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  1. MBasile

    Buying Wyeast: How Old Is Too Old?

    I picked up some ingredients from the LHBS the other day. On brew day I smacked the snack pack, shook it, and got on with brewing. At the end of the day, despite the house being 78* the pack had not inflated. I checked the date, and it was manufactured January 5th; I bought it on July 3rd. So...
  2. MBasile

    Check EVERYTHING for CO2 leaks

    After having two CO2 tanks mysteriously go empty over the course of months, I finally sprayed everything down with Star San. Previously, I had checked all of the connections for leaks. However, this time I found the leak in the form of a microscopic hole in the middle of one of the manifold...
  3. MBasile

    Left Shirron plate chiller in Star San, formed crystals/deposits

    Anyone have any clue what those deposits are, and whether or not a FUBAR'd my plate chiller? Should I boil it, bake it, or bin it?
  4. MBasile

    Those that work M-F, how do you get your CO2?

    I just started working 40 hours a week M-F, and everywhere I've check to get my CO2 tanks filled are open only while I'm working. So is there some secret I don't know about to finding a place with longer hours to fill/exchange?
  5. MBasile

    And two months later...

    Well, life happened. With everything involved in getting my portfolio ready for graduation, and then the subsequent lack of energy and motivation after being faced with no scholarly requirements my kegerator is about to run dry and I haven't brewed in I think over 2 months! I plan on jumping...
  6. MBasile

    Bad situation brings good news!

    Yesterday morning half of electricity in the kitchen was out. At the same time I was cleaning out the garage and discovered an unused box for an outlet. Hired electrician + wired box = GFI outlet in the garage. I don't think it is 220v, but it means I can move the kegerator and fermentation...
  7. MBasile

    Damn ye infection!

    My pale ale was tasting a little off to me (kind of peppery/Belgiany) but I figured it was just in my head, and I went ahead and bottled 3 bottles from the keg for competition. Meanwhile I had thrown a batch of IPA on top of the pale ale yeast cake. I took a gravity sample and the IPA has...
  8. MBasile

    Water additions lead to cloudy brew?

    The last two brews I tinkered wither my water profile and added 1/2 tsp each of calcium sulfate (gypsum) and baking soda. However, the fermentations are cloudier than I have ever seen! I'm curious if this is normal for brews with added minerals and if it'll all settle out, or if I should gelatin...
  9. MBasile

    Rewiring CHI Co. thermostat to heat

    Hey guys, does anyone have the instructions to change the thermostat from CHI Company from cooling to heating? I think it is just a matter of swapping one of the wires to the open post, but I'm not sure. For the record, the link on their website for the instructions no longer works.
  10. MBasile

    Crazy Belgians!

    Belgian yeast that is... I purposely underpitched my Saison because I was unhappy with the lack of yeast characteristics on the last batch. I went out this morning (after pitching last night) out of habit, as whenever I use a starter, fermentation is going well by the morning with at least an...
  11. MBasile

    8 brews in the next 2.5 months. Can I do it?

    In the next month I'll be brewing 4 batches, 1 for pleasure, 3 for competition. Then I'll be brewing 4 more batches to fill my kegerator with by late August/early September and have ready to drink by my graduation in late September. Can I do it??? It is definitely going to be a challenge since...
  12. MBasile

    I have a question.

    How much booze could a yeast cake make, if a yeast cake could make booze?
  13. MBasile

    Quick tip for raising temp.

    I have a Saison fermenting away and I was kicking around a few ideas for keeping the temp up. First off was filling my 1 liter Klean Kanteen with boiling water, but that only raised it a degree or two. I've used those microwavable heating pads in the past, but it gives off a funky smell when...
  14. MBasile

    Bah! That is not what I was going for!

    So, this brew (Belgian Saison) started off on a bad note. Given I biked to the LHBS to get the ingredients I was a little light headed when I got there. I poured myself 9.5 pounds instead of 6.5 pounds of base malt. Oh well, bigger is better, right? I was going for a lower ABV Saison that was...
  15. MBasile

    Brewstand by Weber (aka:MacGyver stand)

    It isn't the most beautiful, but it is multiple-purpose :D Anyone else use a MacGyver stand? Let's see 'em!
  16. MBasile

    Another FWH pale ale question/statement

    So I've been pretty disappointed with the information supplied on FWH. A billion posts say one thing, a billion and 1 posts say the opposite. I've decided to go with the "Think of it as a 20 minute addition) camp and I've come up with this hop schedule. I'm not really asking a question here...
  17. MBasile

    Scottish Ale with English yeast?

    So I tend to plan my next few brews ahead of time, and in the near future I'm looking at an English IPA fermented with WLP023 (essex Ale Platinum Strain). After that I'm going to do a Scottish Parti-gyle. Has anyone fermented a Scotch Ale and/or Scottish 70 with English yeast with favorable...
  18. MBasile

    German Pils hopping

    So I'm going to brew another German Pils for this summer. Last year the one I brewed was mediocre, a little on the sweet side (I'm guessing because my extract brews never attenuated as well as my partial mash/all grain ones are now). Last year I ordered hops so I could brew a recipe found on...
  19. MBasile

    Bourbon soaked oak cube question

    I have 3 ounces of oak cubes soaking in some Makers Mark at the moment while my OG:1.103 stout ferments. Obviously these cubes will be soaking for a few weeks. I've heard a few different methods of adding the cubes and I'd like some information if possible. •Some people dump the bourbon...
  20. MBasile

    Big F'n beer. No sparge?

    I'm brewing an Imperial Stout (OG:1.099) with 24.5 pounds of grain. I normally do 1.25 qts/lb for my mash and then a mashout addition before sparging. For this particular beer that total volume of water will be greater than my normal boiling volume. Should I go no sparge? Or should I lower my...