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  1. DragonTail

    Corking a Belgian Dubbel...

    I'm going to cork my Belgian Dubbel tomorrow. I've corked many wines and meads. The question I have is, when I've done the wines and meads, I soak the corks in sulfite, should I soak these in something also? Thanks. :)
  2. DragonTail

    BYO'S Berliner Weisse...

    I'm going to be doing the extract recipe from BYO (Sept. 2009) for the 15 minute boil Berliner Weisse this weekend. Has anyone tried this? Any hints/tips/tricks that I need to know?
  3. DragonTail

    Safron Metheglin...

    I am thinking of making a 1 gal test batch of Safron Metheglin. I am looking for opinions on whether to make this dry or sweet, still or carbed, or any combo of the "styles". Again, just looking for opinions. I don't have any yeast to make this yet, otherwise I would already have it going now...
  4. DragonTail

    My "brewery" glassware

    After taking a picture of my new HBT pint I thought I'd take a shot of my own brewery logo glassware. :tank:
  5. DragonTail

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Ginger Ale

    Grain: 1# CaraPilsner Extact: 3# Light LME, .5# Light DME Extra "Sugar": 3# Clover Honey, 1# Cane Sugar Hops: 1oz. Cascade pellets, 1oz Willamette pellets Extras: 40oz Fresh Ginger Root (grated), 2 Lemons (juice,zest & rinds), 1tsp Irish Moss Steep grain in 1.5gal water @ 150-155F for 30...
  6. DragonTail


    I have a batch of Vanilla mead that I started 4-1-2006, with an O.G. of 1.102, that is now at 1.010, with White Labs Sweet Mead Yeast. It has been at this gravity for at least a month now. It is crystal clear and tastes exactly as I want it to. I want to bottle it, but I have never had a...
  7. DragonTail

    cider vinegar...

    I'm going to try to make some cider vinegar this week. I got a half gallon of fresh cider from my local orchard (I can't see the need to make a full gallon, don't know if I could use that much vinegar in a resonable amt of time). I have a package of champagne and a package of ale yeast (dry)...
  8. DragonTail

    Wax on bottles?????

    I have a few bottles from New Glarus that have wax on them, Belgian Red and a Raspberry Tart. In the past, when I soak them in PBW and hot water to take the lables off, the wax doesn't really come off completely. This time before I clean them I will be scraping as much of the wax off that I can...
  9. DragonTail

    Hop trellis disaster

    We had a big storm come through Monday night that wiped out a few trees, but more importatnly my hop trellis. I was able to get the crossbar, where the majority of the flowering parts of my vines are, attached to what is left of the uprights. A good part of the actual vines are still on the...
  10. DragonTail

    First partial mash

    I usually do extract/grain recipies, but today I did my first "real" partial mash. I got the "Cascade Pale Ale" partial mash kit from Midwest Supplies and changed a few things. The kit contained: 3.3 lbs Gold LME 4 lbs 2 row 8 oz Carapils 8 oz Caramel 10L 3 oz Cascade (pellets) White Labs...
  11. DragonTail

    Soda carbonation

    I'm new to kegging and want to try a batch of soda before I do a batch of beer. I am wondering what the carbonation volume for soda is. So far, from what I have seen, it is around 3 volumes. Thanks, :mug:
  12. DragonTail

    Adding Yeast

    I have a batch of California Common that I am going to bottle today. The thing is, this should have been done about a month and a half ago. (Been REALLY busy) I was thinking of blooming about 1/4tsp of dry yeast and adding it to my bottling bucket, much the same way I do when I make naturally...