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  1. Garrett_McT

    Yeast Starters: Fermented Wort

    So I am new to the yeast propagation and repitching game. I have successfully repitched yeast slurry from an Marzen to a Baltic Porter and am currently mashing to use a propagated WLP320 culture. I was curious, is it copacetic to drink the fermented wort that comes to the top? My method is to...
  2. Garrett_McT

    Yeast Starter: How Much Stirring is Too Much Stirring

    I am doing my first yeast starter with 280 mL of approx. 1.036 gravity wort and WLP320 pure pitch yeast at approx. 33% viability. It is in a 2000 mL Erlenmeyer flask and on astir plate. How much stirring is too much stirring?
  3. Garrett_McT

    Master Brewers Association of the Americas

    Is there anyone out there that are members of this Association? I purchased the time tested Practical Brewer a while back, I think tenth reprint of the second edition and only just now realized they are still active, have a podcast, and an instagram...And the new MBAA National Convention is...
  4. Garrett_McT

    Lager Fermentation Gravity Reading Anomaly

    HBT Community, I have experienced a weird anomaly while monitoring the temperature of my lager fermentation. White Labs German Lager Yeast WLP830. I have been monitoring the wort/fermenting beer temperature periodically, while also continuously monitoring the ambient fridge temperature through...
  5. Garrett_McT

    Opinions Needed - Propagation and Repitching Yeast

    Dear HBT Community, I am going to attempt to propagate my first yeast culture in a starter. I read through the propagation section of the book titled Yeast by Chris White and Jamil Zainasheff. My understanding of White Labs pure pitch vials is that they have a 4 month shelf life. Using...
  6. Garrett_McT

    Diacetyl Rest: High Temperatures

    Dear HBT community, This is my first post and of course it is a problem related to brewing! I am currently fermenting a Marzen beer for my Oktoberfest party and started performing my diacetyl rest for the WLP830 strain White Labs German Lager Yeast I used. Sadly I had to start my diacetyl rest...