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  1. batfishdog37

    Organic Yeast

    Anyone know of any organic brewer's yeast out in the universe? I'm looking to make an entirely organic beer and am trying to find an organic yeast. Wyeast, White Labs ect don't make any they tell me. Ideas? Thanks Much!
  2. batfishdog37

    Organic Smoked?

    Greetings! Does anyone know of any organic smoked malts? I've been searching high and low. It doesn't need to be a beer malt. I found smoked bread flour from the U.K. but obviously pre-ground flour won't work. Thanks for any thoughts.
  3. batfishdog37

    Off Flavor...very strange one

    Greetings, Hopefully this is the correct place to post this question... I have had a reoccurring aroma/flavor come through in a few beers that can only be described as rubber (not band-aid) and chemical. The off-flavor shows up sporadically over the last hand full of batches. Not one after...
  4. batfishdog37

    A-Acid dissociation?

    Greetings, Does anyone have an idea if hop alpha acids dissociate hydrogen ions into the wort during boiling/isomerisation, in a similar way to the way other acids like hydrochloric acid does in a solution? I am searching through many resources like "Principles of Brewing Science"...
  5. batfishdog37

    Centenniel and Simcoe

    I was reading on HBT about someone who claims cascade and simcoe mixed as dry hops smells like cat pee. Since centenniel is billed as a supercharged cascade, I was wondering about any similar aromas which may result, if the cat pee thing is even to be believed. Anyone with experience?
  6. batfishdog37


    Hello, I've been brewing for about 5 years and have become very intersted in wine over the last little while. I have made Apfelwein, but would like to make wine. Is there any means of getting rootstock for planting vines at home? Is that even the correct term? I'm looking for the wine...
  7. batfishdog37

    Wyeast 1007

    Did a search, didn't get much. So..... Anyone have good experience with 1007? I have a primary going with it right now. Going for 5 days, OG was 1.052 current SG is 1.032. Wyeast claims it ferments down in the 55F range, I have it at about 58F, never fermented an ale that cold but thought...
  8. batfishdog37

    Cara-pils vs. mash temp

    Just brainstorming here. Would it be more efficient to gain body with cara-pils or using a higher mash temp? Obviously it would depend on a number of things. Quantifying the body of a beer brewed with x amount of cara-pils compared to the mash temp required to achieve the same or similar body...
  9. batfishdog37

    English Pub Equipment Score!! W/ Pics!!

    My Father has a friend who spends every summer in England. He owns a flat there. He is a collector of beer related things and is a tremendous dumpster-diver. He recently came back with a bunch of stuff, some of which he sold to me!:D A couple of old style beer pumps(the kind where you...
  10. batfishdog37

    Protein Solubility

    I work part-time at a brewery in Wisconsin. Rush River Brewing Co. In talking with one of the two brewer/owners about chill haze, he mentioned that it will go away with time at cold temps. My understanding of chill haze is that is is caused by proteins that come out of suspension because of...
  11. batfishdog37

    BTP Water Question

    Is there a way to apply a water profile to my recipes. I have made one for my local water source but don't know if the profile creator is only there for helping to adjust your water to a certain style or if you can actually apply it to a recipe and expect some sort of effect on the guidelines...
  12. batfishdog37

    H2O Help

    Can someone just look at this and give me a little advise. I have two brewing water sources I could use. One is city water and the other is well water from my family home in the country. I just want to know which one people think is the best. The city water is harder and prob better for...
  13. batfishdog37

    A little insight possibly

    my water report has a column labeled "dilution." For an example, the sulfate level is reported at 9.3, the dilution is then reported at 10. Does that mean the water was diluted 10x, or does that mean something else? Also any insight on the following results would be appreciated. CaCO3 150...
  14. batfishdog37

    Water Profile

    So....this is turning into a water profile section:D Anyone want to take a look and let me know what you all think. Everything is mg/L Alkalinity-150 Calcium-35 Hardness-160 Magnesium-16 pH-7.43 Total Solids-170 Sulfate-9.3 Dilution-10 Chloride-11 Dilution-10
  15. batfishdog37


    I have to clean my new keggle soon. Just cut the hole in the top yesterday. I read on the back of the PBW jug to rinse after 30 or so mins but the guy at my LHBS said to leave it sit overnight in the PBW solution. Never used PBW before. I can't imagine it would hurt the keg overnight but...
  16. batfishdog37

    Hop Utilization

    So, utilization goes up the longer you boil...blah, blah. Does anyone know where the point is at which it stops? The point at which there is just no more utilization. I see Palmer's chart/nomograph going up to 30% utilization at the max. Is this really the maximum utilization possible or is...
  17. batfishdog37

    Brewing Notes

    Anyone have any blank brewers notes a guy could make copies of. I realize it works fine to just use notebook paper or something but I was thinking just for the "coolness" factor it would be fun to have some more "official" notes.:) Just the template (blank form) would work, or any link to a...
  18. batfishdog37

    Anyone want to take a look?

    Anyone know what is going on here? It doesn't smell bad or taste off, honestly. I cleaned well, obviously not well enough though. Anyway, I think I know why but I don't know what it is exactly. Thanks.
  19. batfishdog37


    Maybe this should go in the science or techniques threads, but i'm not really sure.:o Anywho...My question is about melanoidin development. I understand the concept of melanoidins, but I was thinking about where they are usually found, or at least where I usually find them, German beers. I...
  20. batfishdog37

    Cold Crashing

    I have read about people who cold crash their beer before bottling. I have seen a few different techniques used. What temp am I looking for? I assume this temp is not a huge deal as long as the beer clears out decently or to desired level. Also, is there still enough yeast which have not...