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  1. clayof2day

    2008 Bockfest tomorrow, Madison WI

    Hey All, Tomorrow is the long awaited Bockfest at Capital Brewery in Madison/Middleton. This will be the debut of the 2008 Blond Dopplebock. Anyone else planning on being there? I will be there and the BD will be keeping me warm!! Matt
  2. clayof2day

    One of the coolest birthday presents imaginable

    My birthday is coming up (22nd) and my wife has informed me of one of the presents she has been lining up for me. She has been in contact with the owner/brewer of one of the brewpubs here in town to see if I could help them out on a brew day. He told her he would love to have me come in for a...
  3. clayof2day

    Madisonians Meet-up?

    Hey All, We sorta tried this once before and it kind of fell through, so let's give it a shot. There are a lot of folks in Madison here on HBT, so let's try to have a get-together. I've never been out to Ale Asylum (since I live on the West side, its a hike), but I would really like to...
  4. clayof2day

    on the bus

    Been a solid two weeks since I've had too much to drink. I've partaken in a couple of delicious RIStouts and am on the bus on the way to a fellow grad students b-day party. There should definitely be drunken mumblings by the end of he night. Worthless post! Hey, I gotta start post whoring...
  5. clayof2day

    Lack of motivation

    Hey guys, I've been hard pressed to get anything done lately. I spend all day at work surfing HBT, but not responding or posting, I go home and I can't get myself to finish the stirplate I started 3 months ago (don't ask, there's been a lot of hiccups in that one). As some may remember my...
  6. clayof2day

    DIY counter pressure filler

    Hey All, There was thread about this earlier and a cartoon of the filler was put up. I made a real life verstion and it works pretty sweet, so I figured I'd post some pics of it. The nice part about this one is that you guys probably almost everything you need to make it around the house...
  7. clayof2day

    Some of the folks from chat might know

    That I gave up beer for lent. It was stupid, but a good experience to not drink for a while. I have my mostly late-hopped amarillo pale ale on tap right now and this is the first time I've drank in a loooooooooong time. Its good and I've had quite a few. Mmmmm. I'm going to bring a couple...
  8. clayof2day

    Moving, maybe buying soon, any advice?

    Hey all, As some of you may remember I interviewed at UWisconsin for grad school a couple months back (among other programs) and my wife and I decided Madison and UWisconsin is the best place for us right now. On to the real question: do you guys have any advice for someone who is looking to...
  9. clayof2day

    Who's pumped for the Michigan Brewer's Guild Winter Beer Festival....ME!

    Any other Michiganders going to this? Here is the brewery/beer list: Arcadia Brewing Co. Hopmouth Double IPA Cocoa Loco Chocolate Stout Cereal Killer Barley Wine Big Dick’s Olde Ale Nut Brown Ale London Porter Atwater Block Brewery Voodoovator Doppelbock Vanilla Java Porter...
  10. clayof2day

    Madison Brewpubs?

    Hey all, I'm going to Madison this weekend for an interview for graduate school at U of Wisconsin. Anyone have any good suggestions for a brewpub/pub to visit? Wish me luck! Matt
  11. clayof2day

    Susskartoffelbrau (Sweet Potato Beer)

    Hey everyone, I said I would post this recipe long ago and never really got around to it, but here it is for all: Susskartoffelbrau Selected Style and BJCP Guidelines Spice, Herb Or Vegetable Beer Min SG: 0.000 SG Max SG: 0.000 SG Min IBU: 0 IBU Max IBU: 0 IBU Min Color...
  12. clayof2day

    Tiny the Lines

    Hey everyone, I've been having trouble with my first glass of beer from my kegger foaming like crazy. When I open the faucet the initial flow is turbulent for a second or two which puts about 2 inches of foam into the glass, but then the stream clears and pours smoothly. If I draw a second...
  13. clayof2day

    bored at work

    Hey everyone, Its Friday and I just want to go home and drink homebrew. Anyone have any good ideas for ways I can waste time on the net? I'm all done reading posts here. I think I've got my dunkelweizen recipe tweaked to the point where I can brew a first round of it. What do I do now...
  14. clayof2day

    Decoction and color

    Hey all, I am thinking of doing a dunkelweizen next and I think that this calls for my first decoction. My recipe is pretty straigt forward, the only issue I've been thinking about is color. I don't know how much I can count on getting out of a decoction. It seems like my grain bill is...
  15. clayof2day

    Hypothetical overcarbed keg

    Let's say, hypothetically of course, that strong propenent of the set it and forget method for force carbonation had some company coming over and needed some beer carbed, so he connected his kegs at 25 PSI, shook the crap out of them, and left them overnight at about 38*F. The next day after...
  16. clayof2day

    Noob to Mead, an aeration question

    Hey all, I'm new to the whole mead thing and just started a 1 gallon batch (I have 2 1 gallon jugs laying around and I figured it would be easier to forget about for 6 months than 5 gallons of the stuff). A lot of the stuff I've read/heard talks about re-aerating after lag phase is over and...
  17. clayof2day

    Doughed in at 7:15, going to be a kind of late

    Well its rainy, cold, and wet here in Ann Arbor tonight, but its been so long since I've brewed, I decided to say screw it and dough in. I pulled a Porter off the kegerator and I'm mashing indoors to stay dry, so we'll see how the boil goes. I'm doing the Bass Ale clone from BYO a couple...
  18. clayof2day

    US-56 vs. Cal Ale liquid

    I tried to search, but US-56 doesn't bode well with the search function. A question: Has anyone done a side-by-side with US-56 and wither of the liquid Chico ale strains? If so, please report--details, details!! Thanks, Matt
  19. clayof2day

    It's been said before, I'll say it again

    If you have a local homebrew club, go to a meeting. I just made it to the first meeting for my local club (I've been trying to go for about 6 months now) and it was so much fun! The people were great, the info was great, the feedback on my beers was great! I was lucky to make it to this one...
  20. clayof2day

    Yeast Washing Question

    I have reviewed the threads and the Wyeast web page articles about yeast washing. I have done this a couple of times now, but I have a couple of questions for you guys that have done it. They say that within 15 minutes you should get a good separation between a "creamy" yeast layer and settled...