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  1. BigCatBrewery

    Any reviews/advice on the ExChilerator?

    Found on eBay here Looks nice and compact with an inline thermometer. Just curious if anyone has given it a try. I did not see any thread on it yet in my search.
  2. BigCatBrewery

    HLT size?

    Greetings all. I'm looking to make the all-grain plunge, and planning on going the round igloo cooler method. I've decided on a 10 gallon cooler so that I'm never OG limited in 5 gallon batches. (there are plenty of threads on this topic) But my question is: How big of a HLT do I need if...
  3. BigCatBrewery

    Big belgian yeast strategy

    I've got some washed Belgian yeast in the fridge that I was planning on using for my belgian dark strong, but pitch and forget seemed to assume too much. What I assume is that my previous whit acted like a giant starter, which will provide plenty of happy yeast cells for fermentation. But then...
  4. BigCatBrewery

    Extract Whit thoughts

    I'm making an extract Belgian Whit tomorrow, and in order to keep it lighter in color, I'm going to withhold some of my malt until the end of the boil. But this got me thinking . . . I only need about 20mins of boil time to get the IBU's I want out of my hops . . . so do I need to boil it any...
  5. BigCatBrewery

    Wierd dlotted pressure relief valves

    Anyone ever seen these before? More specifically, anyone ever sized them for a new o-ring?
  6. BigCatBrewery

    Stainless steel for mlt and mash?

    This popped on Craigslist near me, and while I haven't made the jump to AG, I know it is in my future. I was planning on going the cooler route ... But don't want to miss an opportunity at something better. But how would these hold heat? I can conceive of using one for a brew pot, but the...
  7. BigCatBrewery

    Bottle condition time for competition

    Looking for a general consensus. I'm convinced that aging my porter in the secondary is best, so I want to leave it there as long as possible. But in taking it down to the wire, how much time should I leave for carb/condition in the bottle? I've always found two to three weeks to be sufficient...
  8. BigCatBrewery

    High temperature affecting the beer in my secondary?

    I've been scouring Google looking for an answer - thus far unsuccessfully. I have a Porter aging in my secondary, in a corner of the house which has facilitated both primary fermentation and secondary aging at temperatures pretty consistently in the high 60's, which I have been happy with...
  9. BigCatBrewery

    Taking a step backward

    So partial extract brewer gets deployed overseas, finds himself surrounded by Heineken, Bud Light, and Fosters, panicks, buys a Mr. Beer (inexpensive and small), reads recipe/directions that call for hopped malt and water, panics, orders Goldlings and Fuggles, reads that you add straight sugar...
  10. BigCatBrewery

    Pellet Dry Hop Explosion = Ruined?

    I added an ounce of pelletized "Goldlings) dry hops to my Pale Ale in my secondary and had a serious carbonation explosion. Basically every time pellets hit the beer, it foamed up past the neck. This happened a couple times because I figured I lost all the hops out the top and had to re-apply...