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  1. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    I know it's early July, but I was able to pick over 11oz of hops yesterday. Oklahoma weather, man. Oklahoma weather. There's more to get, but 11oz was about all I could handle with my small dehydrator. As a bit of background, this is my second year raising hops. Technically the hops...
  2. xeerohour

    Southern pacific brewing

    I'm in San Francisco over the new year, and apparently a new brewpub is opening up in the mission called Southern Pacific Brewing. I'm going to be attending the new years eve bash they're throwing and trying some of their beers. Anyone else in the bay area going to be at that?
  3. xeerohour

    Formulating a 'session' coffee porter

    I'm craving a nice sessionable porter for this winter, and I'm looking for a few things: 1. I love that roasty/coffee aroma and flavor that you can get off bigger porters, something like Left Hand's Weak Sauce porter. 2. Want it around 5% alcohol, so that people can have a couple 3. Want it...
  4. xeerohour

    Aging: Lagering fridge vs. Closet

    Wasn't sure if this was the right forum for this. Mods, feel free to move if appropriate. I'm debating with myself the best location for long term storage of my beer. Due to space limitations, there's really only two locations available for me. The first is the top shelf of an indoor...
  5. xeerohour

    Yeti Imperial Stout in my new oak barrel - what to add to it?

    So, I picked up one of the used 5 gallon oak barrels that were being sold here: And now I've got to come up with a recipe to put in it! Since the barrel has been used once, I'm hoping I could use it for aging for at least a...
  6. xeerohour

    Off Flavor in bottle-aged beer

    So, I've done quite a bit of reading on this, including searching the forums on here, and I'm still not quite sure what exactly is causing the off flavor. Not quite a year ago (last January) I brewed a Russian Imperial Stout that turned out amazing. After aging it for a month or two, I...
  7. xeerohour

    Boulevard Smokestack Sixth Glass/Bourbon Barrel Quad

    So, I'm attempting to formulate a clone recipe for my first belgian beer. Specifically, I'm attempting to mimic Boulevard's Bourbon Barrel Quad, which is their Sixth Glass Quad aged in Bourbon Barrels over some cherries. Nice simple place to start, right? :) Per their website...
  8. xeerohour

    Questions After First All Grain

    Hi everyone, my name's Zach. I've been a lurker for a while, and finally got around to actually registering an account. I want to begin by saying thank you for all the excellent information I've found on your site, but I had trouble finding specific answers to a few things. First, a bit of...