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  1. bkov

    how much money to start a basic website?

    how much money to start a basic website? Nothing fancy, just a list of text? Monthly costs? kind of like a blog
  2. bkov

    AHS Recipe Thread

    Post any AHS recipes here.
  3. bkov

    March Stout Recipe Thoughts

    11G Batch 15pounds munich malt 5pounds vienna malt 1.25pound chocolate malt 1pound coffee malt 1pound simpsons medium crystal 1 oz Apollo at 60min 1oz Apollo at 20mins (approx 35ibu total) probably us05 or notty yeast aim for 152F Mash
  4. bkov

    cheapest place to buy a cooler this time of year?

    time to upgrade my mashtun, where do you think is the cheapest place to buy a cooler this time of the year? I currently have a 34qt, looking for slightly bigger, probably a 40qt/10g, possibly a 52qt
  5. bkov

    What do you plan to drink new years?

    Anyone know what there drinking yet on friday, new years eve?
  6. bkov

    best way to clean equipment to get it "like new"

    i clean and sanitize each time i use my equipment but a lot of it could use a really good thourough cleaning such as the brewpot, mashtun, blow off tubes. Is there something thats really good to let it soak in for a couple days than give it a good run and rinse to try to get it looking like new?
  7. bkov

    Becks or hieneken recipe

    Think the following would taste similar to becks or hieniken? 10pounds 2row (no pils right now) .75 oz magnum at 60 1oz mt hood at 10 danish lager yeast
  8. bkov

    chocolate rye

    if i use chocolate rye to replace chocolate malt, will i still get the same flavors that i would from the chocolate? just with a slight rye note? or does it give different flavors than regular chocolate malt?
  9. bkov

    pale chocolate malt

    I brewed 11 gallons of robust porter yesterday and used about 4% pale chocolate malt, in my grain bill instead of old fashion chocolate malt, boy, did that wort taste yummy. I cant wait to taste the final product... What has your experience been using this malt... I just may continue to use it...
  10. bkov

    beano in wort?

    if i add beano to a pot of DME dissolved in water for a couple hours before the boil, will it work to make the wort more fermentable? is 90minutes enough time? what temperature is best or just room temp? i dont want the FG to drop to 1000 which it would if i added to the fermentor instead.
  11. bkov

    hoping mash water?

    has anyone tried adding a hop addition to the mash water while it heats up, than remove the bag when you actually add the grains/mash. than add the hop bag to the strike water while it heats up, than when you add that, put the hop bag into the first runnings and leave it there...
  12. bkov

    BarleyCrusher Quality Control and a LifeTime Warranty ?

    I purchased a used barleycrusher figuring i could always send it in to get re-knulled or whatever needs to be done due to the quality control and lifetime warranty on them. The mill has been used heavly and wont pull grain through anymore. I emailed barleycrusher and asked whats the procedure...
  13. bkov

    pointless to transfer into ground this late in season?

    i have 2 hop plants, in 2 small pots (1st years)... they are both about 8 feet tall, but still have no cones(maybe some the size of ant). a spot recently opened up to plant on in the ground, but is there any point to do it this late in the season? would be a better idea to keep them in pots...
  14. bkov

    If you opened a brewpub, what recipes would you serve?

    Just for fun, if yo opened a brewpub, and had 6taps for house brewed beers...what would you pick? you also would have various commercial beers available but we'll leave those listed somewhere else. Its hard to pick but off the top of my head i think i would probably do something like: 1...
  15. bkov

    wanted: barley crusher

    i know its rare to find a used one for sale since its usually only if the person is leaving the hobby or they decided on a different model. but anyone i thought i would try anyway. looking for a barley crusher in NJ or shipped. my pasta mill isnt doing it anymore. thanks
  16. bkov

    brewing for football season

    anyone brewing or planning on brewing any specific recipes to have ready for football this year
  17. bkov

    njhopz final gravity podcast live now

    if your not doing anything tonight, watch and join the live chat of njhopz final gravity podcast. just a fewing guys drinking beer and talking about brewing. ... ng-podcast
  18. bkov

    sodastream soda extracts?

    has anyone tried these? instead of using their system, couldent i just force carb 5g of water, and than add the syrup to the keg? they have an energy drink syrup(says compare to red bull) for only $6.99 which makes 3gallons. they also have a ton of others like cherry coke, orange, petes...
  19. bkov

    pacman verus us05 verus notty

    is pacman really that much different then us05? or even notty? "Pacman is alcohol tolerant, flocculent, attenuates well and will produce beers with little to no diacetyl. Very mild fruit complements a dry, mineral finish making this a fairly neutral strain. Pacman’s flavor profile and...
  20. bkov

    Making Espresso, Lattes, Cappuccinos at home

    I am thinking about getting this machine to make my own Espresso, Lattes, Cappuccinos at home. I am thinking about getting this machine: or only $40...