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  1. mxpx5678

    Hop Rocket

    Looking for a hop rocket.
  2. mxpx5678

    California In Search of Hop Rocket

    Looking to buy a used hop rocket.
  3. mxpx5678

    Simple March / Chugger Pump Swith Help

    I have a Chugger pump and it is hooked up to my brew stand I am building. I am not faced with the project of building some sort of switch to turn it on and off. What have people done before that is simple and useful? Most the projects I see are intense electric brewery builds. Would love...
  4. mxpx5678

    My Weldless Brew Stand

    Well I got inspired by the great posts here and elsewhere on the internet and took the dive into making my own brew stand. I don't have a lot of experience with building things but figured I could handle a weldless stand. I bought 12 5 foot sections from McMaster and then a friend helped...
  5. mxpx5678

    How long can I let my trub sit?

    I racked my previous beer into a keg on Friday night in anticipation of brewing again Saturday night and then racking on top of the previous yeast cake. I wasn't able to brew Saturday and probably cant for a couple more days. My question is how long can i let the trub sit for and still feel...
  6. mxpx5678

    YARCT (Yet Another Recipe Critique Thread)

    Still a new brewer but looking to do my first porter. What do you all think of this recipe? Thanks, Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 6.52 gal Post Boil Volume: 5.98 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 5.00 gal Bottling Volume: 4.60 gal Estimated OG: 1.060 SG...
  7. mxpx5678

    Whistling from gas in valve

    I added a second keg to my system today and everything was working great before i added it. After adding it the original Keg has a whistling sound whenever it is filling with CO2. It is coming from the gas in port. The only thing I did was remove the gas in quick disconnect so I could cut...
  8. mxpx5678

    Help Evaluate a Recipe - Stout

    My brother is graduating college. A huge achievement as he has learning disabilities and we doubted if he would ever graduate high school. For his graduation I told him I would make him a beer. He loves Stouts so that is what he requested. I haven't really created a recipe from scratch yet so...
  9. mxpx5678

    Ingredients to have on hand

    Hey I am a fairly new brewer and just switching to all grain. I was curious what ingredients people keep on hand or what would be good to have on hand. I mainly plan on doing pales, ipa's and wheat beers. Right now I have the following. 1lb willamette hops 1lb cascade hops 1lb Columbus...
  10. mxpx5678

    Any way to filter beer from keg?

    I just kegged up my IPA and it has a great hoppy flavor. The only issue I have is some hops sediment made it into the keg and you can see it in the beer. It isn't a big deal but I was wondering if there is a good way to filter that out? Thanks
  11. mxpx5678

    Open or closed regulator?

    What is the typical closed setting for a regulator? The instructions dont say.
  12. mxpx5678

    Central valley or bay area members

    Are there many of you out there? I am in Manteca/Modesto area an work in Livermore area.
  13. mxpx5678

    Igloo mash tun conversion leaking

    Bought a weldless spigot to add to my igloo cooler today from the more beer store. I got it in the igloo cooler but it is leaking. Any ideas for how to get it not to leak? It is leaking on the outside from where the hole in the cooler is.
  14. mxpx5678

    So what should I do with this - freezer question

    I got this freezer off craigslist for 25 bucks. I already have another 5cu. ft. freezer that I am going to turn into a keezer. I was hoping I could use this one as a fermenting chamber but I am not sure it will work for that. It is a Frigidaire 5cu ft freezer. Take a look and let me know...
  15. mxpx5678

    Help me pick my next beer to brew - first BIAB

    Have three extract kits under my belt and I am ready to move to all grain. I am planning on doing BIAB and I want something that isn't too complex. I am thinking about trying a mirror pond clone. I don't have any grain on hand so I will have to go purchase that ( though I am considering...
  16. mxpx5678

    My FG is pretty low... what now?

    So I am on my second batch and tried my hand at recreating one of my favorite beers, Ninkasi Total Domination IPA. The recipe is here... % LB OZ Malt or Fermentable ppg °L 84% 7 0 Light Dry Malt Extract 45 8 ~ 12% 1 0 American Munich 33 10 ~ 4% 0 6 Weyermann CaraHell...
  17. mxpx5678

    BIAB in two pots?

    Thinking about trying BIAB for the first time. I have a 30qt pot and a 20qt pot. Can I do 5 gallons in the 30qt pot for my main BIAB/mash and then heat up another 3.5 gallons for a sparge in the smaller pot and then combine the two afterwards for my total volume? This will be just my 4th brew...
  18. mxpx5678

    Should i add more yeast?

    Pitched yeast last night. It is a 5 gallon full boil IPA, OG of 1.062. It has been 18 hours and I am not seeing any activity yet. What are some things I can do? Should I pitch more yeast? Is the beer ruined? Do I just need to wait?
  19. mxpx5678

    Help me pick what equipment to buy next

    I am just starting out and have one batch under my belt and about to start another. I am wondering what piece of equipment I should get next. I don't totally love the bottling process so I am considering kegging. Here is what I do have. 4 gallon pot (originally just a large stock / steamer pot)...
  20. mxpx5678

    After Bottling - What should I see

    Just brewed and bottled my first batch. This is an Amber from an extract kit. Brewed a week ago Sunday and then bottled last night. Looked at the bottles this morning and don't see anything happening. Though, I am not sure i would or should see anything. Thanks for any help!