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  1. scsi

    Using Wyeast 1010 cold (55-58F)

    I'm planning on making a wheat ale using Wyeast 1010, but my fermentation chamber is set at 54 right now, and my house can get above 75 during the day... Which would be better? Under the low end of the temp range, or above the high end? Anyone had to do either?
  2. scsi

    Tighten the crap out of your fittings!

    Or... Don't tap kegs after you've been drinking. Unless you want that delicious Hefe you just tapped to flood your Keezer. *sob*
  3. scsi

    Kegged soda driving me crazy

    Ok so I've been trying to dispense dr pepper from a corny and failing at every turn. It's driving me crazy. I was using a Perlick to serve, with 30' of beer line at 35psi.... Still would lose it's carb as soon as it was dispensed. So I bought the soda faucet from CHI that has the built in...
  4. scsi

    AHS Double Chocolate brew day

    I just started mashing the AHS Double Chocolate Stout kit. It smells wonderful!! I plan to add some lactose (maybe a pound) at the end of the boil, and a couple ounces of raspberry flavoring at legging. My mash temp is a bit low, 150. I'm hoping that doesn't thin it out too much.
  5. scsi

    WLP300 - when do banana/clove notes form?

    Hi All, I've got a Hefeweizen that's been fermenting for about 14 days. It's my first hefe, and the first time I've used WLP300 - Hefeweizen Ale. I took a reading today, had a taste, and could detect *no* hints of clove or banana. I was expecting a banana bomb.. :ban: This is the...
  6. scsi

    Feedback on brew day

    Hey everyone, Today, I brewed a blonde ale all grain. This is my second AG, and I'd love some feedback on my process. So, this may be a long post. But I've got pictures! And the fire department may or may not have been called ;-) The Recipe 10lb 2-row 1.5oz Crystal @ 60min 1oz Crystal...
  7. scsi

    Help with DIY Stirplate

    Hey all — I've been trying to build a stirplate... I've the electrical taken care of... I'm trying to use hard drive magnets on a run of the mill computer fan. I've seen the forums about using a washer, which I've done. I can't seem to get this thing aligned correctly. I turn the fan...
  8. scsi

    Foamy agave wit

    So, I've read the forums, tinkered with the spreadsheets, found the formulas.... I still have a crazy foamy agave wit. This Agave Wit is at 12PSI in a 34F keezer. It's now got 15 feet of 3/16 PVC to a Perlick perl faucet and shank. And I still pour half head. I just disassembled and...
  9. scsi

    Serving homebrew at a wedding in TX... legal?

    Hey all, A close friend of mine asked me to brew a couple kegs for her wedding. I'm really excited! But, I want to make sure it, yanno, legal. I live in Texas. The wedding will also be in Texas. I found what I think are the laws regulating homebrew... I can make up to 200 gallons per year...
  10. scsi

    Live Oak Primus Weizenbock clone?

    Hi all — Has anyone had Live Oak Primus Weizenbock? I have, I love it. Id love to make something similar, but have no idea how to come up with a recipe. Does anyone have any ideas? This is what Live Oak says about this wonderful brew:
  11. scsi

    Top-freezer Roper fridge fermentation chamber

    Hey all, I just came into possession of a Roper top-freezer style fridge. Model RT18BKXKQ01 if you want to play along at home. I've read a LOT about cutting into the walls of fridges, and watching out for coolant lines, etc etc etc. But I also saw this awesome Side by side fermentation...
  12. scsi

    what the hell with green beer?!

    Why is it when I tell someone I'm making a beer for St Pat's day, everyone tells me I need to make it green. And I kinda want to slap them. /rant
  13. scsi

    Racking wort from keggle techniques

    Hey all — I'm trying to decide exactly how I'm going to assemble my keggles. To do this, I need to decide how I plan to rack to my fermentation vessel, and I need your help. All I've done in the past is stick my pot in an ice bath, and drop an immersion chiller inside of it. This typically...
  14. scsi

    Yeah, Yeah, another boring Keezer build

    So I'm pretty new here, but the Forums have been a huge, huge help to me already. Anyways, I built my first Keezer this week. Well, today. I've now got my first kegged brew carbing inside of it. Here's what I did: I got a scratch/dent Frigidaire 14.8 Freezer (Energy Star Compliant!)...