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  1. luckybeagle

    Yeast Autolysis at Lager Temps?

    I've brewed a Dusseldorf Altbier and fermented it at 15 PSI at room temperature. I've recently reached final gravity and am preparing to move it to my chest freezer within the next 1-2 days for lagering at 35F for 3-4 weeks before kegging (it's Wyeast 1007 - a top cropping yeast, hence the...
  2. luckybeagle

    5 month old slurry.... make a starter with some or pitch it straight?

    I've got roughly 20 ounces of unwashed, thick slurry that I harvested from a batch of Belgian Blond Ale that I brewed back in February of this year. The strain is Wyeast 1388. I want to brew another Belgian Blond (Affligem clone) and am trying to decide if I should make a 1.5L starter with about...
  3. luckybeagle

    Beer tastes salty - using RO water and brewing salts

    I brew on a 3 vessel eHERMS setup, but in the interest of time and simplicity I've been doing single infusion, no sparge batches using the entire volume of brewing water in the mash. I use a 4 stage RO unit now and have been attempting to reconstitute my brewing water to a balanced profile. I...
  4. luckybeagle

    Adding RO water during/after fermentation?

    My efficiency on a Dry Irish Stout was a little too good and I ended up with a preboil gravity of 1.044, which is actually my target OG! I'll need to dilute it with about 1.25 gallons of water to bring it back down to where it belongs. I wouldn't be able to add it until during or after...
  5. luckybeagle

    Pressure fermenting a stout at room temperature?

    I've got a Fermzilla that I was thinking of pressure fermenting a nice 7.4% ABV stout in. The recipe I like calls for either Irish Ale yeast or a lager yeast, and gives temperature recommendations for each. I have WY1084 Irish Ale slurry in my fridge and was thinking about doing a 5-7 PSI...
  6. luckybeagle

    Yeast mixing - take a look at this recipe - 3068 + 3787 single malt

    Post edited for simplicity: I'm thinking of mixing 3787 and 3068 since both yeasts seem to do well with Pilsner malt, of which I have a 55# sack. Think this will taste good? Pilsner malt to 1.050 Nugget to 20 IBU 1 oz Hersbrucker at 5 minutes, maybe Strisselspalt at flameout Chill to 65F...
  7. luckybeagle

    Staggered carboys and bulk conditioning

    I brew too much for my own good and, as a result, I'm often racking carboys to kegs before the beer is all that mature--so that I can free up the carboy and move on to the next batch. Most of my beers are between 4.5 - 7.5%, though I do brew the occasional strong ale/Belgian that I'm learning...
  8. luckybeagle

    Ok I pressure fermented.... now what?

    I pressure fermented a doppelbock at room temperature in my Fermzilla with spunding valve and I have a few things I'd like to do with it now: 1. Dump the trub and yeast that's sitting in the catch--the butterfly valve has been open since pitching. 2. Transfer it to a carboy for a lagering...
  9. luckybeagle

    Check my Saison recipe please?

    I'm brewing a 10 gallon batch of Saison using Wyeast 3711 in a few days. I recently brewed a SMaSH Saison using Pilsner, table sugar, Nugget for bittering, and 3711. It turned out great--nice fruity esters and a dry white wine finish--but was too high in alcohol for daily drinking, so I want...
  10. luckybeagle

    Pressure fermenting questions - Doppelbock

    I have a Fermzilla with Doppelbock on day 2 of fermentation. It's at 11PSI and room temperature (70F). I began fermentation with the dump valve open to collect trub in the collection cup, which is very full. I don't want to save the yeast from this beer as it's a 1.076 OG and a Lager strain...
  11. luckybeagle

    Starter size for pressure-fermented lager at room temp?

    Is an extra big starter necessary for fermenting a lager at room temp if using a pressure fermenter (Fermzilla, 10-15psi)? Or can I get away with a standard ale pitch since it'll be fermented at about 69F, and pressure fermentation reduces esters anyway?
  12. luckybeagle

    Pressure fermentations at 70F?

    Hey all, I've got a really crummy garage fridge and glass carboys--both of which I'd really like to move away from. I've been considering a fermentation vessel that I can pressurize, and recall reading about lagers fermented at "room temperature" with no Fusels or other off flavors common with...
  13. luckybeagle

    Busy dads brew day - all the shortcuts I could think of

    Brulosophy has a great podcast and article about Short and Shoddy brewing methods that I've been thinking about lately. He extensively covers shortened boils (even using pilsner malt in a SMASH beer). They also have one about lonnnng mashes (I think 16 hours) and the relative inability of his...
  14. luckybeagle

    Scottish Heavy blasted through fermentation?

    I brewed a Scottish Heavy (love the misnomer) approximately 64 hours ago. The OG was 1.043, and I pitched an appropriate starter of Wyeast Irish Ale 1084 into 63F wort (0.84M cells / mL / °P). The temperature dropped to 60F in there (it's in my garage), so I thought it stalled out when I...
  15. luckybeagle

    Low attenuation or less fermentable grains in this recipe?

    Hi all, I brewed 7.25 gallon batch of imperial porter with the following grist, with a piddly 56% efficiency in fly sparging (bad crush + higher gravity I'm guessing): 20 lbs Maris Otter 2.5 lbs Crystal 45 2.5 lbs Chocolate Rye 2.5 lbs Brown Malt 1.25 lb Flaked Oats 1 Lb Brown Sugar I mashed...
  16. luckybeagle

    Big conical for my little fridge?

    I'm trying to come up with a solution to my fermentation annoyances. I brew 10 gallon batches and keg most of what I brew. I hate glass carboys--they're hard to clean, they don't have a spout for easy racking/gravity checks, and their shape makes them inefficient for my mini...
  17. luckybeagle

    Belgian Experiments: Big beer, little beer. What do I call this?

    I've been brewing Belgians since I started in the hobby (in fact, it's the sole reason I started brewing!) and am familiar with patersbiers, but have always shied away from them due to the extra long brewday (boiling and chilling the first runnings, cleaning the kettle, and then putting the...
  18. luckybeagle

    Pseudo-Patersbier Saison? Flash of brilliance or terrible idea?

    I had planned to brew a version of my house Tripel recipe soon, which is 76% Pilsner malt, 10% pale wheat, 11.5% table sugar, and 2.5% Victory, when I came across a recipe for a pale session-strength saison utilizing a very similar grain bill and hops. My tripel comes in at an OG of 1.085 with...
  19. luckybeagle

    I think I just destroyed my quadrupel

    I had a Chimay Gran Reserve clone in my fermentation chamber with a blowoff tube. I was crashing the beer and didn't think to swap the blow off tube with a fresh airlock. Well, the beer shrunk as it got cold, creating a suction and pulling about a pint of starsan into the beer. I didn't think...
  20. luckybeagle

    Using Magnum hops late in the boil for Belgian Tripel?

    I usually use Styrian or Saaz in my Belgian beers for any addition 30 minutes or shorter, but I'm out. The flavor profile of Magnum, which is a German hop (so it's of the same region) is described as this: "It has subtle spice aromas, primarily of black pepper and nutmeg, and also a slight...