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  1. biggben

    Problems with cascaded!

    Been fighting this all summer. Te leaves on my hops keep turning yellow and then dying! I'm not sure what's going on. I have fertilized with manure and I use miracle grow. The weird thing is that the top of the plant seems like its resistant and is starting to flower. Any help would be great. I...
  2. biggben

    Do my hops have a disease?

    Yesterday we had a ton of rain and hail. (My hops are in 20+ inch pots just FYI). Today I went out to check them and noticed on my cascades a web like substance that has a glisten like snail slime spread across the soil of my hops. Along with this I noticed that the leaves near the bottom are...
  3. biggben

    Washington hop rhizomes

    saw this on ebay, bought some for myself thought i would post it for anyone else that wants some. its a great deal and the seller is great at working with combining shipping.
  4. biggben

    Anyone have any Coal Porter recipes?

    I have searched all over the internet and on this forum and i cant find but one coal porter recipe. So i am wondering if maybe some of you out there might have one that you have made that turned out pretty good? I am wanting to get one started to have for Christmas time. Any help would be...
  5. biggben

    2nd batch that i have made that taste sour!

    Ok not too long ago i made a brown ale that wound up tasting horribly sour after bottling. i thought that this might be due to a racking cane that might have been not properly cleaned. the whole batched tasted great at first and then after a few weeks it wound up smelling like vomit and tasting...
  6. biggben

    Is my yeast starter dead?

    Ok recently i got some yeast residue from the bottom of a mac and jack keg. I let it settle and made a yeast starter from it and kept stepping it up until i had made about a gallon starter. everything was going well and i was taking readings to see if it was attenuating and i was getting FG's of...
  7. biggben

    Putting vanilla beans and cocoa nibs in RIS

    My question is, I have an Imperial stout that i would like to add cocoa nibs and vanilla beans to. The ABV is 10.5%, at that alcohol content is it still risky to just add the beans and cocoa nibs to the secondary without making a vodka slurry? Will the alcohol still be enough to sanitize...
  8. biggben

    Will I need Rice Hulls?

    This is for a 5.5 gal batch i am brewing, i have heard of peoples mash's getting stuck in bigger recipes my question is, is this recipe going to get stuck if i dont use rice hulls? i have a 10 gal cooler mash tun. thanks for the help 2 Row Base 37ppg, 1.5°L 13 pounds 61.9%...
  9. biggben

    How much specialty grains is too much?

    So I read somewhere that having too many specialty grains in the grain bill can increase the FG. Something about it making too many unfermentable sugars. I was wondering if anyone knew if this was true and what percent would be to high for say a imperial stout?
  10. biggben

    Questions on an Imperial Stout

    Ok so this is a recipe that i have been toying with and i wanted some input from you guys on it. does the grainbill look ok and do you think that there is enough base malt in it to make it not to thick? also wondering if thats enough rosted barley and black patent. oh and can i add more...
  11. biggben

    American Strong Ale Black Death ( Irish Death Clone)

    Batch size 5.5 gallons Boil size 6.7 gallons Boil time 60 minutes Grain weight 16.5 pounds Efficiency 75% Original gravity 1.079 Final gravity 1.018 Alcohol (by volume) 8.1% Bitterness (IBU) 35 Color (SRM) 34.4°L Yeast 3 liquid packs Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale (NOTE: I did not use this...
  12. biggben

    I broke my first hydrometer!!!

    I never thought it would happen to me but it finally did. i broke my first hydrometer ever. and the way i did it was with a block of cheese lol. i left the hydrometer out on my counter after taking my final readings. about an hour later i went to get some cheese out to make my son a sandwich and...
  13. biggben

    Help no grain mill and have to brew today!

    My 2row is all crushed but my specialty grains are not. And I can't get a mill but if I don't brew my batches today I won't be able to for a couple months any suggestions?
  14. biggben

    American Brown Ale Redhook's Mudslinger clone

    Ok after much research on the forums and internet and playing around with my brew software. I came up with this recipe its pretty darn close almost identical. Turned out to be a real crowd pleaser hope you guys enjoy it we did. :mug: Mudslinger Batch size 5.5 gallons Boil size 7.1 gallons...
  15. biggben

    Madrone wood for smoking?

    So I'm trying out madrone wood in my smoker. I have never used it before so I am interested to see how it turns out. Apparently it is safe to use for smoking although there is not allot of info on what the smokes flavors would pair well with. So I decided to try pork and chicken first before...
  16. biggben

    Beer is fully carbed after two days!

    ok took reading on beer before bottling everything seemed a ok but!, today is the second day and i have 1 and a half inch head on my beers already. whats going on i have never had a beer carb that fast its been sitting at 70 degrees nothing out of the ordinary. 4 oz of corn sugar for priming...
  17. biggben

    mashing at different temps

    ok so i made this recipe recently but didn't follow it exactly. my question is in the recipe it says to mash at 155 but i mashed at 152 would this alter the recipe in taste? because it taste a lot sweeter than a mac and jack which i frequently drink at the local pub? also i bottle conditioned at...
  18. biggben

    beer started fermenting again after 2 and 1/2 weeks?

    okay i just brewed a brown ale and its on day 21 and about a week ago the airlock started bubbling again. i was unaware because i left it at my mother in laws house, but she said it has been bubbling for about a week now. when i opened the bucket to look at it to see if it was infected it had a...
  19. biggben


    I was wondering about lactose. i have never used the stuff personally but i know that its used in porters and stouts from time to time. the reason i asked is this beer that i made taste bitter and i am hoping to add some sweetness would lactose be overkill on the sweetness? or would it be a mild...
  20. biggben

    How long is primary?

    Im trying to figure out a good rule of thumb for how long to primary your beer i have a couple of beers in primary and one that requires dry hopping so my question is how long should i primary for most beers before i move to secondary or dry hopping?