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    Pin lock or ball lock

    I started with ball locks but have both (10 pin locks gifted from a local tavern when Coke went to the bag system and advised the bar owner to toss the kegs into the dumpster). PLs are wider and shorter than BLs if either horizontal or vertical space is an issue. I have cross-coupled BLs, and...
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    Larry Bell Stepping Down, Selling to New Belgium's parent company

    Kmmeuellr, your story had my wife and I in tears! Last time we were in the biergarten was a few years ago to hear Bruce Hornsby ... what a great evening. Since the new hierarchy ultimately leads to Kirin, I'm hoping that the Japanese emphasis on quality remains. They've done a good job with Four...
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    Adding a little rye malt for better foam?

    Don't worry about a little oil (flax, etc.) pre-fermentation. The yeast will consume it. Oil will absolutely kill head post-fermentation.
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    Mandarina bavaria hop / orange Kolsch question...

    Orange kolsch ... go for it and create a new style. Not long ago there were no NEIPAs or pastry stouts either.
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    Tapcooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

    I've used the Beergun and the Williams-Warn, but the TapCooler is stupid quick and easy to set up, use and clean. By far my favorite. I have old Perlick taps and ordered the Series 500 adapter. Oops, although my taps looked like 500's there were apparently earlier versions. TapCooler recommended...
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    Keeping the other half happy

    I'm lucky on many fronts. Wife of 50 years likes beer, as long as it's a pale continental lager (she taught in the Czech Rep. for a year and came home a real pils snob). Happy to keep at least one flavor on tap. I have my own basement brew space with exhaust so spills, cleanup and clutter is...
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    New or used co2 tank

    I began years ago with a new, shiny 10# tank, only to find that all local vendors swapped tanks and no one handled 10 pounders. Went to a 5# for awhile before a friend brought me a 20# tank from the scrap yard. The 5 is now the backup/travel tank. One word of caution ... a CO2 leak is...
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    Corded drill for grain mill

    I'm happy with the 5/8" low-gear, corded, house brand "mud" drill I picked up at Menards on close-out. It's mounted on a platform with my MM3 to ensure alignment and eliminate torque.
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    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    Great prize! Many thanks!
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    Opinions on German Pseudo Pilsner recipe?

    My experience with Lutra at 20C/68F basement temperatures is that fermentation and clearing takes as long as other yeasts, so I see no clear advantage at the low end of it's recommended range. Before I had temperature control I'd use the wet tee-shirt and fan technique with WY2124 when summer...
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    Left Over Beer in the Fermenter

    Sip it warm, flat and listen to AC/DC as I clean up.
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    Introduction/grapefruit ipa question

    Amoretti passed out 8.5 oz. bottles of their Grapefruit Craft Puree at the NHC in Providence. I added a whole bottle to a five gallon keg of American wheat. Not my favorite, but it's the wife's go-to tap. I think the puree would be well suited for an IPA.
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    Need help deciding on which grain mill to buy

    I run an MM-3 with a 5/8" low gear corded "mud drill" that was on close-out at Menards. Ample power at low rpms.
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    Five Star - IO Star (Iodine) vs Five Star - Star San

    Iodophor in flat pan for equipment soaking during the course of a brew day ... 1/2 oz. for 2.5 gallons. Cheaper than Star San which, with my hard tap water, immediately turns slimy. I do mix one gallon of Star San at a time in distilled water for the sprayer and smaller volume needs.
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    Your Favorite Liquid Yeast Brand?

    I lean toward Wyeast ... like the smack pack as it gives me a heads-up on yeast condition. I'm probably the odd one here, but I don't like White Labs new packaging and wish they'd go back to the blanks.
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    Omega Lutra yeast?

    I've used Lutra several times with an adjunct lager recipe. It's a beast. I have temp control, but fermented at ambient basement temp in the low 70's. Airlock starts to bubble before I'm done with clean-up, which I'm sure greatly reduces odds of infection. Fermentation is fast, yeast is chunky...
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    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Lord of the ESB please!