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  1. scubapoet

    Bottling today Brewing tomorrow

    Bottling our 3rd beer, Caribou Slobber, today then brewing our 4th an ESB tomorrow. We may stay with this brewing fad thing :mug: We seem to keep improving but are always wanting better. :mug: Here is to the pursuit of perfection a never ending journey :tank: PS Again thanks to the...
  2. scubapoet

    Opened the first bottle on my first batch...

    My goal was that it was drinkable. I can walk before I run... What I did wrong: 1. I pitched the yeast while the wort was too hot 2. only fermented 1 week 3. FG was too high 1.025 But... like this forum taught me RDW so after 2 weeks in bottles I wanted to taste now to tell the...
  3. scubapoet

    First batch bottled equip. cleaned... GO LAKERS!

    First batch bottled no problems. Everything on my first batch I owe to reading this forum HEAVLY. I have avoided major pitfalls been prepared and I am patient. Thanks Oh ... & GO LAKERS.
  4. scubapoet

    Does everyone worry and fuss about their first batch?

    I seem to be, as my wife says, over thinking everything. So... do you think this is just because it is all new to me and the more I do it the more I will relax? My first batch, Porter, is in the fermenter and I will calm down till it goes in the bottler. In a month or so I will see what I...