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  1. Seedly

    Question about calculating mash thickness

    I have a 10 gallon pot that I plan on using for an E-BIAB vessel. It has a nice false bottom that was made for it that I was going to use to keep the bag off the element. My concern is that the false bottom sits at about the 2 gallon mark, leaving 2 gallons below the grain. When calculating...
  2. Seedly

    The Beer Bug

    Has anyone heard of this thing before? I just found out about it yesterday when my brother in law told me he signed me up for the kickstarter as a christmas gift: I am so psyched! Its supposed to arrive in...
  3. Seedly

    Whos going to Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines in Jan?

    Got my tickets a week or so after they became available. Im really excited as this is my first competition and major festival. I know I saw one or two people say in General Chat that they were going. Anyone else heading up? If theres enough of us, we could do a HBT meetup.
  4. Seedly

    Grain crush difference from eHBS...

    ...or why im adding a grain mill to my Christmas list. Picture says it all. Left is MoreBeer, right is Northern Brewer: I had the grain on the left as leftovers from my last batch. I had been using MoreBeer for about 6 months and just before I started all-grain brewing. I was shocked at...
  5. Seedly

    Fastest fermentation time?

    I started doing starters and noticed my time to reach target gravity going way down, even on some bigger beers. The fastest I have experienced so far is a Porter that went from a 1.067 to a 1.018 in just 3 days. I had a very active air-lock in 4 hours and enough krausen to dirty the airlock...
  6. Seedly

    Happy Brew Day!

    Finished my Belgo Porter about 3 hours ago. Had positive airlock pressure in one hour and its now bubbling away steadily! Yay for massive starters. (Not this brew session, but love the way my wife captured the steam) Hope everyone had a good one! :mug:
  7. Seedly

    Iron Brewer Challenge!

    I recently had a little error with an online homebrew shop and need a little help figuring out what to do with the results. I ordered 10# of Belgian Pilsner and 2# of Munich for a Belgian Golden. I actually ended up with 12# of Munich. Customer Service was nice and replaced my Pilsner along...
  8. Seedly

    Bottle conditioning - do I have future bombs on my hands?

    I have only been brewing for a few months, and recently decided that I wanted to take a foray into making my own recipe from scratch. I like big beers, so I decided to go-big or go-home. Below is what I came up with: "Brown Sugar" Porter - 5gal - 7# Dark DME - 1# Chocolate Malt - 1#...