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  1. beerthirty

    Its been so long

    Hi everyone. I am back, but not as dedicated or as funded as I was before. :o I am looking forward to reading about everyones new recipes, rigs and techniques. I will be doing a lot more reading than posting until I get a basic rig together. Of course I am not sure of my definition of 'basic'...
  2. beerthirty

    visiting Lancaster- Philly, PA

    I'll be making a trip August 21-28 to the Lancaster-Phili area. I would love to meet up with some brewers and knock back a couple. I haven't been out of AZ in 10 years, so I don't get this opportunity often. Send me a PM
  3. beerthirty

    starter stepping

    I made starters for my next brew and it took all the available DME I had. These are big starters for a Belgian Strong. I need to step them up and was wondering if they could be stepped with sugar and yeast nutrient. It seems that it would work since I'm just trying to build cell count and the...
  4. beerthirty

    Quit smoking today

    I figured the easy way to handle the first day was to get hammered so I couldn't go buy any.:D Every time I wanted a cigarette, I started cleaning the house instead. I hate cleaning anything other than brew equipment. Actually I hate that too but have kept up on the epuipment since beerliness is...
  5. beerthirty

    Star san VS Star san HB

    I recently had to re-up on starsan and they only had Star san HB. the ingredient label had changed so percentages were not listed. when comparing it to the remaining Star san I had left, I noticed a darker color and much stronger acid smell from the HB. Any one have any information on this?
  6. beerthirty

    Doing the nasty

    Yep, you guessed it. I will be brewing on Easter Sunday(after church of course). Or maybe I should go to church after I brew.:D I've had many requests for a recurrence of SWMBO Slayer. Who else will be doing the nasty and what are you brewing?
  7. beerthirty

    beerthirty makes a porno

    This has been in the planning stages for a long time. No thanks to my past place of employment, I recently had the time to start putting the new brew trailer together. This project was done on budget and without any of the neat tools that Yuri has(so jealous). No offense intended Yuri, you have...
  8. beerthirty

    parts source and compatibility?

    I'm trying to estimate what it would cost to automate burner control for my new brew trailer. I'm currently out of work so this will be saved for future reference unless the sources are cheap enough. It seems that ebay can supply dual intermittent solenoid valves at a decent price but not Love...
  9. beerthirty

    Making NA beer (ya I know whats the point)

    I have read many threads about NA beer and personally don’t drink the stuff unless I have to. Most of the ideas include heating the beer in an open container to above pasteurization temps to drive off the alcohol. I dislike these ideas for a couple of reasons. The temp needed can change...
  10. beerthirty

    All Hail the Yeast

    There are loads of threads about what yeast is right for what brew. I'm looking for two things here. What is your favorite yeast of all time and what yeast do you use the most often. Comments about why its your favorite or most used are welcome. Favorite- WLP550 Belgian Ale yeast, I like the...
  11. beerthirty


    I've tried the formula for calculating yeast attenuation and I must be doing something wrong. Its probably just a math mistake but I can't seem to figure this out. I'm hoping some one can help. The formula I'm using is OG-FG/OG. Example OG 1.045- FG 1.011=.034/OG 1.045=.0325 What am I doing...
  12. beerthirty

    Hank Hill.... Help!

    I recently picked up a few forklift propane tanks that are made to be used horizontally. The local propane places are not being very helpful in my quest to use these on my brew trailer. I have been told that with the current valve configuration, they are meant to dispense liquid instead of...
  13. beerthirty

    NZ Nelson Sauvin

    I just returned from the LHBS with a new hop, Nelson Sauvin. Here is the desription. 2008 crop. Alpha 11%, Beta 6.5% This hop displays fresh crushed gooseberries, a descriptor used for Sauvignon Blanc and has the unique ability to impart a distinctive cool climate white wine fruitiness. Also...
  14. beerthirty

    Tucson beer festival

    We just got back from Tucson. We all had a great time. Desert Monkey and some of his co workers were there. I took pics but haven't uploaded yet. The one beer I didn't get to try that I wanted to was DFH 120. They ran out in 8 minutes. I tried to get the faucet handle since it was still on the...
  15. beerthirty


    I got my label together finally. It's a rough draft, but says just about everything I wanted it to which is relaxation and fun. I hope it is well received. Suggestions and criticisms happily accepted. Particular styles will be "rubber stamped" at an angle across the front.
  16. beerthirty

    What Ales You IPA

    Recipe: What Ales You IPA Brewer: Joe, Asst Brewer: Fido Style: India Pale Ale Type: American Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 10.00 gal Boil Size: 12.55 gal Estimated OG: 1.058 SG Estimated Color: 8.3 SRM Estimated IBU: 53.1 IBU Brewhouse Efficiency...
  17. beerthirty

    recipe reveiw

    I've switched rigs and I'm trying fly sparging for a few brews. Water amounts had me a bit brow beat since it seems to be a balancing act of volume and temp to hit your correct PBV. I would love some input on the following recipe. I am using a single tier with fly sparge and direct fired MLT...
  18. beerthirty

    My LHBS rocks

    Monday I brewed the the owner of my LHBS. While discussing brewing, beer, and technique he is showing me some of his home brew stuff collected over the last 20 years. An amazing collection of goodies. I had mentioned wanting to try pressure fermenting one day and he said he had something to help...
  19. beerthirty

    more beer projects

    I received my handles from Nostalgia yesterday so the keezer is complete. here are links to other previous posted pics of the keezer.
  20. beerthirty

    inline o2 injector

    I've been wanting to do this for awhile and if I would have realized how cheap and easy it was I would have done it sooner. My injector is made from brass 1/2"FPT Tee, 1/4 compression x 1/2MPT, 3/8 compression x 1/2MPT, 5/8 compression x 1/2MPT and a .5 micron aeration stone. It all screws...