is at about a constant 60F As always thanks for everyone's help:D
  17. OrCoastBrew

    Racked to secondary!

    This is my first time and I probably should have just left it in my primary but I just had to see what was going on. So I waited for airlock activity to die off. That took about 6 days. Man was I blown away when I took that lid of to siphon over to my carboy. It was nasty looking! I am...
  18. OrCoastBrew


    Being this is my first brew I am hoping that I am just being paranoid here. So my pilsner has been fermenting for a couple of days and so after a few beers tonight I decided to stick my nose down to the airlock at try to get a smell of the CO2 being released. It smelled kinda sweet yet a...
  19. OrCoastBrew

    New to Brewing and this Forum

    Hey Everyone, I have recently started trying to brew. I have just started my first brew ever and it is a Pilsner from a kit. Making the adding all of the stuff and making the Wort went pretty good and I think I kept everything very clean so I am not to worried about it. It took about 6 hours...