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  1. Cregar

    Brau 120V 20A or High Gravity EBC-LT 120V? Help!!

    I am also looking at the high gravity 120v system, I check and my breaker is 20amps. Would have any problems with it in my apartment. Thanks
  2. Cregar

    Lagunitas Daytime IPA Clone

    Picked up a 6 pack... loving this beer. Wish I could find the clone of this.
  3. Cregar

    1st time brewer

    Sounds like you did a great job!!! Congrats!!
  4. Cregar

    110v Recirculating eBIAB 2.5 gallon batches

    thanks... appreciate the reply
  5. Cregar

    110v Recirculating eBIAB 2.5 gallon batches

    I search the thread but nothing showed up so..... can the STC-1000 be used in this build?
  6. Cregar

    Jamils Irish Red ale- Roasted barley substitute 300L?

    I'm actually brewing this tomorrow for a HBC. I'm using 500L roasted barley, just going to use a smaller amount. I'm hoping that will work.
  7. Cregar

    New Albion Ale clone

    That looks mighty good.. I might have to try that too. Damn, So many beers to brew so little time.
  8. Cregar

    Fermentation Cooler - Recommendations

    Welcome to "Hell" I have been using a chest freezer in my apartment but if I had a house would I have purchased a refrigerator. Bending over to place a 6.5 gallon carboy full of beer into the chest freezer kills my back. As to temp controllers I bought one of the analog ones... wish I would...
  9. Cregar

    White House Honey Ale Issues

    the yeast should have a attenuation of 73-77%. Look like your at about 67% attenuation (if my maths right). Maybe add some 05 yeast and see if it starts back up.
  10. Cregar

    Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers by Palmer

    Looks like it's been delayed till Nov 2013
  11. Cregar

    Mead exploded...

    Not familiar with this process, will have to google it
  12. Cregar

    Mead exploded...

    Yea.. I need to buy one of the wands you hook up to a drill.
  13. Cregar

    New Albion Ale clone

    I have all the ingredients except for the Windsor yeast. LHBS doesn't carry it so I am going to have to order online. :-(
  14. Cregar

    Making Traditional rice Wine. Cheap, Fun, and Different

    Very cool... Might run by this weekend
  15. Cregar

    Mead exploded...

    And you don't want to wake the dragon. (can't wait for the series to start again)
  16. Cregar

    Chest freezer died

    Good idea... I will check everything first. If not, I will just try the frozen gallon bottle water.
  17. Cregar

    Chest freezer died

    How warm is your garage in the summer? I keep my apartment at about 78 to 80 during the day when I'm not home.
  18. Cregar

    Chest freezer died

    YEa.. I was thinking it would probably cost more to fix then what I paid for it new ($150.00) Wonder if its insulated enough to keep cool (64-68 degrees)with just adding a bag of ice.
  19. Cregar

    Chest freezer died

    Hopefully someone might have a way I can fix my chest freezer. I purchased it about 5 years ago to use as a fermentation chamber. For some reason it stopped getting cold. The compressor(????) get very warm when I try and use it. Any suggestion on what might have happen and a way to fix it. Th