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  1. Firstnten

    curious traveler shandy

    Anyone else try this. Best store bought Shandy I ever had.
  2. Firstnten

    Sandy in NJ

    Anyone else here get hammered by Sandy. No power for 11 days. 1/4 my neighborhood washed away and neighboring towns decimated. I feel like I'm living in a bad dream. The 5000+ watt generator is the new flashlight.
  3. Firstnten

    AHS Imperial Oktoberfest

    I brewing a 5 gallon batch today. Anyone try it? results? opinions? Comments? It's a high gravity brew can't wait to taste is come the end of September. Using White labs yeast WLP820:drunk:
  4. Firstnten

    Magic Hat Vinyl

    anyone have an extract recipe for this beer? Had some the other day and loved it. I can find a clone for it:confused:
  5. Firstnten

    WLP 840 American Lager Yeast question

    I pitched this yeast at 75F, but the wort dropped down to 43, it's now at a steady 50. Should I make a starter and pitch? again raise the temp of the wort or am I just boned?
  6. Firstnten

    Ferm wrap out door fermenting

    I picked up a fermawrap thinking I could ferment lager's outside in my shed. Temps are so cold here right now I can't get the carboy up past 42F. I wrapped the carboy in a towel for now, has anyone tried this and if so what did you cover the carboy with to keep/get that temp higher? I recently...
  7. Firstnten

    EdWort's Apfelwein bump to 3lbs sugar

    I'm going to follow the great Edworts Apfelwien recipe this year. I picked up six lb's of dex and my LHBS. I'm seeing he's getting an ABV of 9% I want to kick that up. Anyone else rocketize this recipe? I'm thinking another Lb should bring me over 10%. any thoughts on this? Maybe 4lbs...
  8. Firstnten

    tastes like some one poured dirt in my Carboy

    I just bottles 5 gallons of cider 5 lb's honey, I left a cinnamon stick on the secondary for about a year. Big mistake, it's drinkable but tastes kinda musty can't really describe it other than a bad off taste. Anyone else have a situation similar? :(
  9. Firstnten

    Refractometer Vs my Hydrometer

    Brewed a batch of AHS sam summer clone. My Refractometer was saying 1.022-25 after two weeks, waited another week and still the same. I thought damn it stalled before it was finished, I checked it with my Hydrometer today and it was right where it was supposed to be 1.012-15. WTF? I went back...
  10. Firstnten

    Old Petes wicked label

    Anyone know the artist who made the back ground on this label? I think it's an engraving and I can't find it anywhere.
  11. Firstnten

    Wild type Cider

    Last fall I picked up a few gallon of fresh pressed cider. I left the jugs out too long and they started to ferment. A few people here said I should throw an air lock on each jug and see what I get. What I did was throw all five gallons into a better bottle. I forgot about it until today when...
  12. Firstnten

    AHS Vs. Morebeer two different grain steeping instructions

    AHS says put grain bag in water when it hits 155F and keep it there for 45 mins. Morebeer says put grain bag in water and take it out when the water temp hits 170F. Which method is better and why? I have tried both methods for each flip flopped the method and I can't tell a difference maybe I...
  13. Firstnten

    Wyeast 2633 WTF?

    I picked up a AHS oktoberfest kit with wyeast 2633. The kit arrived on one of the hottest days of the summer and sat on my porch for I don't know how long. I brewed everything that day on 7-21-2010. I popped the yeast pack and waited for three hours and got nothing no Co2. I figured I would...
  14. Firstnten

    Beer sitting on the trub

    I have had an Octoberfest in a primary since october 17th. With football, house projects, and the outside temp being lower then freezing. I haven't put time aside for brewing or anything beer related. (I live in a small house and do all of my brewing and cleaning equipment outside). What...
  15. Firstnten

    AHS liquids and USPS

    I was looking at this disclaimer on the AHS website today when looking at honey: I don't think I have received anything from AHS from anything other then UPS. Just thought this disclaimer was interesting, maybe a by product of 911? Did they use USPS back in the day? And was it cheaper...
  16. Firstnten

    Gingerbread Martini

    I had this at outback last year and got the recipe from the bar tender. 1 ounce Ketel One vodka 1 ounce Baileys Irish Cream liqueur 1/2 ounce Kahlúa liqueur 1/2 ounce Monin gingerbread syrup 1/2 scoop vanilla ice cream — semi-melted Whipped cream Gingerbread cookie...
  17. Firstnten

    1/2 hour full boil?

    I picked up a recipe that had 1/2 hour seep time for grains and 1/2 hour boil time after adding extract. Can this work? :confused:
  18. Firstnten

    Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale clone

    I found this minimash recipe for SA old fezz. Any thoughts on this other then it's way to late to do it for this year? 6.5lb Dark Malt Extract 2.0lb Dry Dark Malt Extract (DME) 3lb Clover Honey Grains .5lb Chocolate Malt .5lb Crystal Malt (80-L) .5lb Black Patent Malt 2oz...
  19. Firstnten

    AHS Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome

    Has anyone tried this kit? I had a hard time deciding between the AHS winter warmer this clone of theirs. Samuel Smiths won out after I tried a bottle...damn good beer. a bird in the hand....:D