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  1. Runyanka

    Selling Blichmann Brewing System

    Located in the north Texas area. Blichmann Top Tier brewing stand with (3) burners additional utility shelf as well gas line plumbed into stand 20 gallon Blichmann boilermaker boiling pot Hop Stopper addition hop spider 15 gallon Blichmann mashtun blichmann false bottom blichmann...
  2. Runyanka

    Frisco, TX Water Supply

    Recently moved to Frisco TX from another Texas suburb. Lately all my beers have had a lingering harshness to them, and I believe it's due to water. I've never really had to do any water adjustments (and feel quit stupid about it). Do any of you buy store RO water and brew with that? I tried...
  3. Runyanka

    Texas Frisco, TX water supply

    Does anyone here live in or near Frisco TX? I recently moved to Frisco from another suburb in the DFW area. Recently my IPA's, pale ales, and basically any other beer I brew have excessive harshness. I think I've narrowed it down to the city water. Has anyone had their water tested, care to...
  4. Runyanka

    Chiller options

    I've been doing 10 gallon batches for about three years now and have a shirron plate chiller. I've found that in the Texas summers it lacks in the chilling department. I've wanted the therminator chiller for quite a while. Do you think it would be beneficial to buy one and use the shirron as a...
  5. Runyanka

    Camlock quicky

    So about a year and a half ago I built my brewstand, and purchases all my camlocks from bargain fittings. I have the typical setup, the 1/2" male type "F" on all my brew kettles, pumps, chiller, etc. I have the female type "C" fitting on all my hoses (4 hoses). Recently I was reading on...
  6. Runyanka

    Clogged plate chiller...

    My Shirron plate chiller performed great the first 5 batches of 10 gallons. Fast forward onto batch 13, and this thing flows like a slug. I have soaked it in PBW for over 24 hours, flushed, and used, same result. This weekend I decided to put it in the over at 400 degrees for an hour. My...
  7. Runyanka

    Adjusting water for the first time

    I will be doing a nut brown ale for the cooler months now upon us, and figured why not try some adjustments. Can you look at the spreadsheet below and see if I screwed up anything royal? Does this profile look okay?
  8. Runyanka

    leaking sanke

    So I bought a sanke coupler for a "going away" party for friends. We bought a keg of local craft beer. Anyways, the gas in connection, every time I tighten the nut, it squishes the rubber gasket down into the hole, thus CO2 leaks. I have used plenty of keg lube in this sucker. Im not...
  9. Runyanka

    my blow off needs a blow off

    Two days into fermentation. What a difference a big yeast starter makes!
  10. Runyanka

    Tower of Power is out...

    And holy $hit it is expensive. I could understand paying that price for both of the units (HLT/MLT), but paying that for only one control system is just insane. I have all blichmann products, and realized...
  11. Runyanka

    ready for tomorrow!

    Just running some star san through my plate chiller. Brewing a lawnmower wheat! What are brewing to thank those who have fallen?
  12. Runyanka

    REALLY messed up, opinions quick

    I am 10 minutes into my mash. While mashing in on a 15 gallon batch I realized I accidentally put one tablespoon on PBW in my mash instead of ph5.2. Should I just scrap the mash? My mash is roughly 12 gallons of water if that helps?
  13. Runyanka

    Cherry question

    I have a batch of cider that is almost done fermenting and wanted to rack it onto some cherries (4 lbs). My question is this, should I kill off the yeast, then add the cherries, or let the yeast ferment out the cherries? I would like to pick up some of the flavor, tartness, and color from the...
  14. Runyanka

    Using the new equipment!

    Just mashed in on my new top tier system and boilermaker pots (christmas present from SWMBO). Love everything about it, and so far so good. Got my pump hard wired in, and that alone makes a world of difference. The mash tun loses a little more heat the cooler, expected, so I fired up the...
  15. Runyanka

    how much to sell equipment for?

    I recently upgraded my brew house and have been approached about selling my previous stuff. Its a guy I know through our wifes. I have a 20 gallon aluminum pot with ss ballvalve, like new. A 10 gallon aluminum pot. A 10 gallon round cooler with false bottom andthe valve. And a 50' 3/8"...
  16. Runyanka

    Damaged Goods

    I received one of my Blichmann 15g pots the other day, and it has a sizable dent in the side, near the bottom. Have any of you ran into this, if so what steps did you take? I contacted the vendor via email. Do they typically send you out a new product, offer money off, or say Yunk Fou? The...
  17. Runyanka

    just mashed in...

    A good way to end a crappy week. Doing a milk chocolate stout!
  18. Runyanka

    Blichmann vs. Morebeer pots?

    If you had the opportunity to get one or the other, which one would you choose? I like the taller, narrower style of the blichmann kettles, but like how thick the morebeer kettles are. Blichmann has 3 piece ball valves, but are weldless, morebeer has 2 piece valves, but welded fittings...
  19. Runyanka

    What welder are you using?

    I am still wanting to build my own brew stand, however, I don't feel it will be worth it money wise if I have to buy a $600 welder, plus materials. I have been looking for welders and found this one: I plan on using 2"x2"x16ga...
  20. Runyanka

    Which brewstand?

    I'm kind of at a fork in the road as to which stand I should buy. I will not be building my own, as I don't have time, patience, etc. So those posts are not needed. I am stuck between the Blichmann top tier...