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  1. craigbrew

    Want to go electric

    As of now I have a 10 gal system using a keg for boiling, a 15 gal pot for HLT and a 60qt (15gal) cooler mash tun. I have 1 100k banjo burner and 3 30-40k rocket burner. I have a pump and may get another. I was thinking of going electric be cause of heat loss and noise. My brewing area is...
  2. craigbrew

    My brew room/ pub

    I recently move from Michigan (just north of Detroit) to Hudson N.C. (1 1/2 north of Charlotte). When we bought our house in N.C. we had never even stepped in it. We had our realtor take some videos. So at the time I didn't realize that there was an area that I could use as a brew room. there...
  3. craigbrew

    saw this for sale at costco I was going thru their online catalog and saw this. I was going to buy one before I made my own stand. Add a pump and a direct fire mash tun and you have a 2 tier system...
  4. craigbrew

    Grain mill station

    This is my take on the grain mill station. What I wanted to do is be able to pour my grain in and turn it on and walk away and not have to hold it or pull the trigger. I also wanted it to be cheap to make and easily stored. This is what I came up with. I still have to add a router speed...
  5. craigbrew

    stainless cart for brewstand

    I was at Costco today and came across a good deal on a stainless steal cart. The cart was $124.00 I believe. It would be good for a single tier 2 vessel system. I live in Michigan and was at the Roseville Costco.
  6. craigbrew

    Welch's Grape juice with calcium

    I went to make J.Q.G.M. the other day and when I bought the grape juice I didn't even look at it. I just grabbed one. I happen to grab Welch's 100% grape juice with calcium. I was wondering if this will ferment? here are the ingredients Welch's, 100% Grape Juice, Calcium...
  7. craigbrew

    Double brew day any suggestions

    I'm going to brew 2 10 gal batches on Sunday and was wondering if any one had any suggestions or tips for me. I plan on starting at 5am. first batch is a belgain Wit with 90 min boil and second is an Oktoberfest with a 90 min boil. Brew on CraigBrew
  8. craigbrew

    I'm going to Bradenton, FL.

    I'm going to Bradenton, FL. today and was wondering if there is any thing I should see. We are taking our little girl to see her great grandparents. The only thing the wife has to do while there is take the kid to the gulf. Is there any micro breweries in the area? Brew on CraigBrew
  9. craigbrew

    instant carbing in a bottle

    Just saw an add for a home soda maker that takes water and flavors it and carbonates it in seconds. I says that you can just make seltzer water also so I was thinking that you could use it to instant carb some bottles of beer...
  10. craigbrew

    Is this mead recipe going to work

    So my wife and I love Mojitos and I thought I would make a Mojito mead I used 3 3/8 lbs clover honey 4 limes (used every thing) hand full of raisins about 20 large mint leaves (chopped) water bread yeast I kind of based it on J.A.O.M. I made a 1 gal batch. Do you think it will turn out. I'm...
  11. craigbrew

    Can this be saved or should I dump it?

    I have a beer that I made last week and for the first day the airlock smelt great. Then on the second day I smelt it and it doesn't smell like beer any more. Smells horrible, like garbage. The beer was suppose to be a Hefe. What do I need to do to tell if this beer can be saved. By saved I mean...
  12. craigbrew

    Cleaning SS fitting

    About a year ago I picked up a jockey box off of craigslist. I has a 4 port plate chiller and was all hooked up to run. I didn't like the cooler so I'm planning on buying a new one and install it in there. When I got it, it looked like it had been stored in a dirty garage for a long time. all of...
  13. craigbrew

    No carbonation in bottles

    I Bottled an IPA a bout a month ago and last week I opened one and it had no carbonation at all. Yesterday I opened another one and the same thing. I had them sitting in the same place that I always put my bottles to carb. I used 5oz of corn sugar like always. Is there some thing I can do? I was...
  14. craigbrew

    Miller Lite mini brew keg

    Has any one seen the ads for the new miller lite Brew kegs. It holds 1.5 gals and has what I think is a co2 cartridge to dispense the beer. In the ad they claim that the beer would stay fresh for 30 days. Has any one picked one of these up? I would like to know if they are reusable. brew...
  15. craigbrew

    Recipe Help want to make a chocolate stout

    I have made the recipe below and I like it. What I would like to do now is take this recipe and make a chocolate coffee stout. For the Coffee part I'm going to cold brew some coffee and add it to the secondary or at bottling time. I don't really want to use chocolate in the recipe, I would...
  16. craigbrew

    I'm trying "no-chill"

    So yesterday I brewed and since all of the garden hoses are put away for the winter I thought I would try "no-chill", and make a real wort starter. I finished the boil around 2, let it cool a bit so I could transfer to my ale pale and cool over night. I then took some wort for my starter and...
  17. craigbrew

    temp controled frig (ohio)

    this is not mine but I just saw it on my list. hope this helps some one Craig
  18. craigbrew

    can I use munich as a base grain?

    I just got in on a bulk grain buy in my area and I split a bag of Munich thinking that I would use a lot in my Oktoberfest brews. I took a look at some of the Oktoberfest recipes on here and I noticed that you don't use as much Munich as I thought. Could I use Munich as a base malt for a...
  19. craigbrew

    will this effect my reading

    I Brewed on Saturday and I pitched on to a yeast cake from another batch. I had forgot to take a gravity reading before I poured my wort on to the yeast cake. So I just took a sample and got a reading. Is this gravity reading all right or should I just wait and take a final gravity reading...
  20. craigbrew

    6 gals of MO wort what should I make?

    I went up to my LHBS which is owned by my favorite micro brewery (Kuhnhenns in Warren, MI.) and there was some one from the brew club that I belong to brewing in the parking lot. We started talking, and he tells me that the brewery gave him the wort that he is brewing with. I called up the owner...