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  1. aiptasia

    Jacksonville FL area bottle share

    Just giving a little notice that the next greater Jacksonville area bottle share will be in one week. The Orange Park bottle share will be going down at 2:00 pm on Sunday, July 20th, 2014 at Pinglehead Brewing / Brewer's Pizza pub at 14-B Blanding Blvd. in Orange Park, FL. If you're interested...
  2. aiptasia

    Stir plate magnets reversing polarity

    I'm working on a DIY stir plate using a small PC fan and a 3-12 watt adjustable wall wort. I have the fan mounted to a project box by four #6 screws with bolts and washers with a rubber grommet on each screw to serve as a shock absorber and a rattle baffle. I'm using a 2" stir bar and button...
  3. aiptasia

    I hate the UPS gorillas

    Third shipping box smashed to smithereens by UPS. Never again. I individually wrapped two hunahpus and two extras and packed them in ziplocks, then rolled each bottle in bubble wrap. I inserted those into an inner styro shipping box and filled all the void space with packing peanuts. Didn't...
  4. aiptasia


    I just scored a brand new, never been opened and out of the box Lenovo IdeaTab A2107A tablet at our local church's garage sale today. $20.00..... why sure I think I can pay that much for it.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SCORE!!!! The box art has the tablet displaying a pile of...
  5. aiptasia

    Wee Heavy Not So Wee Heavy

    Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 2.82 gal Post Boil Volume: 2.60 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 5.00 gal Bottling Volume: 4.60 gal Estimated OG: 1.086 SG Estimated Color: 20.6 SRM Estimated IBU: 19.6 IBUs Brewhouse Efficiency: 72.00 % Est Mash Efficiency...
  6. aiptasia

    Mixed Berry Mystical Melomel

    I had to make this mead in the middle of the winter blizzards of 2014. Fresh berries were impossible to source so I used frozen. It's useful to have a nylon paint strainer bag to handle the fruit and a big large funnel makes pouring must and cold water into a carboy a breeze. Ingredients: 12...
  7. aiptasia

    Beer flight tasting mat

    My Sister does some graphics design work on the side, and she designed this cool beer tasting mat for a couple getting married in Texas. I thought it was a pretty bad ass thing to have at your wedding reception. I'm proud of her for how well it turned out. You can see more of her stuff here.
  8. aiptasia

    Hunahpu Day Meetup

    I'll be there. How bout ya'll?
  9. aiptasia

    Lalvin EC-1118 and a Wee Heavy

    I brewed up a Strong Scotch Ale a few days ago and had planned on pitching some Windsor yeast into it. Due to poor planning on my part, I didn't have enough distilled water to add to the boil at the end to account for batch size/volume. A little too much boiled off, and I wound up with a 4.25...
  10. aiptasia

    Queen Palm Date Wine Q&A

    So, we have two Queen Palm Date trees in our front yard. For years, i've known that these trees produced very sweet but fiberous edible dates with enough pectin in them to make your mouth pucker. They're very closely related to Pindo palms and their fruits ripen in the winter time (unlike Pindo...
  11. aiptasia

    What beer things did you get for Christmas?

    I got this, the double pretentous beer drinker's glass for mixing the perfect black and tan. In the trial run, I mixed a Goose Island BCBS with a freshly carbonated batch of my house pale ale. Frigging delicious. So, what did you get?
  12. aiptasia

    Infected Narwhal

    Just so you know, there are cases of infected 2013 Narwhal by Sierra Nevada floating around out there. I picked up a four pack and each beer so far has tasted like a chewed up medicinal B-vitamin. As this isn't a bottle conditioned beer and after being assured by others in our bottle share...
  13. aiptasia

    Jacksonville area bottle share

    FYI, I help facilitate a bottle share in the Jacksonville area on the first and third Sundays of the month. We usually meet at Pinglehead brewing at Brewer's Pizza at 14-B Blanding boulevard in Orange Park (a mile south of I-295 on the right) from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm. This Sunday, October 6th...
  14. aiptasia

    Something new to blow your money on...

    Part pizza oven, part aquarium. Announcing the Picobrew-Zymatic! The amazing handy dandy $1,500 solution for that perfect 3 gallon batch. :rolleyes: Kickstarter website here. I lul'd.
  15. aiptasia

    Pretty much sums up Phish

    This is pretty much every hipster band to me....
  16. aiptasia

    Late night Sunday brew session....

    So, yeah. I got a late start. 39 minutes left in a 75 minute BIAB mash. Woot.:mug:
  17. aiptasia

    El Catador Club

  18. aiptasia

    Diacetyl linked to Alzheimers...

    In case you didn't know, a new reason for you to be worried about Diacetyl in your beer. We're all gonna die of something, might as well be Alzheimers!
  19. aiptasia

    Clarifying your Rice Wine (Jiu)

    A few people have asked me how to stabilize and clarify their Jiu (rice wine). The process involves using hot water, bentonite powder, pasteurizing on your stovetop and cold crashing your wine in the fridge for a few days. This process does remove most of the residual rice solids from the wine...
  20. aiptasia

    Cigar City - Homefront IPA

    In support of the troops, Cigar City has released their Homefront IPA aged on maplewood baseball bats. This is a collaboration beer with 3-4 other breweries in support of our armed forces members and their families here on the stateside. Very limited production run. Look for it at your local...