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  1. Anthony_Lopez

    Homebrew Gear Cleanout

    Well HBT... It's been a minute since I've been on here. Looking to clear out some of my homebrewing gear. Prefer Local Pickup in Central MA as most of this stuff is heavy. Fully welded Keggle with ball valve and sight glass/ dial thermometer on extra side port. $125. Minibrew HLT...
  2. Anthony_Lopez

    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    awesome! count me in.
  3. Anthony_Lopez

    Considering an eHerms 120V build.

    Well, my mentality is that I can run the HLT with the element for keeping the temps stable. The pre-heating of the HLT water can be done with my BK and transferred over using my pump. I'm simply interested in keeping my eHerms running as steady as possible using the element. Once I have a...
  4. Anthony_Lopez

    Considering an eHerms 120V build.

    I have been brewing on and off for quite a few years and have decided that my next piece of equipment will be an eHerms system built off a keggle. At some point I will probably upgrade, but for now I am only interested in going with 120V in a keggle. I want this to be portable and work using...
  5. Anthony_Lopez

    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    Holy geez... count me in
  6. Anthony_Lopez

    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    I'm In!!! These could save me tons on Reflectix insulation...
  7. Anthony_Lopez

    Have not seen this wort chiller before

    I would get an IC built with larger OD tubing, and setup a whirlpool instead of that "thing" from the OP. It would be a bitch to clean as well...
  8. Anthony_Lopez

    Anyone using a Stout Tanks System?

    80 gallons for home use?!
  9. Anthony_Lopez

    Anyone using a Stout Tanks System?

    I'm looking at going for a 1-2 BBL system, and have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Sturdy Equipment. Since they are on a 2 year launch stall, I'm considering going with Stout Tanks instead. I'd love to hear some comments or reviews of their system.
  10. Anthony_Lopez

    aged arrogant bastard ale!!!! OMG Wicked good!!!!

    We opened a 3L bottle of 2009 Double Bastard at our company party last summer. It was incredible. Oddly enough, the 3L bottle of 2008 Hennepin was better.
  11. Anthony_Lopez

    Sturdy Equipment

    At one point they had a few pictures of their equipment, and it was beautiful stuff. I just haven't seen anything from them, and I'm itchy to build a giant system...
  12. Anthony_Lopez

    Sturdy Equipment

    Yes that's their name...
  13. Anthony_Lopez

    Sturdy Equipment

    I didnt see anything on search, so I figured I'd ask what the deal is with them. They have been promising a page update for quite some time.
  14. Anthony_Lopez

    Heady Topper

    I personally think Pliny is dry hopped with hype... Heady Topper is where its at. I'm definitely interested in others chiming in...
  15. Anthony_Lopez

    Upcoming Vendor Giveaway Sneak Peak

    VERY EXCITED for this one...:ban:
  16. Anthony_Lopez

    Looking for Extreme Beerfest tickets...

    Need Night of the Barrel and Saturday Day Session tickets... hopefully someone is willing to sell at face instead of trying to make money off this... Thanks!
  17. Anthony_Lopez

    Dogfish Head's Faithful Ale (pearl jam 20th year brew)

    Its Black and Blue with a faint hint of currants on the nose and the back of the palate... EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED...
  18. Anthony_Lopez

    Beer Suggestions

    I would suggest thinking about the styles you've had that you really like and expand from there. Another suggestion would be to choose a brewery that you like and buy one of their sampler 12 packs (usually 3 or 4 styles of their beers). Another option would be to find a good bottle shop in...