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  1. AmandaK

    Sabco Brewmagic users: couple of questions

    1) Your grain bed is rising? The only thing I can think of with this is that you're filling with water to an inch above the grain bed, then when everything is actually wet (and expanded) you're confusing the now totally soaked and expanded grains with a rising grain bed. 2) Yes, just fill to...
  2. AmandaK

    Through the wall 3 tap hidden keezer build -Done

    So, which way is the fan blowing on the non-beer-line PVC pipe? Is that supply air or return air? I would imagine it is supply air, but just curious.
  3. AmandaK

    Brett Beer Saison Brett

    You should check it out. I find my version peaks between 7-10 months.
  4. AmandaK

    Just finished in the keg

    How to Use a Refractometer
  5. AmandaK

    Just finished in the keg

    Hydrometer or refractometer reading?
  6. AmandaK

    Why are Crystal hops so expensive this year?

    Yeah, I believe those are last year's hops under closer inspection. Building my bulk order now.
  7. AmandaK

    Why are Crystal hops so expensive this year?

    What do you mean by "expensive"? YVH has them here for $14/lb.
  8. AmandaK

    Awkward situation

    Batch number in sharpie on the cap is my way of staying sane. Friends and family have a cheat sheet.
  9. AmandaK

    BJCP style creep

    BOOM! Get it guys! :D But seriously, for those of you that have a problem with the way things are being done: I hope I can inspire you to get up, get certified, rank up and do something about it! I did exactly that and now I have 13 new judges learning the way of the BJCP in my very own class...
  10. AmandaK


    Spiegelau. That is all.
  11. AmandaK

    Inconsistent problem (smell and flavor) with beers.

    Not gonna lie, I'm half tempted. But you wanna talk crazy? I led an off-flavor class last night with 13 other crazy people who sat around drinking intentionally bad beer. Now that's a bit off!
  12. AmandaK

    Brewing Trivia... GO!

    HAHAHAHAHA, my Googling led me to this: The Most Disgusting Drinks I'm not gonna lie, I'm going to err on the side of caution and never, ever drink this disgusting looking beverage.
  13. AmandaK

    BJCP style creep

    I make (IMO) a pretty great BGSA. In the past two years, it medals about 65% of the time. Scores range from 33 to 45 - pretty big range, yeah? The 33 type scores note that it is likely "too big for style". Upper limit of the style is 10.5% ABV, mine is 8.5% - so either these judges have very low...
  14. AmandaK

    BJCP style creep

    Don't forget that everyone has a different threshold for perceiving off-flavors and flavors in general. You can calibrate your palate based off of standard concentrations of off-flavors, but how many people here really have the opportunity to go to sensory training? Judging is inherently...
  15. AmandaK

    Inconsistent problem (smell and flavor) with beers.

    If he can identify the flavor more accurately, then that will be a huge help in trying to troubleshoot from a couple of states away. Let us know what he says! :mug:
  16. AmandaK

    What do you do with all your beer?

    Several things: Drink it Have friends over to drink it Give it away Enter it in competitions
  17. AmandaK

    Submitting for my first competition this weekend...

    At the very least, you should get some unbiased feedback that could make your beers even better. :mug: I wish you the best of luck!
  18. AmandaK

    Inconsistent problem (smell and flavor) with beers.

    Cheesy, old hops will not really give you a 'bitterly sour' flavor and aroma. Dirty feet, yes. But sour, no. Assumptions I'm making here: by Matueka you mean Motueka - unless I am missing a new variety of hops. Also, you say "had been sitting in my refrigerator"... you should store hops in the...
  19. AmandaK

    BJCP style creep

    I cannot stand when judges do not follow the guidelines and judge a beer based off of their own expectations. In my experience, this is not due to experience but lack of experience. I have had judges ding a 10A for not having an absurd amount of aroma hops (not req'd, btw), give a Dusseldorf Alt...
  20. AmandaK

    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    #80 Peach Cider #81 Ordinary Bitter #82 Cream Ale #84 Cherry Cider #85 Fall Cider #86 Dry Stout #87 Smoked Porter (all 5 gallons) Personal total: 123 gallons in 2013 HBT TOTAL: 44,494 gallons