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  1. bbbblaine

    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    Did you use 3 cinnamon sticks, or did you use ground cinnamon? I'm curious how much and what type others used.
  2. bbbblaine

    Creme ale or kolsch recipe

    For my first Cream Ale, I just used 90% Pale Malt and 10% Flaked Corn, Willamette hops, and California Ale yeast and scored 42 points at my first competition. Recipe link:
  3. bbbblaine

    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    Fermentation took off like crazy for me too. Blowoff tube is definitely recommended or you will end up with a mess to clean up. Also, I brewed mine without the use of any actual pumpkin. From the research I've done, pumpkin adds very little (if any) flavor to beer and the only reason you...
  4. bbbblaine

    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    I brewed the recipe from post #191 on 8/25 except I substituted 3 cinnamon sticks with 3 tsp ground cinnamon which I think may have been way too much now that I am doing more reading on it. Anyway, I think I will be adding Vanilla Butter Nut extract instead of the Graham Cracker extract and see...
  5. bbbblaine

    Angry Orchard

    I believe what I used in my pink lemonade to stop fermentation was some pottassium sorbate I got from my LHBS. But I heard that another thing should be added to the mix before that stuff or you will get bad flavors. As far as unfermentables go, either splenda or stevia or some other...
  6. bbbblaine

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Mint Chocolate Stout

    Somebody else please correct me if I'm wrong here... I believe dry hopping is primarily for aroma. And I think that would probably add too much hop character and overpower the chocolate and mint that the beer is supposed to highlight. What may be better is using those hops at the 20 minute...
  7. bbbblaine

    Very low FG (1.002)

    Update: I measured with a hydrometer and got a 1.011 reading which is awesome. Note to self: use hydrometer for determining FG. It looks like that thing will still be useful to me afterall!
  8. bbbblaine

    Very low FG (1.002)

    To correct the FG, I use the refractometer calculator at this website When I take a (hopefully cleaner) sample, I'll take a reading with the refractometer and my old hydrometer to see if there is a difference.
  9. bbbblaine

    Very low FG (1.002)

    I don't use a hydrometer anymore. I use a refractometer that claims to give accurate readings regardless of temperature. I will take another sample in a few hours and see how that goes
  10. bbbblaine

    Very low FG (1.002)

    I brewed the following recipe: I started with an OG of 1.050 on 7/3 I fermented at 60-65F On 7/17, I lowered the temp to 35F to cold crash it On 7/18, I took a sample out of the spigot at the bottom of the bucket. The gravity read...
  11. bbbblaine

    Angry Orchard

    After fermentation would just mean after the yeast has finished eating all the sugars it can (any fermentables). If you plan to keg and then carbonate naturally, you shouldn't add anything to kill the yeast. Just add some priming sugar to the bottom of the keg and rack. However, if you want...
  12. bbbblaine

    Angry Orchard

    Subscribing for recipe post when it comes. I currently have a batch of cider still finishing. My recipe was simply: 5 gallons locally farmed pasteurized cider 1 vial WLP001 California Ale yeast (2 liter starter prepared using 50 oz of cider 24 hours before pitching) OG: 1.050 FG: 1.011...
  13. bbbblaine

    10 Gallons: Bottle Conditioning with Cider?

    I also used EC-1118 yeast the first time I fermented apple juice in attempt to make cider. From what I understand, this is a wine yeast, which means it will take quite a bit of time (aging) after being bottled before it is drinkable and it will improve with more aging. I heard that you will...
  14. bbbblaine

    10 Gallons: Bottle Conditioning with Cider?

    The dryness is the problem I have had in making cider in the past. I don't like the bone-dry 1.00 gravity stuff that is about 10-15% alcohol. I want to make a good "beery" cider. What I mean is, something that has some residual sugars left over, like a finishing gravity of around 1.010 or...
  15. bbbblaine

    why do my beers take so long to taste good?

    I second the yeast change and low temp fermentation idea. I used US-05 and Nottingham for several beers and they seemed to take a long time to get to be "good" beers. My last batch was an Amber Ale that I brewed with Pacman yeast and fermented at just below 60F and it was drinkable on bottling...
  16. bbbblaine

    Favorite black IPA/ Cascadian Dark ale?

    Hopworks Urban Brewery CDA is delicious. It was also the first CDA I tried.
  17. bbbblaine

    Do I need to change the blow off tube?

    Beer on the ceiling? I'm curious... How did this happen? Whenever I have used a blow off tube, I have not bothered removing it and cleaning it out during fermentation. I just let it run its course until the fermentation is complete. It shouldn't really matter that there is some gunk in the...
  18. bbbblaine

    quick turn around... force carb for more fermention time?

    I force carbed my last batch of beer. It was my first time out of my 13 or 14 brews so far (previously I always bottle conditioned). I'm happy with the results. I fermented a low gravity mild ale (about 1.040 OG) for only 6 days, cold crashed at 33F for 1 day, then racked to a keg and force...
  19. bbbblaine

    I Didn't Heat My Priming Sugar! Should I be worried about bottle bombs?

    I agree with bovineblitz. I would be more concerned about infection, really. But chances are you will still have good beer. If you really want to be safe, though, you could put the bottles in a box or something and store them in a basement or garage, or just somewhere that won't be too hard...
  20. bbbblaine

    First batch is undercarbed after 5 weeks?

    I also rack the beer on top of priming solution... and have also found some inconsistency in carbonation... I am thinking a good gentle stirring with a long spoon for about a minute would do a lot of good.