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  1. jiggs_casey

    omg homebrewing post on facebook!

    Does anybody else here get generally frustrated at the amount of absolute misinformation people spread regarding homebrewing on facebook? I am sure this has been brought up here before. If so, sorry... just let it bother me tonight.
  2. jiggs_casey

    Fermenter headroom

    Why would I not want to put a 20 gallon batch into a 60 gallon fermenter?
  3. jiggs_casey

    Electric HLT idea. Looking for feedback.

    I am an electricity noob. Or, at least I think I am. With that, I have installed a heating element (2000W / 120V) into my HLT. I want to make sure that my understanding is solid before I finish wiring it up. As I understand it, this element is rated at 16.6 amp. That means that all of...
  4. jiggs_casey

    hot water hose question

    Will the chemicals 'leeched' from a hot water hose boil off during brewing?
  5. jiggs_casey

    brew stand design question

    I've been tinkering with sketchup for a couple of weeks and now, of course, I want to design a brew stand, and buy a welder, and learn to weld, etc. But, before I get too far along in my quest, I have a question. Will the 1" rolled steel square tube I buy from Lowes or Home Depot support a...
  6. jiggs_casey

    k, stumped... (oatmeal / raspberry stout)

    Putting together a recipe. An oatmeal / raspberry stout sounds really good as I'm a fan of both stouts and raspberry! So, here's my dilema. Do I (would you).... Blend say 1 lb of raspberries in with a couple cups of wort and add it to the last 10 minutes of your boil? Or, use a...
  7. jiggs_casey

    Old lathe to grain mill project!

    I just inherited a Ridgid WL12000. I know nothing about lathes and really have less interest in woodworking. This particular lathe has no 'rest' and the entire 'assembly' at the far end of the lathe (i really don't know what to call it), is missing and one of the legs has some damage as well...
  8. jiggs_casey

    KC area craigslist ad.

    Seems like some pretty good stuff here! I'd be all over it but, I got bills instead... <kicks teddy bear>
  9. jiggs_casey

    Dogfish - Raison D'Etre

    Just got back from a trip to San Antonio. Been waiting for a LONG time to get my hands on some DFH brews, as we can't get them in MO, or KS... :( The only two that were available were the 60 Minute-IPA and Raison D'Etre. Honestly, I was looking forward to the IPA. Unfortunately, it didn't...
  10. jiggs_casey

    Looking to build a fermentation chamber, easily...

    I have a side by side that I don't want to completely tear apart to build a fermentation chamber with. I would like to keep the freezer side functioning as a freezer and have an idea that I want to run by those with experience with these things. Basically, I have a 2-stage stc-1000...
  11. jiggs_casey

    Good read on returning a beer. | When Craft Beer Goes Bad: A Guide to Refusing a Beer
  12. jiggs_casey

    A rant. Going over todays brew notes.

    I did a 10 gallon batch of an light lager today. It is also the 2nd recipe I have used Beersmith with. I had issues with low numbers the first time I used Beersmith but found a way to fix it mid brew. Being that I had issues with low numbers last time, I didn't worry too much about it this...
  13. jiggs_casey

    Seems like a decent deal to me!

    Not my ad, just seemed like a decent deal. Thought I'd share. Tap Handles for Keg/Bar
  14. jiggs_casey

    Vendor Review - Apex Brew Wares

    I had a couple of last minute things to pick up for this weekend. About $8.00 worth of yeast and hops. The lhbs I typically use is about 20 miles from where I'm at, which means that once I factor in gas prices, I'm into it for $16.00. Double what I would have wanted to pay. I remembered...
  15. jiggs_casey

    Longer boil to adjust FG?

    I'm new to Beersmith and trying to get things as close as possible to what 'it' says where I should be. I pulled a sample from my boil at the 60 minute mark to see how close it was to what Beersmith says it should be. It's off. So is my post boil volume by over a gallon. I don't have...
  16. jiggs_casey

    Smell your yeast!

    So, back in September, I bought a 'smackpack' of Wyeast Whitbread 1099 for a Nut Brown Ale. I finally got around to brewing it today. I noticed about a month ago, the pack had started to swell in the fridge. I thought maybe I put something heavy on top of it and ruptured the nutrient pack...
  17. jiggs_casey

    Anybody use one of these?

    King Kooker® 12" Portable Propane Outdoor Jet Burner with Baffle | Bass Pro Shops Looking at upgrading my cooker. Don't want to spend the $100 or so for the banjo burner. This seems like a decent compromise. At 105,000 btu, it's still nearly double my current setup. Not so sure about...
  18. jiggs_casey

    Foolin' around with leftovers...

    I brewed this during the last week in May and opened my first one a couple of days ago. I had a bunch of leftovers on hand and didn't have any money to do anything fun so, I threw them together and this is what I've go. It's really not too bad but, I really don't know what to call it. Red...
  19. jiggs_casey

    So, I found this on ebay... hehehe
  20. jiggs_casey

    Tool / Jung inspired label...

    At first, I thought it was boring, but then.... I put it on a bottle! :)