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  1. caspio

    Anyone make sauerkraut?

    I've never done anything with brats other than straight to the grill. The other night I grilled, split them open, then put on some dark rye bread with lots of spicy mustard and kraut. I've heard many times though about the beer and onion simmer, I'll have to give that a shot next time around...
  2. caspio

    Anyone make sauerkraut?

    Success! Fermentation went great, none of the nasty goo that accumulated on top last time. Tastes good, a bit too salty. I think the original recipe was good, but I should have cut back on salt when I had to top up the brine. Got the next batch started and got some bratwurst to grill in the...
  3. caspio

    Keg/Carboy Washer

    Let us know how the pump holds up. That one is about half the price of what I've got, so when I inevitably forget to turn it off before going out of town and burn it out, yours might be a good replacement.
  4. caspio

    Anyone make sauerkraut?

    So I was gifted a crock and the book Wild Fermentation for my bday. Giving this another go. Unfortunately the crock I got is one of the models that does not have straight sides, and when i checked last night some of the kraut had floated to near/on the surface around the edges where the...
  5. caspio

    Keg/Carboy Washer

    I actually sold the majority of my carboys and do my fermenting in two sanke kegs. I put the cross low enough so that it's just inside the bucket. That way I just rest a sanke keg inverted right on top of the bucket and it works great. Regarding the question with the smaller lines - the cap...
  6. caspio

    Anyone make sauerkraut?

    Wow, this came back from the dead. I guess it's time for a long-overdue followup. I managed to wait approx 4 weeks before giving it a try. It was delicious, but just didn't seem like it was quite all the way there yet. I topped up the brine and recovered to let it sit awhile longer. And...
  7. caspio

    Keg/Carboy Washer

    Wow, looks like this thread managed to revive itself. My apologies for not responding sooner, I've been wasting what free time I have on mountain biking forums lately. To follow up on all the heat questions. I always filled the bucket directly from the spigot on my hot water heater. I've...
  8. caspio

    March Mfg has awesome (if misguided) customer service

    A few weeks ago I had that moment many brewers dread. I was recirculating some leftover sparge water through my counterflow, warming it up before hooking it to the boil kettle and sanitizing it. I stepped away for a few minutes, and when I came back the flow had stopped. After spending a few...
  9. caspio

    Strong Bitter Captain Hooked on Bitters (Red Hook Clone & Award Winner)

    Bumpity bump. I brewed a batch of this back in November. I sent it into our local competition and it was just judged a few weeks ago. It took first in the english pale ales. Not bad for 6 months old! I don't know how many entries there were in the category though :D Thanks for the awesome...
  10. caspio

    My first brewing experience and where to go from here?

    I think the shopowner probably deals with a ton of people who hear about brewing and try to dive in without doing any research at all. Then, he loses them as customers when their first batch comes out crappy. Customers like yourself who've taken the time to really read a lot of different...
  11. caspio

    Show us your Kegerator

    Could we get some shots of the inside? My 8 keg kegerator is an unholy mess of tubing, I'm curious how you handled 10 taps.
  12. caspio

    Air conditioner for fermenting in summer

    Is there a reason why you don't want to use a window mounted AC? As stated above, they'll cool the space more efficiently, and they're cheaper to purchase per BTU of cooling power. We have one of those freestanding AC units in our ad-hoc server closet at work and it always seems to be causing...
  13. caspio

    How to clean MLT with false bottom?

    I use a brass/copper union and just get it hand tight. After the grain gets dumped out it's super simple to undo the diptube and pull out the false bottom.
  14. caspio

    Brewing or University??

    I started brewing when I was going to university. I only found the time to get 3 batches in over the course of a semester. I made up for that by brewing 10 weekends in a row when the semester ended and summer break started :D
  15. caspio

    Gear-driven Fully Adjustable Malt Mill

    I guess single roller mills working fine depends on your experience. I fully understand the benefits and drawbacks of a mill in which both rollers are driven. In our case, it WILL process more grain, because it will actually work. I don't know if we just got a bad unit, or if we just use...
  16. caspio

    Gear-driven Fully Adjustable Malt Mill

    The micro brew series is pulley driven. One pulley for each of the two rollers. Means you need to use two motors, or get clever with jackshafts. On the plus side, that means both rollers are driven and adjustable. On the downside, it's 1 grand.
  17. caspio

    Gear-driven Fully Adjustable Malt Mill

    Well, I think I might have to just email the company to get more details. Based on the description and the picture, my understanding is that the top two rollers DO have gear teeth machined into them, however the teeth don't actually touch and require grain bits getting stuck in there to keep...
  18. caspio

    Gear-driven Fully Adjustable Malt Mill

    Yes, I have been looking at the three roller crankandstein mills. While they look quite nice, they don't offer a gear drive option (as noted above)
  19. caspio

    Gear-driven Fully Adjustable Malt Mill

    Well, you'll have to let us know how that works out for you. The site seems to have a lot of feel-good organic/whole food testimonial type stuff, and very little actual technical info or details. Also, it's hard to judge the scale, but unless you were a steeping grain extract brewer (and...
  20. caspio

    Gear-driven Fully Adjustable Malt Mill

    I don't know, I can't really see it being that huge of a deal. If they just make fairly large teeth, you'd think it wouldn't have any problem dealing with a tenth of an inch or so of play. That being said, we'd probably settle for a 3 roller mill where the top 2 rollers are gear driven and...