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  1. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Inkbird Controller Question

    Hey, I want to build a fermentation chamber using an Inkbird temperature controller. I have a fridge with a freezer on top, and would like to know if the freezer temp will be affected by the temperature changes caused by the Inkbird. Just wondering if the freezer will be useless if I use the...
  2. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Nugget SMaSH - hopping schedule recommendations?

    Hey, now - I have a ton to Nugget hops sitting around which I've mainly used for bittering. I'd like to use them up and was planning to do a Nugget/Golden Promise SMaSH IPA....possibly using 1308 or US-05 as my yeast. In past, I've followed a hopping schedule where I did a small bittering...
  3. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Help me put together a hop bill with these hops

    Hey, now - I am brewing up a pale ale today: 9lb golden promise, 2 lb oats, London 1318 yeast. I have a ton of random hops I need to use up; just not sure what combination and amounts to use. Would like to do a bittering charge, then a whirlpool/hop stand and then 2 dry hop additions. I've got...
  4. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Wyeast 1318 yeast harvesting question

    Hey, now - I'm planning to use Wyeast 1318 in my next beer, and understand this is a top cropping yeast strain. Having no experience with this yeast, I am curious about re-use after brewing. Am I able to harvest from the slurry after fermentation, or, being a top cropping strain, is it best to...
  5. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Stuck at 1.020...need to get FG lower. Advice?

    Hey, guys - I brewed a fairly modest brown Porter exactly 2 weeks ago today. My LHBS didn't have the Edinburgh yeast my recipe called for, so I settled on Windsor. After pitching, fermentation took off in no time flat, and after 2 days I was down to 1.020. I just took a gravity reading today, 12...
  6. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Conan yeast and hops. Best combinations?

    Hey, all: I'm planning on brewing a small batch (3 gal) APA using a pitch of Conan yeast in a few days. I'm pretty locked in on my grain bill, but having some trouble deciding on what hops to use. I plan to do a FWH with some heavy handed additions in the last few minutes, and whirlpool and dry...
  7. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Conan Yeast: Help w/ hop combination for APA

    Hey, all: I'm planning on brewing a small batch (3 gal) APA using a pitch of Conan yeast in a few days. I'm pretty locked in on my grain bill, but having some trouble deciding on what hops to use. I plan to do a FWH with some heavy handed additions in the last few minutes, and whirlpool and dry...
  8. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Harvesting Yeast from Houblon Chouffe?

    Hey, now - I was planning to harvest yeast from four bottles of Chouffe and then slowly step them up. After some research, however, I came across some information that this is only possible from the larger bottles, not the smaller bottles (which I have), as these are filtered?? I'm hoping this...
  9. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Too soon to dry hop?

    Hey, now - I brewed a saison one week ago today, and measured the gravity today and it's at 1.000. I'm accustomed to leaving my beer in the primary 3 - 4 weeks before bottling, and have done such with past saisons I've brewed. This particular batch will be dry hopped for 5 days. If I dry...
  10. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Can I re pitch this yeast??

    I bottled a saison 4 days ago that I brewed last month. I used Belle Saison yeast (which I love, and have used fresh many times in the past). On bottle day, I collected about 3 pint jars of the sludge/yeast, etc that I racked the beer off of, and would like to reuse the yeast on another batch of...
  11. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Just washed some yeast. How do I know if I have enough?

    Hey, now. I just washed some 05 yeast from a finished batch of beer. I came away with about 1 inch of washed yeast in 2 pint jars. I probably could have gotten more (?) when all is said and done, but this was a first for me. I plan on brewing a 5gallon batch of beer this week with an est. OG of...
  12. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Bravo SMaSH

    Hey, now - Looking to clean out some older Bravo hops and figured I'd do a SMaSH with a small bittering addition, and some heavier whirlpool and dry hop additions. I'm kind of stuck on a base malt, however. I am thinking about either Munich or Vienna, and would be interested in anyone's...
  13. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    PBW pitted aluminum stock pot. Safe to use?

    Hey, now - Well, after my last brew date, I soaked my brew pot overnight with PBW thinking it would help get it super clean. Next day I was surprised to see that the inside of the pot was pitted everywhere. Is this safe to use? Is there anything I can do to salvage this pot? I've attached some...
  14. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Westerville, OH Water Report?

    Hey, now - has anyone got a recent Westerville, Ohio water report?
  15. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Looking for a good used stir plate

    I am looking for a good used stirplate. I am in Columbus, OH, and am open to meeting any interested sellers within a reasonable driving distance. Thanks!
  16. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Old Curmudgeon Clone - Any ideas for a recipe?

    Hey, now - I'm trying to work up an inspired recipe to resemble Founders' Old Curmudgeon. I've some some tertiary scouting for ideas, but haven't come up with much. Has anyone brewed something similar or have any ideas for a recipe? Thanks in advance!
  17. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Hop help for double IPA?

    Good morning! I'm brewing a double IPA tonight, and have my grain bill locked in. Regarding hops, I was planning to do a FWH addition, and then wait until flameout to add any additional hop additions. I plan to go heavy handed on the flameout and dry hop (2 dry hop additions). I have ample...
  18. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    SMaSH recommendation for Jarrylo hops?

    I just received 2 oz of Jarrylo hops included free in my order from Yakima Valley the other day, and I'd like to get a good sense for the characteristics of this hop, so is like to use them in a SMaSH recipe. Being that I've only got 2 oz's, I was leaning toward 2 - 3 gallons, with a simple...
  19. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Have never pitched on a yeast cake. Quick question

    Hey, now - I've got an ale that I plan to transfer next weekend, and would like to rack a higher gravity beer on the yeast cake. Currently the ale is fermenting in an Ale Pail. After transferring the ale out of the bucket, would I just rack the new wort onto the yeast cake? Would I need to...
  20. ThreeStrandsBrewing

    Hop schedule for APA with Centennial and Cascade hops?

    Hey, now - I'm brewing up a simple APA this weekend and have my grain bill locked in. However, I'm struggling with my hop schedule. I plan to use 1 oz of leftover centennials, and 1.25 oz of leftover cascades that I have on hand. My goal is for an easy drinking, simple APA. I'd like to get the...