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    US-04 stalled?

    Hello all, I brewed a left hand milk stout clone approx. 2 week ago. Today I checked the gravity and it was 1.030. I've never had a yeast stall so I didn't know if this was the case. If it is should I add another packet of yeast, I think i have some us-05 lying around. 7 lbs Pale Malt (2...
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    City Water Profile

    So after searching the water department's website and emailing the lab manager I have compiled results of Bradenton, Florida's water profile. Now I'm in some great need of direction. I have read the water primer and the Bru'n water information. From what I understand I have hard water, but a...
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    Beard Beer

    So has anyone out there tried Rogue's beard beer. Apparently it was released at the beginning of April to a limited amount of locations in Oregon. I'd love to try it...just saying. :)
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    So, I am in need of some direction. I have a 25 cu ft freezer that I have been using for my keg system (overkill I know, but it was only 60 bucks). I have now also acquired a refrigerator that I was thinking about using for a fermentation chamber. After measuring the fridge I found that I can...
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    Rain barrel as fermenter

    What do you guys think about using these rain barrels for fermenters?
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    Yeast Harvest with starter.

    So I just wanted to give a big thank you to all the people that post on here. With everyone's help I was able to harvest yeast and make a subsequent starter, which after 2 hours on the stir plate looks like this:
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    Quick question regarding Yeast Starter

    I just activated the wyeast package and I am planning on doing a yeast starter. I am going to put it on a stir plate for approx 24 hours, then on to the fridge for 2 days. At that point i'll decant and start to warm the yeast. The question is when I start my boil can I use some of the...
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    First all-grain/SMaSH

    So with the help of this forum and beersmith, this is what I came up with for my first SMaSH/AG brew, I'm thinking its a cross between a pale ale and IPA. What you guys think, is it too far off the mark. Also, since I am going to start off doing the SMaSH brewing I was thinking about just...
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    My Wyeast pack burst, what now?

    So I just got home from the LHBS (2 hours round trip) and I wanted to get a starter going for the first time. I smacked the wyeast pack in the palm of my hand and the package gave way in the corner, spewing yeast and nutrient on the kitchen wall. I would guess that there is probably 1/2 a...
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    Burner selection, wanting to start all grain

    Hello all, Let me first start out by saying thank you, I have read multiple threads and have learned a lot about brewing by reading all these threads. This is my first post other than my introduction. I am in kind of a predicament. I have been borrowing my buddies 5 gallon ss kettle...