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  1. TheMerkle

    Control Panel Troubleshooting Help?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated: I built the rig per the diagram below. I followed it as exactly as I could. When i finished it, I was careful to check and double check all of my circuits with a multimeter for continuity. Then, I paid an electrician to review it for me and got the...
  2. TheMerkle

    Question about wire junctions

    I've got a relay feeding power via 10g wire to a heater element receptacle. If I were to add a 14g wire to power an LED indicator lamp to show when the element was powered on, would it be safe to make the junction at the receptacle's terminals, or would the junction need to be made at the relay...
  3. TheMerkle

    Double checking for safety

    So, my first two boxes I built using relays instead of contactors -because I didnt understand the difference- and they've worked well for years now. Any reason I couldn't use the same relays on this diagram? Also, I plan to use 10g wire on everything on the element side of a relay, and 14g on...
  4. TheMerkle

    Safety double check

    Guys, I think I am okay here, but I just wanted to get verification to be safe: the switches in this diagram only need to be 10a rated right? Any spdt 10a switch will work?
  5. TheMerkle

    Measuring abv when adding sugar during fermentation

    So as the title suggests, I've started a brew and I intend to continually feed it dextrose throughout fermentation. As far as figuring ABV, could I just add the amount of dextrose used to the beersmith recipe to determine my "adjusted OG" and compare that to my actual FG for ABV?
  6. TheMerkle

    Cooling unpitched wort overnight

    I'm having a bit of a problem getting my brews down to pitching temps as they go into the fermentor down here in Florida. I am wondering if it should be okay to boil wort, cool to ~100 degrees and rack to a fermentor where it will sit overnight to cool to pitching temp before I aerate with 60...
  7. TheMerkle

    Demystifying custom water chemistry

    I just wanted to post a quick bit about my experience venturing into custom water profiles. When I first started getting curious about it, many users made it seem like it would be very complicated, or expensive, or not worthwhile. I Just wanted to share with everyone that I believe it to be one...
  8. TheMerkle

    Whirlpool hops in grain bag?

    I'm interested in adding whirlpool hops to my ipa recipe but my ebiab system makes this difficult as I prefer to recirculate with a pump while cooling. I wonder if anyone has ever tried cleaning the grain bag during the boil, and returning it to the pot for the "whirlpool" hops?
  9. TheMerkle

    Does wort return method matter much?

    I'm almost done (finally) with my recirculating ebiab system and just wondering what everyone thinks about the wort return method? I've seen many guys who insist that just dropping the outlet hose from the pump into the kettle (so that it's submerged) is no different from a sprayer or a cofi arm...
  10. TheMerkle

    Bayou classic 62 quart dimensions

    I'd like to order a wilserbrewer bag for my new pot, but the pot will not arrive for a while yet. Can anyone give me the outside diameter and height from the bottom of the basket of a Bayou Classic 62 quart stainless steel pot?
  11. TheMerkle

    Temp probe position?

    I'm almost done with my new ebiab build and I was just curious where you guys install your RTD? I'm leaning towards putting it in a tee off the outlet ball valve but it seems like that would be pointless once the mash recirc is over. Should I put it in the pot instead?
  12. TheMerkle

    Recirculating while cooling

    We are nearing the completion of a new setup. We are going with a recirculating ebiab system. In the interest of reducing ice needs, we are considering a new approach to cooling. The idea is to use quick disconnects after the boil to include a diesel plate chiller, recirculating wort through...
  13. TheMerkle

    Dspr120 flashing all 8s

    Got this controller all set up and running with more than a little help from Doug and some other awesome people here on the forums. Unfortunately, I'm having a problem with it: the display flashes all 8s, then shows the correct prove reading and set temp, then goes blank, flashes all 8s and...
  14. TheMerkle

    Please help troubleshoot DSPR110 box

    I know some of you guys are loathe to approach these threads, and I don't blame you. However, if others are feeling spunky... maybe you can help me fix my first diy controller. I used the below diagram to assemble my first controller using Aubers EZBoil. The only change I made was in omitting...
  15. TheMerkle

    DSPR110. Really so simple?

    So, I think I'm pretty well sold on the DSPR110 being a wonderful solution to moving to e-BIAB brewing... but before I'm 100 percent, I do have a few questions. First, in the image provided by Auber Instruments, there is no GFCI protection mentioned. Does this mean that Auber doesn't find it...
  16. TheMerkle

    Simple questions about PJ design

    I found this PJ design and I'd like to build it. I just have a few questions I want to ask to make sure I get it right. First, I know you need to 10 gauge wire to handle 30 amps, but I also know there are lines in the diagram that do not need to be so heavy. But, I don't know which I can sub...
  17. TheMerkle

    Wort acidification AFTER lautering

    So, I understand that acidifying sparge water can be tricky when you're using RO because there is very little buffer. This is why I only acidify my mash, and I've seen good results using these methods. ...but what if I want to further acidify my wort AFTER lautering. Anyone know how much lactic...
  18. TheMerkle

    How to improve my dry yeast health

    So, over the course of many batches I have changed several variables and seen pros and cons with almost every changed variable. What I have noticed is always consistent is that anytime I've used dry yeast in low gravity ales, they always have 'that homebrew flavor'. Bigger ales and beers...
  19. TheMerkle

    New cooling system; wort looks different

    So, in the past I have experienced feathery white particulate in the boil -what I have come to understand is the hop break- and after cooling via a gravity feed through a cfc, the wort going into the fermenter has looked the same (clear worth with floating feathery globs). After upgrading my...
  20. TheMerkle

    Wiring advice please

    We're wanting to add an element to our HLT for an eherms system. The idea is to build a very simple controller with just one pid and ssr to run a single element. With this design we could easily add an element to the BK at a later date, and just unplug the HLT element and plug in the BK element...