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  1. Breck09


    Been looking at buying a control panel from and was hopefully going to go the DIY route and install all the components myself. I like to think of myself as very handy but was wondering if anyone who has purchased the DIY control panel would be able to provide a page or two of...
  2. Breck09

    Nukatap Faucets

    I have seen a bunch of talk recently about the new Nukataps that have been released and the options of having the stout faucet and other accessories is appealing. I currently have Perlick faucets and was wondering if anyone knows if I would be able to use the current shanks I have with the...
  3. Breck09

    Inkbird ITC-308

    I just recently got an ITC-308 to use in my fermentation fridge. I am attempting to calibrate it and was wondering if I should calibrate it like I would my Thermapen (at freezing and boiling) or should I use my Thermapen to measure it at typical fermentation temperatures? Thanks.
  4. Breck09

    Omega Bayern Yeast

    Anyone have any experience using Omega Bayern yeast in an Oktoberfest? My local homebrew show was out of any and all Oktoberfest yeast so I saw this and figured I might give it a try in an upcoming Oktoberfest brew. Having second thoughts though now. Any input would be appreciated.
  5. Breck09

    Northern Brewer Pump

    Has anyone on here used the Northern Brewer branded pump? Seems like a really good price and good reviews on the site. Just wondering if anyone here has tried it.
  6. Breck09

    Polishing Pads for Kegs

    I have recently started polishing my kegs that I have obtained for my brewing system but I’m having trouble locating polishing pads for my 4 1/2 angle grinder. I had been using these cotton/wool type pads to get to the high gloss finish but I’m now out of them and can’t seem to remember where I...
  7. Breck09

    WLP 400 Belgian Wit

    Bought some WLP 400 a few weeks ago and wasn't able to get ingredients until yesterday due to all the closings. I made a started starter yesterday with some light DME that I had (and had made other starters recently with) and got out the WLP 400 from the fridge and it was a dark brown color...
  8. Breck09

    Hop Flavor Help in IPA

    So I have been brewing off and on for quite a while and starting to get back into it more here recently. I brewed a Two Heated Ale clone from the Bell's website on 02/29/20 and kegged it 2 weeks ago and have had a couple of pints off of it the last couple of days. I used quite a bit of hops...
  9. Breck09

    Washer/O Ring Size

    Getting back into brewing after a long layoff and putting my keezer back together. I ordered some new parts to replace old/crusty parts that I had thrown away. I ordered a new nut to screw onto the shank along with a barb for the beer line but thinking I need a washer/o ring as well. Anyone know...
  10. Breck09

    Thermowell in Bucket Lid

    Been thinking about trying to install a thermowell into one of my plastic buckets and was trying to think of how to do it. My idea is drilling a hole for the thermowell and placing it inside the hole and then caulking around so that it is air/water tight. Would there be any issue with silicone...
  11. Breck09

    Nylon Braid for Mash Tun

    Went to my local Home Depot and they didn’t have any stainless steel braids for my mash tun so I bought a “nylon” one that looks like stainless and seems to be about the same. Any issues with using it?
  12. Breck09

    Back to brewing after a LONG layoff

    Been out of the brewing world for a few years now and trying to get back in as my life starts to settle down a bit. I just went to my keezer and it is a mess. Nothing a good cleaning can't fix. That being said the shanks to my taps are filthy on the inside. They are stainless and was wondering...
  13. Breck09

    Wyeast 2035 or 2007?

    Brewing an American lager and was wondering what everyone would recommend between the two yeast strains above. Thanks in advance for your help. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  14. Breck09

    Heat Source for Fermentation Chamber

    I have a freezer that I am going to be turning into a fermentation chamber using the STC-1000. My only question is really what is best to use as a hear source. The chamber will more than likely be in my basement which can get down into the 50s in the winter and then pretty much stays in low 60s...
  15. Breck09

    Stainless Steel Chiller

    Just picked up a stainless steel chiller from NY Homebrew Supply and the directions state it needs to be cleaned due to residual oils that may be left over from the manufacturing process. The directions state a lot of people use TSP/90 but I'm wondering if there is something else I could use as...
  16. Breck09

    GTA V Crew For PS3

    Just looking to see if anyone on the site here would like to start a "crew" on GTA V for the PS3. My username is Breck09.
  17. Breck09

    More Hop Character

    Brewed the all grain version of Brewing Classic Styles APA and got better efficiency than I had planned on. The beer came out with less hop character then I wanted. Would putting a half ounce each of cascade and centennial in the keg help in say two days or so?
  18. Breck09

    Should I Be Worried?

    Yesterday about 30 minutes into my mash I realized I could not find my wort chiller. I searched high and low and couldn't find it. Someone must have stollen it out of my garage while the door was open at some point. Anyways I was a little bummed and was just trying to get through the brew day...
  19. Breck09

    Thermapen Question

    Was just checking my Thermapen as I was boiling water to make my starter and noticed it showed 110.4 or so when the water was boiling. Do you think that the Thermapen needs re-calibrated or do you think water just so happens to boil at 210.4 or so where I live. I live in Columbus Ohio. Thanks...
  20. Breck09

    Metallic Off Flavor In Foam/Head

    I'm currently drinking my pumpkin ale that I brewed a while ago and used the Thunderstruck recipe from the forums here. I'm getting a slight metallic flavor in the foam/head that fades once the foam dissipates. I do get slight head retention that stays on the surface of the beer that looks...