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  1. aprichman

    FINALLY doing an oatmeal stout

    I’ve always used quick oats too, my thinking is that a higher percentage of the starches will be converted compared to old fashioned oats.
  2. aprichman

    Harry Potter Butterbeer

    All brown sugar for the fermentables? That’s going to need some time to smooth out.
  3. aprichman

    Special Occasion Brews - Share your recipe

    I would appreciate it!
  4. aprichman

    Special Occasion Brews - Share your recipe

    Greetings Homebrewers, My folks are coming to visit for the holidays. I was hoping to make a special beer for when they are visiting. Would you be willing to share a beer you have made for special occasions? I brew all grain. The parents will be visiting in a little over 7 weeks, which...
  5. aprichman

    Keg Pouring All Foam

    What pressure are you using to push the beer? I find 6-8 psi is ideal for my system. If I get it too high I have really bad foaming issues.
  6. aprichman

    Too much azacca!

    Azacca always seemed spicy to me... I have a pound that I haven't opened yet. I might just use them for bittering additions.
  7. aprichman

    Homebrew alcohol sticks around longer?

    JFYI ethanol is by far the only alcohol produced by fermentation, it is simply the most abundant. Your ingredients and process most definitely play a role in the chemical composition of your beer. A more valid question would be if this difference is significant enough to be perceived. I think...
  8. aprichman

    Sweet spot Hop amount for an APA

    That's an absurd amount of hops for an American Pale Ale.
  9. aprichman

    Portland Oregon advice

    Roscoes! I love that place. My wife used to work at the Academy Theater so we were regular patrons there.
  10. aprichman

    Portland Oregon advice

    If you're willing to venture outside of Portland, there's a few places you should check out. pFriem - Hood River, OR de Garde - Tillamook, OR Block 15 - Corvallis, OR Ale Song - Eugene, OR
  11. aprichman

    Bubbling in liquid line!

    My guess would be CO2 breaking out of solution, however you should probably clamp the ends of your lines.
  12. aprichman

    First Hefeweizen worst rack ever

    Pretty sure that is a nonsense bot
  13. aprichman

    Parents who brew...

    The first few months were tough but lately I have been able to brew every 6-8 weeks.
  14. aprichman

    The Six Gallon Question

    I target 6 gallons in the kettle, 5.5 gallons in the fermentation vessel, and 5 gallons in the keg.
  15. aprichman

    What 6+ beers for Oktoberfest party?

    I'd skip the hefe and do a dunkelweizen
  16. aprichman

    Bourbon / Whisky Pumpkin Ale

    I was planning on roasting an actual pumpkin (a pie variety). Farm fresh pumpkins should start to be available towards the end of the month or in early October in Oregon. Probably 2.5 lbs in the mash, 2.5 lbs in the kettle. I've thought about "dry hopping" with pumpkin but it seems super...
  17. aprichman

    Bourbon / Whisky Pumpkin Ale

    Yeah my current plan was to add a tincture of bourbon infused with spices to the keg. Probably a pinch in the boil at flameout too. I've used this method for bigger stouts, typically with 8 ounces of liquor. Usually around 7% ABV and up. It's such a natural pairing I am a little surprised...
  18. aprichman

    APA recipe feedback

    Seems pretty pointless to mash, even at 1kg I don't think it would add much of anything to the malt profile.
  19. aprichman

    APA recipe feedback

    Vienna malt is not a steeping grain. If you're looking to add some depth to the malt profile try substituting 120g Victory or Biscuit malt.
  20. aprichman

    Bourbon / Whisky Pumpkin Ale

    Anyone have a good recipe they would be willing to share? I love pumpkin spice and bourbon but haven't seen many recipes featuring this combination.